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  Panty Lines - Chapter 7-1 The tea party
Posted by: Cindy - 04-26-2021, 07:08 PM - Forum: Adult and Sissy Baby Fiction - Replies (7)

Here's chapter 7. This one is the storm after the calm. For you discipline fans, there's a lot of it in this chapter. There's also more tenderness between Cian and his mommy. 

I plan to write one more chapter which will take Cindy to the end of the school year. If there's still interest I'll continue on with the summer.

Chapter 7 – The Tea Party

Cian woke early on Saturday morning. For the first time in a week his bum wasn’t sore and he sighed with content. He didn’t even have to pee yet so he just relaxed in bed. He started to think about the tea party. He wasn’t sure what was going on and he hoped he might actually like it. It was nice with mommy last night, but knowing Mrs. Kerry was going to be there made him nervous.
Cian smiled when he remembered he was going to wear his pretty pink party dress. It suddenly occurred to him that it probably meant he would be wearing his pink nylon panties with the lace trim. Just the thought of those panties that had trapped him made his peeny throb with excitement.
It was early enough that mommy wouldn’t be up yet so Cian decided to take advantage. He plunged his hand down the front of his diapers. He felt some of the sticky remains from last night, but that didn’t deter him. He slowly rubbed his engorged peeny until he erupted into his diapers again. It felt so wonderful. Life was very good.
As soon as he’d recovered from his orgasm Cian felt the need to pee. He was getting used to wet diapers and knew he had no choice. It was a good way to wash away the results of his climax too. He closed his eyes and wet his diapers. It seemed to go on for a long time. It must have been the tea.
Once he’d soaked his diapers he rolled over and fell back to sleep.
Since it was Saturday mommy let Cian sleep in. He woke on his own a while later and checked the time. He was a little surprised that mommy hadn’t been in to wake him yet. He laid there for a few more minutes and when he didn’t hear mommy moving around he started to get a little anxious so he called out.
“Mommy! I’m awake! Are you here?”
“Coming, Cindy!”
Cian relaxed once he knew things were okay. He needed to pee again, but it wasn’t urgent so he just waited for mommy.
“Good morning, Cindy.”
“Good morning, mommy.”
“I let you sleep in today.”
“Thank you, mommy. I was a little worried when you didn’t come in and wake me up.”
“That’s sweet, Cindy, but as you can see, everything’s just fine.”
“Yes, mommy.”
“Now let’s get your diapers off. Are you wet?”
“I am really wet, mommy I had to pee twice.”
“That’s not a surprise. Tea often makes you pee more than usual.”
Mommy got the changing mat and laid it out. She patted it with her palm and Cian laid down on it. She quickly slipped down the plastic panties and unpinned the diapers. She pulled them out from under Cian and put them in the pail. She used wipes to clean up his diaper area.
Cian stood up and took off the pink nightie.
“Should I go and shower, mommy?”
“No, not this morning. You have some work to do first, but I’ll give you your bath before we go out this afternoon.”
“Go brush your teeth and so on and I’ll get out your clothes.”
Cian curtseyed, “Yes, mommy” and went to the bathroom for his morning ablutions. Without a shower he was back in only a few minutes and mommy was still in his bedroom. Cian walked in and curtseyed.
“Here you go, Cindy.” Mommy handed Cian a pair of plain pink cotton briefs. He slid them up his legs and into place. Mommy handed him a light pink tee shirt which he pulled on. Mommy handed him what looked at first like a pair of denim shorts.
“These are called shortalls, Cindy. They are shorts with a bib front and shoulder straps. They are very comfortable especially when you’re doing your chores. You step into them like regular shorts then the shoulder straps cross over from behind and button to the bib part.”
Cian pulled them up his legs and mommy helped him with the shoulder straps. He noticed the embroidered butterflies on the bib.
“Those are very cute on you, Cindy.”
“Thank you, mommy. But …”
“But, what, Cindy?”
“Well, how do I go to the bathroom? There’s no, you know.”
“Of course there’s no fly, Cindy. Little girls always have to pull down their panties to pee and in this case the shortalls too.”
