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RE: Girly Guys - Audra - 02-21-2017

I love those pics.

RE: Girly Guys - Lssy - 02-26-2017

Kirill Sadovy
[Image: Kirill+Sadovy++(8).jpg]
[Image: middle_1450955022.jpg?w=400]
[Image: Kirill+Sadovy++(37).jpg]
[Image: Kirill+Sadovy++(21).jpg]
[Image: middle_1450955343.jpg?w=400]
[Image: cbcf9470ad8cc93eebd4c43ed53baf46.jpg]

RE: Girly Guys - Sara In Charge - 02-27-2017

Glad to see this thread is still alive and posting some beautiful boys. Kiryll Sadovy is one of my favorite, though she's transitioned now and is officially Kira Sadovya. I'm happy for her because clearly it was something that she dreamed of and desired, and she is a beautiful woman, but it does give me a little pang knowing that she's no longer a girly boy.

RE: Girly Guys - Brigitte - 02-27-2017

Really, this is how I would like my son to see in a few years.

RE: Girly Guys - Lssy - 02-27-2017

Dylan Peck
[Image: 12383641_1008854199194282_811574198_n.jpg]
[Image: a04f8a44505ddd64a5c994818515a873.jpg]
[Image: 11260686_369441233242460_2112523141_n.jpg]
[Image: 11272882_380409178828714_903710739_n.jpg]
[Image: 91425ea6fead84b9ee71c04089d7dcf5.jpg]
[Image: d8d0a7290d98dfa4f621ec13264ce30c.jpg]

RE: Girly Guys - Sara In Charge - 02-28-2017

Oh Lssy, you do know the way to a girl's heart: pretty boys in wedding dresses. Oh, I'm swooning!

RE: Girly Guys - Brigitte - 02-28-2017

I've always liked to think about the day Michelle will marry. I know that it is still early for this, but I like to think about everything that has to be done, from her wedding dress to her hairdressing and makeup preparation, the truth is that she will look very pretty with her blond curly hair and her pilot Tremendously white. I think she will be the ideal wife for a woman.

RE: Girly Guys - Lssy - 03-06-2017

(02-28-2017, 01:35 PM)Sara In Charge Wrote: Oh Lssy, you do know the way to a girl's heart: pretty boys in wedding dresses. Oh, I'm swooning!

Oh yes, he does make a lovely bride doesn't he?
[Image: 5e03996799051f6510dc6168ac4c6792.jpg]
Linus Rosenauer
[Image: 4fce573929ee97a175f5312ac45b35d1.jpg]
Erik Handoko
[Image: 4136dfb801b57e463769f46873d34d9b.jpg]
Sam Riley
[Image: tumblr_oluh5iM22X1qk9l6xo2_540.jpg]

RE: Girly Guys - Audra - 03-06-2017

Stunning pictures. I really love to see other girly boys.
Where can I find a woman who's into dressing me like that.

RE: Girly Guys - Lssy - 03-10-2017

[Image: tumblr_nxrtw7K0ry1qk9l6xo2_1280.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_nt2im9pkA71qk9l6xo1_1280.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_nml316Gg671qk9l6xo1_1280.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_npcapuR3WW1qk9l6xo2_540.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_nt2h4kR6s91qk9l6xo1_1280.png]