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  Looking for long term MommyDomme/FLR
Posted by: lucje - 02-03-2021, 02:58 PM - Forum: Seeking Sissies or Superiors: Real Life Behavior Modification - Replies (14)

Hello Smile
Thanks for reading my story!

A bit of weird one then. I don't really fit the usual sissy-mold: I'm not a crossdresser, I'd never make convincing girl with my physique anyway. I do not believe in natural superiority of women over men (of anyone over anyone really). I have a pretty strong personality, I'm generally outspoken, smart, confident, funny, creative... a bit eccentric. I enjoy life and the weirdness it brings. A bit of a flawed genius really. I have many talents, I just haven't been able to turn any of them into a real success yet  Undecided That's because I'm also a bit undirected, a daydreamer and more than a little immature sometimes. I try to run off in all directions at once and I can be a bit naive, or blind to games people play. I kind of always assume people to be basically kind-hearted like me. 

So I'm not just looking for some kinky bedroom play but someone that can keep me grounded, for real! Who enjoys the immature me, but also keeps him strictly under control. I need boundaries, structure and discipline. Like a child. But in return my love would know no bounds either. From when I started thinking about love and relationships, that's more or less how I've always pictured it. Me submissive and obedient to my partner. I just didn't know there were certain names for that, and even 'scenes' around it. I don't much care for either  Dodgy Most of it seems play, or even faking it, but I'm looking for the real thing. A woman to fully submit to, who can complete me. Who holds me tight, but only to lift me higher. Who understands and sees me right down to my core, as I do her. 

In any case, I don't want to make this too long even though there's so much to say.
Just hoping to bring across this is deeply felt.. more than a kinky adventure. Frankly, a lot of it scares me a bit. 

So if you live in the Netherlands, if you're loosely around my age (38) and have ever dreamt about the kind of relationship so often described on PDQ, with a guy that's truly submissive but also otherwise a nice, fun, interesting person to be with. If any of the above appeals to you in any way... Please consider sending me a message on here. If this ad is still up, it means my quest is still ongoing.   

Thanks again! 

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  Famous FLRs
Posted by: Sarah Her Slut - 02-02-2021, 03:24 PM - Forum: Female-Led Relationships - Replies (4)

    Inspired by the thread about the Duchess of Sussex and her domination of Harry, I thought it might be fun to speculate on other famous couples that are obviously or probably Female Led.

I mentioned in a reply on that thread about Rod Stewart and his obvious submission to Penny Lancaster. I wonder how many remember Kelly Emberg letting slip in an interview that Rod liked to wear her knickers.

I have a good friend who works in the London fashion industry and she tells me that Oliver Cheshire, the model, is completely dominated by his fiancee Pixie Lott.
Quite easy to spot really. He is often seen carrying her handbag, always walks behind her. she wears leather, a lot. He frequently kneels beside her if she is seated.

Any others?

And for fun a pic of Meg and Harry's other wedding.

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  February 2021 letter 6 Concerned about petticoating
Posted by: afp - 02-01-2021, 11:35 PM - Forum: Petticoat Discipline Quarterly Letters, Stories & Art - Replies (5)
All great letters, but that is one of my special favorites primarily because it encapsulates the current long lockdown as I had hoped would open up the possibility of more feminisation. Of course there’s initial resistance and tears by the son and father but the mother and daughter are correct. Eventually it seems the son loves it and the father agrees. The sister and new sister are playing nicely together.  I really think as Aunt Helga does, no need to be concerned as the boy can go to school in his skirts and dresses with beautiful long hair styles.

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  New Romper
Posted by: Sissy Celeste - 02-01-2021, 03:54 PM - Forum: Sissy Sources - Replies (6)

Ooh! Look what baby found when Mummy told him to go the nursery and start getting ready for bed last night.