“Yes, mommy.”
“Young lady, have you been peeing standing up?”
“Only when I had on the boys’ underpants yesterday, mommy. At school I always used a stall and sat down because I was afraid someone might see.”
“Young lady, you will always sit to pee from now on no matter what you are wearing.”
Cian curtseyed, “Yes, mommy. I didn’t know.”
“Didn’t Mrs. Kerry tell you that you always had to sit to pee?”
“Yes, mommy, but I thought that was like the curtsey rule and only applied when I was dressed as Cindy.”
“Well, now it’s clear and it had better not happen again or a certain little girl will find it hurts to sit down everywhere. Understand?”
Cian curtseyed, “Yes, mommy. I won’t do it again.”
Mommy took a pair of white socks with pink hearts out of the dresser and handed them to Cian. He sat on the edge of the bed and put them on.
Mommy picked up a box that Cian hadn’t noticed sitting on the bed. She opened it and pulled out a pair of low top pink runners and handed them to Cian.
He pulled the runners on, tied them and stood up.
“Okay, Cindy. Time for breakfast and then chores.”
“Yes, mommy.”
After the breakfast cleanup it was time for chores.
“Cindy, go upstairs and bring down the laundry hamper so we can get that started.”
Cian curtseyed, “Yes, mommy” and went upstairs. He picked up the laundry hamper and slowly carried it down the stairs. He found it heavy and awkward so he was very careful. He brought it into the laundry room, set it down and curtseyed.
“Thank you, Cindy. Now go get your diaper pail.”
Cian blushed deeply, curtseyed, “Yes, mommy” and left the laundry room. He hauled the diaper pail down the stairs and into the laundry room. He set it down and curtseyed.
“You will need to know how to do laundry. We start by sorting the clothes. Whites go here, colors go here, towels and socks go here and underwear goes on the counter beside the sink.”
Cian and mommy sorted the clothes into piles. Cian was about to put the one pair of boys’ underpants onto the counter with the panties when mommy stopped him.
“No, Cindy, boys’ underpants go with the socks and towels. They get machine washed.”
“Yes, mommy.”
“Now put the whites into the machine.”
Cian curtseyed, “Yes, mommy” and piled the whites into the machine.
Mommy poured detergent into a measuring cup and bleach into another one.
“For whites you set the machine to the long setting like this. Then you pull out the knob and the water will start. You pour the detergent into the running water as it fills, but you don’t add the bleach until the machine is full and the water stops.”
Cian paid close attention to what his mommy was explaining to him. When the water stopped coming in he poured the bleach into the washing machine and closed the lid.
“Good. That will take some time to wash. While that’s going on you will wash the panties. Watch how I fill the sink and wash the first pair.”
Cindy curtseyed, “Yes, mommy.”
Mommy filled the sink with warm water and added a different detergent than the one in the washing machine.
“This detergent is only for what they call delicates. Now, you take the panties one by one and put them into the sink and swish them back and forth. Then you hand wash each pair like this.”
Mommy showed him how to wash a pair by rubbing it back and forth between her hands.
“Once they’re clean you put them on the counter again. Do you understand, Cindy?”
“Yes, mommy.”
“I’ll go and do other things while the whites run in the machine and you hand wash the panties. I’ll be back when the machine stops and you should be finished by then.”
“Yes, mommy.”
Cian reached for another pair of panties when mommy paused in the doorway.
“Cindy, if you find any skid marks in your panties you are not to wash them out. Turn them inside out so the streak shows and leave them to one side.”
Cindy blushed beet red and curtseyed, “Yes, mommy.”
Mommy left as Cian prepared to hand wash the panties. As he picked up the first pair he could feel his peeny starting to throb already. They were still working their magic on him.
One by one Cian washed the panties. He did check his own for skid marks but luckily he didn’t find one. He remembered what Mrs. Kerry had done when he did it before and shuddered.
Cian was done with washing the panties when the washing machine stopped. Mommy returned a few minutes later. Cian curtseyed as mommy came into the room.
