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Fancy Dress shop Experiences - Sissy Leslie - 07-29-2019

Hi everyone.

I have had some interesting experiences whilst hiring out a Costume (usually a female one) from a Fancy Dress shop. In a nearby town, there used to be a Fancy Dress shop whose female proprietor I got on very well with. I had try to hire out a "Dorothy" dress, but it had already been taken, So I ended up with a Gingham dress, which although was not an exact match, was the next best thing.

When she moved to another part of town, I decided that I wanted to hire out a Schoolgirl uniform, in particular a Gymslip. A Black one with a Square yoke was found, but sadly the outfit didn't fit me. However, the Proprietor found me a Navy Blue Gymslip with a rounded yoke. After putting the uniform and wig on, I stepped out from the changing cubicle. She said that it suited me, before proceeding to fuss about me, adjusting the wig, etc. (As she did this, I felt a thrill - I felt like a little girl being fussed over by her Mummy!)

I had a similar experience when I hired out an "Alice in Wonderland" dress from a different Fancy Dress shop, this time in a nearby city. After putting on the dress and wig, I needed help with the pinafore. (This was similar to what young Victorian girls would wear to protect their dresses). I needed help with doing up the ribbon/straps at the back. One of the female staff then helped to tie it at the back. (Once again, I felt like a little girl being fussed over by Mummy!  I don't know what she thought about a man wanting to wear an "Alice"  dress.)

But things were different about 3 or 4 years ago.  Again, a different Fancy Dress shop and a different town. I had tentatively hired out a female costume, uncertain as to the reaction of the proprietor. But I need not have worried. it turns out that she was used to men who cross-dressed hiring or buying costumes from her. (She was actually an ex-Dominatrix). We eventually became friends and ended up getting outfits such as my "Alice" and "Annie" dresses. Eventually  she gave up the shop to work from home, and now specializes in Children's Parties etc.

Sadly, most of the Fancy Dress Shops have now closed. I think that that there are one or two left  in my local area, so maybe I should pay them a visit... Smile

RE: Fancy Dress shop Experiences - baby sam - 07-29-2019

The reason is the throwaway items from China and other countries

A well made outfit such as from Albert Prendergast is £340 whereas a cheap eBay set can be had for as little as £13

The hire cost will be greater than the buy it on eBay, you have to go get it and then return it, plus you have to be wary of any damage. If the eBay version get wrecked, so what is the attitude, it might have been worn again but people won't worry. It's the same with Primark type fashion, with tops costing £4 or about the cost of one drink.

This is the problem with today's throwaway society - planned obsolescence, products are made with a limited lifetime in mind only to be thrown away (often not recyclable) .