Attached Files
.zip   Romper (1).zip (Size: 77.87 KB / Downloads: 61)
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  Deep Heat
Posted by: Satin Jessie - 02-01-2021, 03:39 PM - Forum: Punishments - Replies (5)

I've been trying to write a story for the forum for the last couple of days but as usual I've been struggling to focus and procrastinating. After talking to Ali I decided to use a trick she gave me and got myself a tube of Deep Heat back rub to recreate the burn of a good, hard spanking and I can highly recommend its effects!
I dressed myself in my school uniform and, just before I pulled up my school knickers, I rubbed some into my bottom. Within a few minutes I was squirming in my seat and, just as with a real spanking, the heat began to spread deeper and really began to burn. I'd spread it to the tops of my thighs so the area where the knicker elastic bit into my legs really stung, so much so that I had to sit on my cold hard chair with my panties pulled down to my knees in order to try and ease the burning sensation. It worked though and I've managed to get the story written, just a few tweaks to do and then I'll type it up. I'm still feeling a dull throb today, one of my favourite sensations, and I might even apply more tonight and send myself to bed with a burning behind just like every little sissy deserves.

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  Article on hormone blockers .
Posted by: Bill - 01-30-2021, 01:40 PM - Forum: News & Musings - Replies (2)

Read this report and thought some here may be interested in it .

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Posted by: Robin77 - 01-30-2021, 06:54 AM - Forum: Female-Led Relationships - Replies (3)

is where I was born and raised. Sissy Academy followed Primary School.

 Primary school "integrated" w/some Outsiders.
 Boy uniform thru 6th grade: v short halter dress, blouse, Mary Janes. Nothing underneath.
 7th & 8th grade: Sissy minidress, makeup & lipstick, Stirrup Hose, pink 5" strappies.

 Most Texans utterly fear their post-pubescent daughter(s) and girlfriends.
 It's quite common to see them naked across girls' laps, screaming in agony.


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  How I started - True Story
Posted by: Francene - 01-29-2021, 08:13 AM - Forum: Petticoating and Feminization - Replies (8)

I wanted to revisit my childhood and give a little detail of how I started. I really don’t remember any of it but a short time after I was born my mom went back to work. Consequently, I was sent to a family friend who babysat me. This went on until I was almost 4 years old. (The rest of this story is things I learned much later in life.) I learned from conversations and conjecture that I was abruptly removed from the care of the family friend/babysitter. I also learned that the babysitter was a lesbian and always had her lover over while babysitting me. I guess you can put two and two together. It is my assumption that these two lesbians were doing things with me. Was it possible they were treating me like their little girl, possible even dressing me?   I have no recollection of anything happening and never heard anyone in my family say anything further.  All I do know is my mother was very furious with this babysitter and never spoke to her only on rare occasions. I would love to be put under hypnosis and see if I have any memory recall of what happened. Something I do remember is the babysitter always treated me differently than other boy my age in Sunday school. She would always greet me by gently pinching my cheeks, calling me sweety etc., something she did not do with the other boys my age.

I was then sent to my aunt’s house with two girl cousins, one a year older than me and the other two years older than me. Most of the time I played with my girl cousins and they were most always dressed in jeans and girly shirts.

About the time I turned five years old we finally moved into a new house my dad built. The neighbors had two girls, one my age and one a year younger. These two girls became my playmates for the next year or so. This is my first recollection of having any interest at all in girl’s clothes. The two girls always wore dresses out to play and as little girls with no modesty would do, put themselves in a position where I could look up their dress and see their panties. I was intrigued with their panties and how smooth they looked (down there). I was also curious as to why they didn’t have a hole in front to pee. They didn’t have a bump like I did. Plus, they always wore different colors and prints with flowers and things. Also, the material appeared to be the same soft material I had felt on some of my mom’s nightgowns, All I had was my plain old tighty whities with the hole in the front. These girls were my playmates for about a year and half until I went to school. I distinctly remember thinking about their panties all the time but never acted on my thoughts. As far as babysitting, my parents knew the neighbors quite well, so the girl’s mom became my babysitter.

