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why are we this way? - ginanhanes - 02-19-2020


May I please ask, and a serious question --  why are we so entranced with feminization/sissy couture and submission?

What are the core origins and causes?

thanks in advance,

RE: why are we this way? - SissyNicole117 - 02-19-2020

I was born this way. I’ve been drawn to it forever

RE: why are we this way? - Girlygirl - 02-19-2020

(02-19-2020, 03:27 PM)ginanhanes Wrote: All,

May I please ask, and a serious question --  why are we so entranced with feminization/sissy couture and submission?

What are the core origins and causes?

thanks in advance,

Hi Gina

To be fair in my case I never used to be. Being put back into skirts, dresses and nappies in my younger days wasn’t at all something I enjoyed. Having to flounce about in dresses and wetting my nappies when I would sooner have been playing COD on the PlayStation or, you know, actually using the toilet for my business didn’t really get me giddy.

No, in the end it was the total immersion of having to dress as a secretary during the day, day in day out, and likewise at night having to dose off in my flooded nappies meant that I actually found my true calling.

So whilst I am sure it will be different for everyone, the reason I wear skirts all the time is partly because I have GROWN to prefer them but mainly as a consequence of my job description.

Virtual curtsies 


RE: why are we this way? - Ali - 02-19-2020

Hiya Gina,

I'm afraid I really don't know. I'm no expert in the history of these things. I can only speak from my own experiences.

I was made to wear girls' clothes, initially my little sister's clothes, but later clothes too young even for her to wear, and then even baby clothes, as a punishment. Being dressed younger than Lucy, who is two years younger than me, was incredibly humiliating.

As I got older my defence mechanism was to pretend to enjoy wearing frilly panties and nappies, skirts and dresses. Eventually I did actually start to enjoy it.

Now, probably as a result of my experiences as a child and especially as a teenager going through puberty, I crave humiliation. Dressing like I did back then is a real thrill, especially if other people witness it.

RE: why are we this way? - kotexsissy - 02-20-2020

Hi there Gina

Like the others I can only say why I love my feminine life. I always knew, growing up, that I didn't want to play with boys. I would much rather be doing "girly things"! Helping Mother around the house, learning to cook, bake, sew and even do the laundry and house work. I felt envious of the girls in the neighbour hood that got to play their games and the clothes they wore. I was 8 when I saw a young girl fall and her dress flew up and I saw her panties, the rest of the boys just laughed, I only wondered what it would be like to wear pretty things like that! That night was the first time I wore a pair of mother's panties, now I wear panties only, along with everything that goes with them, and live my life as a girl 24/7. 

Love Yas


RE: why are we this way? - Terrygussett - 02-20-2020

Hi Gina,

I've often wondered the same thing.
I was never what would have been called a 'sissy' growing up, although I was never into sports and things as a child. But I was definitely a boy (climbing trees/skateboarding that kind of thing) and didn't, as far as I can remember, want to 'be' a girl as such. However, from as long ago as I can remember I've had a fascination with girl's clothes and nappies, and the idea of being 'made' to wear them. I really don't know why, and like others have said, I think I was just born that way.


RE: why are we this way? - sissysoft - 02-20-2020

Hi Gina, 
An interesting question - am sure there's a PhD for some bright young woman or man on this topic. They may even offer a guidebook of sorts on 'how to make, and create' sissies. 

As for me, I found myself attracted to liking the look and feel of girls clothing from an early age, 3ish-4ish, particularly their soft and fluffy knitwear, and tights and skirts and shoes and pretty blouses too. I loved the feel of their garb, the girly look, particularly when it came with a pretty cardigan or jumper. Why? Just did! It was the mid-to-late sixties and a lot of girls here in Australia wore knitwear back then. As did women in general. 

And so I also started taking a strong interest in women wearing knitwear too, but soon with a twist. I attended a strict Catholic primary school and all the teachers were women. And they all wore some woollen outfit at one time or another. One teacher I had all through Year 4, Miss Maxwell, had a penchant for wearing her red cardigan everyday (my memory's no doubt exaggerated that!). And she was an exacting, very strict, disciplinarian. I dreaded being punished by her, tried my hardest to be a good, little boy in class...alas, I failed many times, and so would then have to feel her cane and 3 foot ruler on my rear, or her leather strap on my hands. Six of Her 'Best' was very, very painful. 

And so, a love of girly knitwear soon took on mixed associations: lovely soft knitwear meets Dominant Female meets submissive well behaved little boy who craves to wear the lovely soft knitwear of the girls around him. 

The associations are now five decades old and while they've caused me much angst and torment at times over the course of those years, now I couldn't be happier. I know they're very much a part of me, have shaped my life in so many ways. As the song goes, 'I am what I am'.

RE: why are we this way? - ginanhanes - 02-24-2020

Thanks for your kind replies. Tomorrow I shall put forth my working theories... sweet dreams.

RE: why are we this way? - candygurl59 - 09-24-2020

I feel that I was born this way.

RE: why are we this way? - Girlygirl - 09-24-2020

I think we would be amazed if we could find out just how frequent that disposition is, candygurl. Certainly in retrospect I have come of the opinion that it was the stigma and the pressure to conform to social norms that prevented me from becoming the person I am today before I did and I suspect it to be true of many more genetic males out there.