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Divorced & Ready to Date Again - TotallyReady4FLR - 09-03-2019

Hello everyone,

I'm a 48 year old male living in Las Vegas. I've been divorced for three years and can't do another vanilla relationship. Although I've been into BDSM for more than 20 years, she was pretty vanilla. I'm a total sub.

I'm a professional photographer and writer and work from home. I have no children and own my own home. I'm looking to date a woman who is seriously looking for a true FLR. If this is of interest to you, let's talk.

RE: Divorced & Ready to Date Again - ModeratorM - 09-04-2019

Welcome to the forum, Totally Ready!

You come across as genuine, sure of yourself and, as you say, ready! I wish you the best.

Have you tried FetLife? I suspect you'll find a wider pool there. Are there local fetish or underground papers that take personal ads? Include anywhere from San Diego to San Francisco in your search, for another suggestion.

Please do keep us informed!

Years ago, the SandMutopia Guardian published an article on how to find a mistress. Though oriented to a professional Donina, the article may well be useful to you.

RE: Divorced & Ready to Date Again - TotallyReady4FLR - 09-04-2019

Thanks for your response. I'm on both Fetlife and Collarspace. Just trying to expand my to speak! Smile
Currently living in Vegas, but happy to relocate to find happiness. Surprisingly, it's fairly limited out here.

RE: Divorced & Ready to Date Again - micheleFFS - 09-04-2019

"Surprisingly, it's fairly limited out here."

I'm not surprised, unfortunately. There are many more would-be summissives of all descriptions than there are Superiors in need of servants. Those who want one have no trouble finding one.