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Sandra's Daddy - Robin77 - 03-24-2020

Students of my Sissy Academy are taught that Submissive Femininity, in all its forms, is our most important job.
  Physical. Psychological. Emotional. Behavioral. Pleasing men & Masters. Obeying girls & women. And so on.

  Yesterday, Laura strapped me naked in my Sissy Stroller for a walk to the Sissy Beauty Salon.
  She'd given me a particularly severe spanking. And sat me on a nasty nubbed Dildoe.

  A young Master stopped to kiss me. He asked Laura for a date. With me.
  She said yes.

  A few hours later I emerged. Prettified tip to toes. My hair in auburn ringlets, Teats rouged.

  ... Sandra's Daddy is a Master. With a humongous prong.
  He frequently puts me ALL4s for ferocious fuckings.
  Preceded by oily 2.5 liter Enemas.
  He makes me feel extremely Feminine.