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MOM Nominee - RadicalFeminist - 07-30-2018

Not sure what the process is for nominating people. Connie Pickles would be an excellent sissy member to nominate. He is going out of his way to share his personal sissy training and the progress he has made.


RE: MOM Nominee - Connie Pickles - 07-31-2018

Thank you Most Magnificent Ms Chris, 
Coming from such an incredible member of the superior gender such as yourself that is an incredible complement to pay to a soft little sissy such as myself.

I cannot imagine that I, as a mere silly formally male sissy, deserve such an incredible accolade and given my innate inferiority it may be that I can't ever meet your very very highest standards but I promise I will always try my very very best to aspire to those standards.

Thank you so very very much for encouraging me on my journey into sissyhood and please know that I will we always be inspired by the very idea of possibly being of service to a superior person such as youself.

RE: MOM Nominee - GinaV - 07-31-2018

Agree with Chris on this.