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Meeting old babysitters . - Bill - 03-12-2018

I was having one of my good few days and was more mobile than usual and dry .
Mummy and i had decided to go out shopping and we took the bus . We had just sat down in front of two elderlie women in their 70s . When i was tapped on the shoulder and the woman sitting at the window side said . I know you . Baby Billie . I used to babysit you after your accident .
She turned to her friend and told her about what a poor little dear i had been and how i had to wear nappies all the time and what a lovely little baby i made .
I could only sit there like a frozen beetroot while my mummy joined in telling her that i still was a baby and that she was my mummy .
Margaret my old sitter then told my mummy how she used to make me go spunkies into her hanky when she was changing me and that was the only way that i could make spunkies then . Mummy laughed and told her that she made me go spunkies that way and that i was having a dry day so that i was in my just in case panties . With hankies in them so that i would go spunkies while we were out .
We never did get to the shops . We ended up back at Margarets with her friend Jean telling and swapping stories about me while they had tea .
Me . I was stripped down to my t shirt and panties and given my bottle with milk while Margaret showed my mummy and Jean the hankies she used to make me go spunkies in .
We didn't get home untill late that night and mummy put me straight into my nappy and waterproofs and put me straight to bed . My little man was sore with all the spunkies i had made for Margaret and then Jean and i was totally exhausted . Mummy was very proud of me she said .

RE: Meeting old babysitters . - Bill - 03-12-2018

(03-12-2018, 04:40 PM)Grendale Wrote: That sounds like a wonderful day Bill. To be fussed over and taken care of like that is as close to heaven as I could imagine.
I was just glad that i wasn't in my nappies that day .

RE: Meeting old babysitters . - Bill - 04-11-2018

Mummy lets Margaret babysit me now . Mummy now likes the time to be with some of her other male and female friends and Margaret comes over and collects me . Takes me back to her place . Then Jean will come over and help her with me .

RE: Meeting old babysitters . - SissyMistyRose - 04-30-2018

It's a lovely story, and I think it touches upon a fantasy many of us had. Oh, if we could only reunite with the women who watched us as baby boys and young boys and confess that we are still babies (only now gurls) and incapable of watching ourselves. That would be ever so lovely. I've been in touch with a couple babysitters of mine in recent years (all a couple years older than me), but I've never been able to admit I still need sitting. <3 MistyRose

RE: Meeting old babysitters . - Bill - 01-06-2021

The nice thing is that looking back was that we both had nice memories from it . Her enjoying sitting and babying me and my memories of being babied and having her look after me Neither of us had regrets of the times and enjoyed reliving and chatting about our little secrets .

RE: Meeting old babysitters . - Bill - 01-06-2021

We both had happy memories of things back then . She had fun sitting and looking after me and i had good memories of her babying and caring for me . Neither of us having any regrets at all .
Unfortunately Margaret died of complications to the Corvid virus last month and due to the lockdowns . I just found out about it in the last few days . Margaret was 76 yrs old .

RE: Meeting old babysitters . - Girlygirl - 01-06-2021

I’m sorry to read that, Bill. It is good that you have those fond memories to hold onto, though.