“Are you done with the panties, Cindy?”
“Yes, mommy.”
“Any skid marks?”
“No, mommy.”
“I’m glad to hear that, Cindy. I take a very dim view of little girls that are careless wiping. That will lead to a rather nasty punishment.”
“Yes. mommy.”
“Alright, the next step is to move the whites to the dryer and start the colors in the wash.”
Cian moved the wet whites into the dryer, started it and loaded the colors into the washing machine.
“The setting for the colors is this one, Cindy, and we don’t bleach colors. Bleach would ruin them.”
“I understand, mommy.”
He started the machine, added the detergent and closed the lid.
“To finish the panties you fill the sink with warm water and rinse out the soap. Then you wring them out, gently, and hang them on the line here using the clothes pegs. That won’t take as long as washing them so you can start on your dirty diapers once they are done.”
Mommy opened a cupboard and took out a wash board, scrub brush and a bar of Sunlight yellow laundry soap.
Cian sagged a little when he saw them.
“I see you know what these are. Mrs. Kerry told me that she taught you how to use them. Do you remember?”
“Yes, mommy. I remember.”
“Excellent. Finish the panties and then start scrubbing the diapers and washing the plastic panties.”
Cian curtseyed, “Yes, mommy” and reached into the sink to pull the plug as mommy left. He filled it with warm water and pushed all of the panties in. He took each one and swished it back and forth in the water and then wrang them out. Once he had done them all he hung them on the line.
He filled the sink with hot water and put in the diapers and plastic panties. Cian dumped and rinsed out the diaper pail and replaced the lid. One by one he hand washed the plastic panties and started on the diapers. He was part way through them when the washing machine stopped. He scrubbed a couple more diapers until mommy came back. He curtseyed and waited quietly as she examined the panties and plastic panties on the line.
“Well done, Cindy. You’ll be an excellent laundry maid someday.”
“Thank you, mommy.”
Just then the dryer ended its cycle.
“Oh good. Empty the dryer into the laundry basket and then move the wet colors into the dryer.”
Cian curtseyed, “Yes, mommy” and did as he was told under mommy’s watchful eye.
“The next step is to start the dryer on the middle setting and put the towels into the washing machine.
“Yes, mommy.” Cian shifted the wet wash to the dryer and turned it on. He filled the washing machine with the towels and his one pair of boys’ underpants.
“Do I use bleach, mommy?”
“Not on the towels, Cindy, just detergent.”
“Yes, mommy.” He started the washing machine.
“Finish washing your dirty diapers and rinsing them. You can put them into the dryer with the towels once they’re washed. When you’re done, it will be lunch time so come and find me.”
Cian curtseyed, “Yes, mommy.”
Mommy left and Cian went back to scrubbing his diapers. I wonder why mommy is making me do all this. I like to help, but mommy has never made me do all of this by myself before. She said I’d be a good laundry maid some day. I wonder what that means. I want to be a pilot not a maid.
Cian finished scrubbing and rinsing the diapers. He left them on the counter and went to find mommy.
Mommy was dusting the living room when Cian found her. He entered the room, curtseyed and said, “I’ve done the diapers, mommy, and you told me to find you.”
“Yes I did. Did you do a good job on the diapers, Cindy?”
“Yes, mommy. They’re clean.”
“Good girl. Now, let’s go have some lunch. I think we’ll just have a salad today because there will be food at the tea party.”
“Yes, mommy.”
Mommy showed Cian how to make a simple salad. They ate and chatted over lunch.
“The washing machine and dryer will be done by the time we’re done, Cindy. I’ll show you how to iron while the dryer runs the last load. By the time you’re done it will be time for your bath and then the tea party.”
“Yes, mommy.”
Once the kitchen had been set to rights they went back to the laundry room. Cian, emptied the dryer and then put the wet towels and diapers into the dryer while mommy set up the ironing board. She adjusted the height to suit Cian.
Cian started the dryer and joined mommy by the ironing board. Mommy took one of her blouses out of the basket and showed Cian how to iron it.
