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Total Virgin Sissy - Sissy Nicola - 01-28-2019

I want to confess that I am a "Gold Star Gay" Sissy.
What i mean by this is I have never been with a Woman or a Man.

RE: Gold Star Gay Sissy - antonia - 01-28-2019

Don't you mean you are a total virgin just wishing for the first one to cum along.

Yes I Am A Total Virgin - Sissy Nicola - 01-29-2019

Yes I Am A Total Virgin.
I think that is a much better way to describe my situation.
Thank You very much for the reply Mistress Antonia.

RE: Total Virgin Sissy - nopisies - 01-29-2019

Why? Haven't you wanted to?

RE: Total Virgin Sissy - Sissy Nicola - 01-30-2019

I have wanted to but I haven't had any luck.
I guess I just need to meet the right person.

RE: Total Virgin Sissy - Ali - 01-30-2019

You should try a dating website, honey. There are so many these days.

Usual rules, of course - meet in a safe public place first.