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RE: Teens - Conway - 07-15-2017

Hi Melodie: The image is asolutely beautiful, and thank God that sheer hosiery seems to be making a bit of a comeback. Are the two models boys? This seems like a catalog image, but perhaps you have better info on the image source. It would be quite refreshing to know they are both boys. They look so happily girlish that it is diffficult to tell.

(08-27-2016, 01:29 PM)melodie Wrote: There are more boys asking to experience of wearing dresses and skirts.  They are doing this with the help of their sisters and/or their girlfriends.  They just don't want to be teased for doing so.  Most as you can see by the attach photo (click on it) seem to be just as content wearing more feminine attire.  Some parents (mom's and dad's) are even allowing this happen.

RE: Teens - Lssy - 05-20-2018

A South Carolina teen, Adam Bell, won prom king wearing a dress and makeup

[Image: 4B9E7FFA00000578-0-image-a-26_1524844131174.jpg]
[Image: 16612664_G.jpg][Image: 4B9F105300000578-5665247-image-a-38_1524851952340.jpg]
Adam with the school principal
[Image: 4B9F319600000578-5665247-image-a-65_1524856253565.jpg]

RE: Teens - Girlygirl - 02-10-2020

I think at the very least teen boys should HAVE to spend some time engaging in this type of behaviour. Teen girls learn so much from engaging in male activities at this age. If say once a week a teen boy HAD to choose to wear a skirt or dress, had to apply a certain amount of makeup and at least three inch heels, this would resolve so many ‘macho’ problems later.