“Now, Cindy, I want you to iron and hang up all of the clothes that need ironing. Once that’s done you can fold everything else and put them away.”
Cian curtseyed, “Yes, mommy.”
Mommy left Cian to the laundry. He worked diligently and finished the ironing just before the final load in the dryer finished. He emptied the dryer and folded all of the clothes. It took him several trips upstairs to put all of the laundry back where it belonged. By the time he was done, he was pretty tired. He flopped down on his bed until mommy came in.
Cian got to his feet and curtseyed.
“You look pretty tired, Cindy.”
“I am, mommy. That’s a lot of work.”
“Yes it is, but you’ll get used to it because from now on the laundry is one of your chores.”
“Yes, mommy.”
“Now it’s time for your bath. Please take your clothes off while I lay out your pretty dress.”
Cian curtseyed, “Yes, mommy.”
Cian took off his clothes and put them in the hamper while mommy laid out his pink party dress and petticoat. She pulled out the pink nylon panties with the white lace trim and a pink crop top. She added a hairband with a large pink bow. Cian smiled as he saw what mommy was laying out for him.
They headed off to the bathroom together. Mommy gave Cian a lovely lemon scented bubble bath. Once she had dried him off they went back to Cian’s bedroom.
He put on the crop top and the pink nylon panties. His little peeny immediately started to swell and throb as he picked up his favorite panties.
Mommy smiled, but said nothing. She helped him into the petticoat and made sure it was adjusted properly. Cian smiled as mommy lowered the party dress over him. He watched in the mirror as mommy did up the tiny little buttons in the back. There was no way he’d ever be able to put on or take off the dress on his own. Mommy put the headband with the pink bow on his head.
“You can put on your own shoes and socks while I get ready.”
Cian curtseyed, “Yes, mommy.”
Cian pulled on white ankle socks and folded over the tops with the lace trim. He buckled on his Mary Jane’s and stood to check himself in the mirror. He thought he looked pretty and that made him feel very good.
Cian sat down at his table and took out a book to read while he waited for mommy to get ready. It took mommy longer to get ready than it did for Cian so he had a nice time to relax.
Mommy came into Cian’s room. He stood up and curtseyed.
“You look nice, mommy.”
“Thank you, Cindy. I think you look very sweet. Now, it’s time to get going.”
“Yes, mommy.”
They went downstairs, into the attached garage and into the car. It took only a few minutes to drive to Mrs. Kerry’s house and park the car in her driveway. They got out and walked towards the house.
“Remember to mind your manners, Cindy. Mrs. Kerry has no tolerance for anything less than perfect behavior from little girls like you. She’ll have you over her knees in a heartbeat if you misbehave.”
“Yes, mommy. I remember. I’ll be good.”
“Ring the doorbell, Cindy.”
Cian curtseyed, “Yes, mommy” and rang the bell.
In moments Mrs. Kerry opened the door.
“How lovely to see you, Mary. Welcome. It’s nice to see you too Cindy. Please come in.”
Cian and mommy entered the house. Cian curtseyed and stood in silence as mommy and Mrs. Kerry exchanged greetings.
When their conversation paused Mrs. Kerry turned to Cian.
“Panty check!”
Cian automatically turned his back on her and reached up under his petticoat and pulled down his panties inside out around his knees. He gathered up the petticoat and skirt in back and held it up as he bent over and put his hands on his knees.
Mrs. Kerry took a tissue and gave Cian a thorough wipe and then examined the tissue.
“Nice and clean, young lady, but I do see some wet spots in the front of your panties. They are not pee stains either. It seems that you are still thrilled to be wearing pretty little girl panties.”
Cian blushed.
“You may get dressed and then it’s tea time.”
Cian pulled up his panties and once again felt a throbbing in his peeny as the cool nylon panties rubbed over it.
Mrs. Kerry led Cian and his mommy into the dining room where the tea service was laid out.
“Please sit down while I go wash my hands and then we’ll have tea.
Cian curtseyed and sat down beside his mommy. Mrs. Kerry was back in a few minutes so Cian stood up and curtseyed again.
