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RE: Teens - Lssy - 09-18-2016

Utah's first transgender prom queen
[Image: e2b3739da4ae3272433a1400c2c8a93c.jpg]

RE: Teens - Richardto - 09-19-2016

One thing to remember with teen boys who are getting to experience dressing femme is that they are at an age when a similar girl would be dealing with their first bras. This should not be forgotten with the older boys, a bra is certainly an item that is uniquely feminine and helps remind them how they are dressed. The boys are usually the right size for their first training bras, and mom can help get them measured and adjusted for a comfortable fit.

I remember the first night my mother had me dress up when I was 13. Once I was dressed, we were back downstairs and she gave me a little time to get accustomed to the different clothes before she asked me what I thought of them. I had to admit, the dress and panties certainly were much cooler in the summer heat, though I found the bra to be uncomfortable. Mom pointed out that the bra was sized for her, not me. She was a 36D and had given me one of her underwire bras which was poking me in the ribs. She told me that a properly fitted bra was much more comfortable, that I probably needed a 34AA. She joked about taking me out to get one, little did I know that the next day she would do just that.

RE: Teens - Lssy - 09-22-2016

'Mother outraged after teenage boy who dresses as a girl is banned from wearing make-up for driver's license photo...DMV "said teenager didn't look like a boy should"'
[Image: article-2659516-1ED50EAB00000578-616_634x528.jpg]

RE: Teens - Lssy - 09-23-2016

Lila Perry

RE: Teens - Lssy - 09-26-2016

From the day I could talk I would tell my parents ''mommy daddy, I’m a girl'' there was never a question in my mind, this is who I am,' Devon described.
[Image: article-0-18504965000005DC-548_634x542.jpg]

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RE: Teens - Lssy - 10-05-2016

Amazing courage of Blantyre schoolboy Callum who goes to school every day dressed as a girl
[Image: Callum-McLean-cross-dressing-boy.jpg]

RE: Teens - Lssy - 10-13-2016

RE: Teens - Lssy - 07-14-2017

RE: Teens - Hollynaughtysissy - 07-14-2017

I love being and acting younger than iam, I would say I'm more baby as I love the frills and nappys and sucking a dummy between cock And sitting on a potty with a guy naked in front of me feeding me his cock is the best but still love having a daddy take down my nappy and put his cock inside me Then sit on my face and tell his little sissy to rim him deep, I love that it's the best especially if daddy demandse to open my mouth for him, I will do anything for daddy and do

RE: Teens - Hollynaughtysissy - 07-15-2017

I love dressing like a teen makes u feel horny and older men love it Is better than the real thing all I would be interested in is there panties