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corsets - madammistess - 11-12-2019

I was wondering where everyone buys there corsets and what style gurls think fit the best. I make sure they are steel boned.

RE: corsets - RonnyRemaled - 06-10-2020

is there any place to buy boys sized boned corsets? for brats ages 9 to 12?? as I had to wear one and that was the one piece of feminine stuff I did not mind, I felt like I had armor on.

but for several friends,. is there any place to by small lace up boned corsets
thank you

yours in service

RE: corsets - Bonzodoug - 06-11-2020

...or very very small corsets, for control of the genetic male defect?

RE: corsets - Tommy1k2 - 06-11-2020

Your best bet is to find someone who makes "bespoke" items. There are definitely people who make all kinds of items for young boys. Etsy may be a good place to start. Just be prepared to pay as bespoke can get pricey.

RE: corsets - inhershoes - 06-16-2020

Orchard Corsets is the only place i go for my own, they have a wide variety of sizing and hold extremely well

RE: corsets - Bill - 06-17-2020

There used to be an online corsetry center online . When I was young mine were by a place up in Glasgow .