“Well done, young lady. I was almost sure that you’d forget. Now, please sit down again and we’ll have a nice tea.”
Cian curtseyed again and sat down.
The three of them were having a very elegant tea party. Mrs. Kerry and mommy chatted happily while Cian sat mostly in silence. Cian enjoyed the tea and the little cakes and cookies.
Once they were done with tea, Mrs. Kerry turned to Cian’s mommy.
“Do you want to tell her or do you want me to tell her?”
“I will”, answered mommy.
“Cindy, do you remember that Mrs. Kerry offered to have you live with her over the summer?”
“Yes, mommy”, Cian answered nervously.
“We have decided that you will spend the summer here learning to be a very well behaved little girl.”
“Oh no, mommy! I don’t want to stay here with Mrs. Kerry. I want to be home with you.”
“I know you do, but it will be far better for you in the long run to stay here. I will visit every week, but you will live with Mrs. Kerry and under her rules.”
Cian shouted, “No, mommy! Please, no!”
At this point Mrs. Kerry intervened.
“Young lady, you do not say no to us. This is not a debate. The decision has been made whether you like it or not. Your opinion doesn’t matter.”
Cian started to sniffle.
“That little tantrum was very disrespectful and defiant. Disrespect and defiance will not be tolerated. You’re going to be spanked.”
Cian started to cry a little.
“We will start with some corner time. Get your panties down to your knees, hold up your dress and petticoat in back right to your waist and get your nose in that corner!”
“Y.. ye.. yes, ma’am.”
Cian stood and pulled down his panties to his knees. He gathered up the petticoat and dress in the back and started towards the corner. Mrs. Kerry stood up and walked with Cian to the corner. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a small round bell sewn onto the end of a pink ribbon.
“I expected that I was going to need this.”
Mrs. Kerry held the ribbon with the bell in the corner just at the height of Cian’s nose.
“You will pin this ribbon to the corner with your nose. If the bell falls it will ring and your punishment will get worse. Do you understand, Cindy?”
Cian curtseyed, “Yes, ma’am.”
Cian had to get his nose right into the corner to pin the ribbon. As soon as his nose was on the ribbon Mrs. Kerry withdrew her finger.
“No talking, moving or rubbing your bottom. I’ll be watching closely.”
Cian sniffled but knew better than to respond.
“I’ll go and get my hairbrush, Mary. Please make sure she doesn’t move while I’m gone.”
“No problem, Shannon. I’ll keep a close eye on her.”
Mrs. Kerry left to get the hairbrush.
“Cindy, I warned you to be on your best behavior and now you’re going to be spanked and if I know Mrs. Kerry it’s going to be a good sound spanking. At least I won’t have to reinforce it at home because I am here. That will be true over the summer too. Since you’ll be living here then I don’t have to give you a second spanking for each one you get here.”

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  Keeping your sissy in chastity
Posted by: Strictwifeamber - 04-25-2021, 07:45 PM - Forum: Male Chastity - Replies (5)

I would love to hear from mistresses here how much of the time you keep your sissy in chastity?

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  maid uniforms
Posted by: Silymaid - 04-25-2021, 01:11 PM - Forum: Petticoating and Feminization - Replies (13)

Always nice to have a selection of maid uniform styles, something for every occasion!

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  Panty Lines - Chapter 6 - Cindy in Wonderland
Posted by: Cindy - 04-24-2021, 04:46 PM - Forum: Adult and Sissy Baby Fiction - Replies (5)

For those of you that have been following the story this chapter is quite different. The is absolutely no discipline in it at all. There are references, but no actual discipline. It's a warm bonding experience between Cian/Cindy and mommy. However, I can tell you that this is the calm before the storm.

I was going to entitle this chapter "The Tea Party" but now that's going to be chapter seven. I hope you like it.

Chapter 6 – Cindy in Wonderland

When Cian got home on Friday mommy was waiting for him in the kitchen. He came in and dropped his backpack by the door.
“Hi, mommy. I’m home.”
“Hi, Cindy. How was school?”
“Just fine? What’s the matter? You look sad?”
