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Fun in the rain - Bhuna71 - 10-08-2019

I'm really enjoying the rainy, but still not too cold, weather we've had recently. I have a bit of a thing for shiny nylon rainwear, so the chance to wear a cagoule and waterproof overtrousers is always very welcome, but the real advantage is what I can wear underneath. Last week I wore just white dance tights and a maroon leotard under my rainwear. I went to a cafe and sat for a while drinking a coffee, enjoying being out in public wearing my ballet outfit hidden only by the thin nylon rainwear. A few days ago I went for a walk in the park for an hour wearing knickers, patterned tights, a purple top and a pair of faux leather hotpants under my rainwear. I often wear feminine underwear under my male clothes, but this feels much more daring to me. Bring on the rain.

RE: Fun in the rain - baby sam - 10-08-2019

Trying to find pink rainwear is hard - I've managed to get a set of trousers that will go over my nappy just but finding wellies is proving harder

RE: Fun in the rain - Bhuna71 - 10-23-2020

I want one of these.
[Image: 3-D068359-590-E-4-B49-B28-E-81-DE0-CBA92-CC.jpg]

RE: Fun in the rain - afp - 10-24-2020

Bhuna71, that is a very exciting adventure you have when it rains, I love your choice of clothes you wore under it and the trip to the cafe and park. Very nice pink rainwear to want in the picture.

RE: Fun in the rain - Girlygirl - 10-24-2020

(10-23-2020, 10:52 PM)Bhuna71 Wrote: I want one of these.
[Image: 3-D068359-590-E-4-B49-B28-E-81-DE0-CBA92-CC.jpg]
They’ll certainly see you coming in that, Bhuna. Shades at the ready.  Cool