When I started school, both my parents worked. The school I went to in 1st grade was one block from my grandmother’s house. It was decided that I would go to my grandmother’s after school and my dad would pick me up around 5:00 PM when he got out of work. My auntie, mom’s sister was a senior in high school and still lived at home. I loved being with my grandmother and always tried to help her do things. One day my grandmother asked me to help her sort the laundry. She made three piles. One for grandpa, one for herself, and one for auntie. She was folding and handing me things and I would put them in the right piles. Grandma handed me a pair of my aunt’s panties. They were pink nylon with half inch satin stripes horizontally embossed on them. As soon as I touched the panties a shock and tingling went through my body like I stuck my finger in alight socket. This was quite a thrill for a 6 year old boy. I had no idea what it was or why. Even 60 some odd years later I can remember this like it happened yesterday.

Grandma and I finished the laundry and she had me carry my auntie’s things up to her room. All the while I was remembering that feeling I got touching those pink silky panties. I laid my auntie’s things on her bed as instructed but I had to feel those panties again to see if the strange feeling came over me again. I gently placed my fingers on the silky fabric and (WHAMMO) that feeling was there again. My knees got weak and my whole body shuddered. I quickly left my auntie’s room.  All I could think about for the next couple of days were those silky, pink panties and how they made me feel just to touch them. I knew at some point I had to try them on.

One day I went upstairs on the premise I was going to look at some of Grandpa’s National Geographics. Incidentally, the National Geographic was always documenting the lives of African tribes. It was the first time I had seen a naked boy and girl side by side and realized they were definitely different.

Anyway, I built up the courage to go to my auntie’s room and seek out the pink, silky morsel of my recent dreams. I went through her dresser drawers and found her panty drawer. WOW! There was the object of my obsession plus a whole lot more, silky panties of all colors. I was shaking like a leaf as I reached out and touched those pink panties. Just as the shock came back into my body I heard my grandma yell and ask me what I was doing. I quickly, but weak-kneed ran to the top of the stairs and told her I was reading grandpa’s magazines. I was shaking like a leaf and feared getting caught. Still, I knew at some point I was going have to try on those beloved panties.

On another day I used the magazine excuse to go upstairs again. Grandma was watching her soaps on a television with a tiny twelve-inch screen. When she was watching her soaps, you could blow the house up and she would not know it.

I immediately went to auntie’s room and sought out my treasure. I was scared and shaking all over, but I was determined to accomplish my goal. There they were almost calling out my name. As I lifted them out of the drawer that feeling came over me again. I dropped my pants and underwear and began to slip the panties up my legs. I pulled the panties up into place and my knees felt so weak I almost fell to the floor. It was like nothing I ever felt before. About ten times the intensity as just touching them. I have to admit, there was a tingling "down there" but I had no idea what it was. Feeling so scared and guilty I quickly took off the panties and redressed myself. That was the beginning of my addiction to wearing silky panties.  The next time was even more intense plus I noticed a reaction “down there”. My tiny penis seemed to be stiffening. Another shock. What the heck did I do? It scared the hell out of me. I quickly removed the panties, dressed, and left my aunties room.

One nice thing was that my auntie was very slim and small. By today’s standards I would say she wore a size five panty or a girl’s size fourteen. I was a little chunky back then and her panties fit me like a glove. Not too tight but very snug which only added to the pleasure.

In my next installment I will talk about some of my dressing sessions, discovering other lingerie, and getting caught numerous times. Twelve pairs of panties? Yes 12!


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  CURTUS Punishment
Posted by: Fairy Larry - 01-29-2021, 03:35 AM - Forum: Adult and Sissy Baby Art - Replies (1)

    A goody two-shoes tattle-tale snitch being punishment by his fed-up classmates.

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  CURTUS Bully Boys
Posted by: Fairy Larry - 01-29-2021, 03:32 AM - Forum: Adult and Sissy Baby Art - Replies (2)

    A meek young man, like me, being bullied by the nasty boys. Oh, how I hate them!

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