“I’m okay, mommy.”
“You don’t look okay. Something is obviously wrong. Was it the math quiz?”
“No, mommy. I got ten out of ten on the quiz.”
“That’s wonderful, Cindy. I know you studied for it and you deserved a good grade.”
“Thank you, mommy.”
“Then it must be something else. Did you get in trouble at school?”
“No, mommy.”
Just then the phone rang.
“Cindy, go to your room, change and come back down while I answer the phone.”
Cian smiled. “Yes, mommy.” He started towards his room as his mommy picked up the phone.
“Hello, O’Reilly residence, Mary speaking.”
Cian paused until he heard, “Hello, Mrs. Stevens.”
Cian heard just enough to know it was his teacher calling. He knew he hadn’t been in trouble and wondered why she would be calling. He wondered if she’d noticed how much he’d been squirming in his desk all week. She did tell him to stop fidgeting once.
Cian continued up the stairs and entered his room. He looked immediately at his bed to see what clothes mommy had laid out for him. He saw a pretty blue dress with short puffed sleeves. There was a white cotton cloth thing he didn’t recognize, white knee socks, and pretty pastel blue nylon panties with white lace trim. His black Mary Jane shoes were on the floor by the bed.
His heart leapt with excitement. They were so pretty and so much better than the red jumper he’d worn all week. He walked to his bed and picked up the panties. He rubbed them against his cheek. They were so soft and cool. Cian felt his little peeny pushing hard against his underpants.
Cian put the panties back down and quickly took off his boys’ clothes. He almost tore off the long legged boy’s underpants and threw them on the floor. He almost wanted to stomp on them. It was such a relief to get out of the uncomfortable underpants.
Cian immediately pulled on the blue panties over his throbbing erection. They felt so much cooler and softer than his boys’ underpants. They felt wonderful.  He knew he couldn’t do anything about his excitement right now. Mommy would be expecting him downstairs very soon.
No longer than the thought ran through his head he heard mommy calling.
“Come down as soon as you’re changed, Cindy. I want to talk to you about what Mrs. Stevens had to say.”
Cian gasped. Mommy didn’t sound angry. If she had been mad at me she’d have called me “young lady” so I’m not sure what’s going on, but I don’t think I’m in trouble. I hope not.
Dressed in just his panties and his throbbing erection, Cian put away his boys’ clothes. He pulled the blue dress on over his head and let it fall into place. He buttoned it closed up to the round white collar. The dress was light and comfortable. The dress seemed very loose from the waist down so he twirled in front of the mirror. He was happy to see how the skirt flared out as he spun and then fall back to a few inches above his knees. He spun really quickly and actually saw the dress swirl up enough to reveal his panties. He shivered in delight.
He picked up the white thing. It took him a minute or two to figure out what it was. It was some kind of apron. It had a ruffled trim, shoulder straps and a long cloth strip that he figured out had to go around his waist. He put his arms through the arm holes of the apron. It had a bib front that covered most of his chest. The waist tie was quite long so he wrapped it around from both sides and tied it in front.
Cian sat on the bed and pulled on his knee socks and made sure they were on straight. He buckled on his Mary Jane’s and stood up.
He was about to go downstairs when he noticed a large blue bow that matched the dress lying on his pillow. When he picked it up he saw that it was attached to one of those plastic “U” shaped things that fit on the head. He’d seen lots of girls wearing plastic things like this but the girls his age didn’t wear bows. He wasn’t quite sure how to put it on so he just pushed it down over his head.
Cian modelled his outfit in the mirror. He thought it was very pretty and he was glad to get out of his boys’ underpants. He knew that he had changed and in only a week. He had been trapped and forced to wear panties and discovered that he would never need to be forced to wear panties again. He blushed. He was embarrassed that he loved to wear panties when he knew he shouldn’t. Mrs. Kerry had been right. He smiled and twirled again.
“Cindy? Are you changed yet?”
“Yes, mommy. I’m coming down!”
Cian practically skipped out of his room and down the stairs and into the kitchen. He curtseyed and waited.
