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Toilet breaks - diaperedByDesign - 08-17-2016

As I'm currently undergoing toilet training (I'm diapered but I'm allowed toilet visits) I was wondering what you all think should be the maximum number of visits allowed for a sissy or submissive little?

RE: Toilet breaks - Jaqueline - 08-17-2016

None your a baby and babies use nappies

RE: Toilet breaks - Sissy Renee - 08-17-2016

I agree with Jaqueline.  No matter the reason she is in diapers (punishment, humiliation, submissive training, little transformation, other ...), when a sissy is in diapers she should use them.  When I'm diapered my only contact with potty is to clean it.  Asking to actually use it is a punishable offense.

RE: Toilet breaks - baby sam - 08-17-2016

The only reason to go to a toilet is number 2 - even then it must have a proper seat on it like this

RE: Toilet breaks - Ali - 08-17-2016

I agree that if you're in nappies then you should be made to use them.

The only possible exception I can see is if you're being potty trained and you're allowed to have your nappy and baby knickers pulled down round your knees and you get plonked down onto a potty in front of everyone. Then when you're done you'd be required to bend over and let your Mommy clean you up before pulling your nappy and knickers back up.

RE: Toilet breaks - diaperedByDesign - 08-17-2016

That's why I didn't add a 'none' option to the poll, because that's what everybody would say.

But the question was about someone that IS being toilet trained. Or has been, maybe for someone that doesn't have to wear diapers (anymore, yet or just doesn't) but has restricted toilet visits. I'm fairly sure a sissy running to the loo whenever she damn well pleases can't be considered good form Wink

RE: Toilet breaks - Ali - 08-19-2016

If you're in the process of being toilet trained, and your Mummy or Mistress is attempting to get you to wear knickers and keep them dry like a big girl, then I would think two or three toilet visits a day - at preset times - would be appropriate.

As in all aspects of their lives, sissies must learn discipline when it comes to going to the toilet.

RE: Toilet breaks - sissycheryl - 08-19-2016

if in diaper's and not being trained than no toilet visit, but if in the process of being toilet trained than I think once in the morning and again once at night .

RE: Toilet breaks - Sissy Renee - 08-19-2016

(08-19-2016, 04:01 PM)sissycheryl Wrote: if in diaper's and not being trained than no toilet visit, but if in the process of being toilet trained than I think once in the morning and again once at night .

While I stand by my answer of 0 for sissies in diapers, I have to disagree with Ali and Sissy Cheryl:  Potty training is a completely different issue involving potty charts with stickers for good behavior and punishment for losing control.  In my opinion, a sissy who is being potty trained should have her pull ups checked hourly and spend some time on her little training seat if she's not read for a big girl potty, both at home and in public.

RE: Toilet breaks - Hollynaughtysissy - 07-14-2017

can anyone tell me where I can buy a pink potty for myself please as I prefer sitting on a potty than using my toilet. I'm in UK..thank you xxEgg