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Toilet Task - Sissy Leslie - 08-05-2019

Hi everyone.

I have thought of another 'task' that I or other male sissies could do- go to the toilet like  a girl. Males stand up if they just want a pee. For a period of 24 hours, every time a male wants a pee, he has to sit on the toilet instead, just like a female would do. To emphasise the feminine aspect, he would also have to wear knickers instead of his usual underpants.

I think that I will give it a try... Smile

RE: Toilet Task - sgbf - 08-06-2019

Been doing so at home since I moved in with my (now) wife many years ago. Almost all of the time outside of home too. Also been wearing panties almost all of the time since moving in with my wife.

RE: Toilet Task - Ali - 08-08-2019

I only ever use the loo sitting down. I first started doing so because it made me feel girly, but it's actually much more convenient and hygienic. In some countries, like Germany, it's quite normal for men to pee sitting down.

RE: Toilet Task - belinda_t - 08-13-2019

I can't remember how long ago it was that I stopped standing up to pee. Many many years ago.
It's just easier and far more feminine.

Besides my 'thing' is so small now that I would only make a mess if I tried it like a real male does it.


RE: Toilet Task - nicola waring - 08-15-2019

I think all sissies should be in a nappy anyway, so whether they sit or stand, it really doesn't make any difference.

RE: Toilet Task - Michelle TV - 08-18-2019

In chastity you have no choice. Sitting is mandatory.

Try it in a skirt too

RE: Toilet Task - cynthia sissyfrills - 09-01-2019

Dear All,

i now sit to go wee-wees as it is so much easier and cleaner... especially as it dribbles toward the end of my going weewees... i don't have a very strong stream... so as belinda, my 'sissy dicklette' is so small now that it will only make a mess if I tried to pee like a real male does standing up...

Whenever it is possible i wear my pretty frilly knickers... i so love the feeling of lifting my short skirt, then sliding my knickers down to my knees or ankles before sitting like a girl... the feel of the elastic as it rubs down is lovely... then dabbing my dicklette dry after and talcing it too... so my knickers always smell sweet that way...

RE: Toilet Task - mikki - 09-01-2019

(08-13-2019, 10:11 PM)belinda_t Wrote: I can't remember how long ago it was that I stopped standing up to pee. Many many years ago.
It's just easier and far more feminine.

From an early age, Mommy was insistent that I sit to pee.  She just felt that it was so much cleaner.  It was an absolute rule with her, no matter where I might happen to be.  To that end, most of my pants and shorts did not have zippers or flies in front, being of the elastic waist pull-on style (always without pockets, as well, something else that was anathema to Mommy).  

As a result of that upbringing, I have habitually sat to pee for most of my adult life, especially when a guest at someone else's home.  

RE: Toilet Task - Sissycindylynn - 09-05-2019

Sitting to make sissy tinkles is mandatory for us.