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Mr Hairbrush visits bottie-land - Ali - 02-04-2020

Your aunty warned you what happened to naughty sissy boys like you. And now you find your self with your frilly knickers tugged down round your knees, about to be bent over for a sound spanking.

RE: Mr Hairbrush visits bottie-land - cynthia sissyfrills - 02-04-2020

Dear Ali,

Thank you so much for sharing that delightful photo, and your wonderful description, of that naughty sissy boy with his pretty frilly knickers tugged down around his knees... as you so delightfully say, awaiting Mr Hairbrush - or should that be Mrs Hairbrush i wonder..? - about to be bent over Mummy or Aunty's lap for a very sound spanking...

i'm sure it will be so very painful and humiliating for him and no doubt he will be crying real sissy tears by the end of it... if not before...

i have always loved seeing that gorgeous drawing and sissy has been dressed in such a pretty outfit too by his Mummy...

RE: Mr Hairbrush visits bottie-land - Seth - 02-07-2020

Wow this is all too real for me, it was not long ago that my Aunty had Mr. Hairbrush visit my bottie-land. I can attest that it was very painful, humiliating and had me in floods of tears both before, during and after.

RE: Mr Hairbrush visits bottie-land - wailer - 02-10-2020

Mr Hairbrush... shivers... has a very sharp bite on naughty bottoms...