Mommy looked him over and chuckled.
“You look very pretty, Cindy, but let me help you.”
Cian curtseyed, “Yes, mommy.”
Mommy untied the apron strings and let them fall. “Turn around, Cindy.”
Cian curtseyed, “Yes, mommy” and turned his back on her.
Mommy picked up the apron strings, pulled them snugly and tied them into a large floppy bow in the back. She let the loose ends fall to the hem of the dress. Mommy removed the hair bow. She held it open and put it back on Cian’s head by sliding it on from front to back until the bow was directly on the top of Cian’s head.
“There. That’s much better.”
“Thank you, mommy. I wasn’t sure how to put on this apron thing.”
Mommy laughed. “It’s called a pinafore, Cindy and little girls used to wear them all the time. It’s supposed to help them keep their dresses clean, but I expect you to keep your pinafore clean too.”
Cian curtseyed, “Yes, mommy.”
“You look a lot happier than you did when you got home.”
“Yes, mommy. I guess that I am.”
“Can you tell me why?”
“I’m not sure exactly, mommy.”
“When Mrs. Stevens called I wondered if you got in trouble, but it was just the opposite. Mrs. Stevens called to tell me that your school work has improved  a lot and that’s she’s very happy with your behavior too.”
“That’s good I guess.”
“No need to guess, Cindy. I am very proud of you. Mrs. Stevens told me that she told you the same thing before you came home. I would think that would make you very happy so I’m still not quite sure why you were so sad when you got here.”
Cian blushed.
“You can tell me, Cindy.”
“It’s hard to say, mommy, really hard.”
Mommy suddenly smiled. “You didn’t like wearing boys’ underpants, did you?”
Cian blushed even more. “No, mommy. They were stiff, hot and itchy.”
“But I think it’s more than that, Cindy. You like your new panties don’t you?”
Cian turned even redder and couldn’t speak. He just nodded his head.
“I understand, Cindy. You don’t want to like them, but you can’t help yourself.”
“Yes, mommy. That’s it.”
“Mrs. Kerry told me that you’d either love them or hate them and she was right. It’s okay, Cindy. I understand and I know you’ll always be embarrassed by them. That’s part of being a pantywaist sissy. You’ll always be a boy and you’ll always have those mixed feelings. You’ll always be ashamed of that, but deep inside I know that is what you want and what you need. You need to feel ashamed and you need that ultra strict discipline Mrs. Kerry is so good at.”
Cian stood in silence looking down at the floor. He knew that both Mrs. Kerry and mommy knew his every thought and feeling somehow. He finally admitted to himself that mommy and Mrs. Kerry were right. He needed and wanted to feel that shame and have the strict rules and discipline.
“Are you okay, Cindy?”
“Yes, mommy. I’m okay.”
Cian looked up from the floor with a smile. Mommy smiled back.
“It’s lucky you only have a couple more weeks of school so you’ll only have to wear boys’ underpants a few more times. Hopefully, next time your bum won’t be red and you can wear regular boys’ underpants instead of those ones with the legs.”
“I hope so too, mommy.”
“Okay, young lady, it’s time for dinner and I’m going to start teaching you to cook. It’s a skill you’re going to need.”
“Okay, mommy. What are we making?”
“I think we’ll start with home made lasagna.”
“That sounds, yummy, mommy. I like your lasagna.”
“Then let’s get started!”
Cian helped mommy make the lasagna and get it into the oven. He had fun and it felt good to do something with mommy.
Mommy popped the lasagna into the oven and set the timer.
“While it’s cooking you can do your homework. That way you can get it out of the way.”
Cian curtseyed, “Yes, mommy. Do you want to see my math quiz?”
“Of course I do, Cindy.”
Cian opened his back pack and pulled out his quiz and proudly handed it to mommy. She taped it to the front of the fridge.
“This is excellent, Cindy. I hope you realize that you’ve set a new standard for yourself. I will expect very good results from now on. I’m sure you know what will happen if you don’t get good grades from here on.”
“Yes, mommy. I sure do. So I better go and get my homework done excellently!”
Mommy laughed as he left the kitchen.
Cian went upstairs, sat down at his table and pulled out his homework. Since it was almost the end of the school year he didn’t get much written homework, but he knew that was to give him more time to study. He finished the written homework and decided to study history. It had always been his worst subject so he knew he had a lot of studying to do.
“Cindy, are you done?”
Cian was startled to find mommy standing over him. He jumped to his feet and curtseyed.
“I was done the homework but I was studying history and I didn’t hear you come in. I’m sorry I didn’t curtsey right away.”
He looked like he was going to cry.
“It’s okay, Cindy. You were totally focused on your work and didn’t hear me. That’s actually a good sign. It means you were really concentrating.”
Cian looked very relieved. “Thank you, mommy.”
“You’re welcome. Now go wash your hands. Our lasagna is almost ready.”
Cindy curtseyed, “Yes, mommy.”
After dinner mommy and Cian cleaned up the kitchen together. Once they were done mommy and Cian went into the living room and sat down on the couch, side by side.
“I got a special movie for you for tonight, Cindy. I hope that you like it.”
“Okay, mommy. What movie is it?”
“It’s a Disney movie about a little girl that is confused about who she is while having all sorts of adventures. It’s already in the VCR so just turn on the TV and press the start button on the VCR.”
“Yes, mommy.” Cian got to his feet and walked over to the TV. He turned it on and then squatted down to start the VCR.
“I’m glad you remembered not to bend over, Cindy. You’re learning.”
“Thank you, mommy.”
As the opening credits played Cian rejoined his mommy and sat on the couch. As he adjusted his skirt as he sat down he could feel it slide over his panties. That simple reminder of his panties caused Cian’s little peeny to start throbbing. He smiled as he settled into the couch.
“It’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’!”
“Yes, Cindy. I chose it just for you.”
“Look, mommy, I’m dressed just like Alice.” Cian grinned.
“You sure are, Cindy. I chose your outfit to match. But you’ll see in a minute, your panties are much prettier than hers.”
Cian blushed. He laughed as he saw Alice tumble down the rabbit hole showing off her old fashioned bloomers.
“You’re right, mommy. Those are nowhere near as pretty as mine.”
Mommy smiled and snuggled up with Cian on the couch to watch the rest of the movie.
At the movie ended mommy asked Cian, “What did you think of the movie, Cindy?”
“I liked it mommy. It was fun.”
“What did you like best?”
“I liked all the singing and I think we should do unbirthdays too!”
Mommy laughed. “That would only be fun for a little while, but I liked the songs too. Would you please rewind the tape?”
“Sure, mommy.” Cian got up, walked over to the VCR and set it to rewind.
“Would you like to have some tea, Cindy?”
“Yes, please mommy. I like mine with milk and sugar.”
“You can learn how to make tea too.”
The VCR finished rewinding the tape and ejected it. Cian put it back into the case and turned off the VCR and the TV. He joined mommy in the kitchen. Since she was there by the time Cian got there he entered and curtseyed.
“We start by putting water in the kettle.”
Cian helped mommy make the tea and then they sat down at the table to drink it.
“Cindy, we have to talk something over.”
“Okay, mommy. What is it?”
“We’re going to a tea party tomorrow afternoon.”
Cian got very nervous. “A tea party? Where, mommy? Who will be there?”
“We’re going to Mrs. Kerry’s house and it will just be the three of us.”
Cian sighed and relaxed. “That’s good, mommy. I don’t want anyone else to see me dressed like this.”
“That will change in time, but it’s fine for now. Mrs. Kerry phoned me on Thursday night after she was finished shopping to invite us over for tea. Wasn’t that nice of her?”
“I guess so, mommy. She makes me nervous all the time.”
“Yes, she would. She is very strict with little girls like you. I have learned a lot from her and so have you. She has been very helpful and I think you should be grateful that she helped you discover who you really are.”
“Yes, mommy. I know that I have really changed, but I’m not sure I really want to be changed like this.”
“I know it’s difficult at first and that’s why we have had to force you to become who you are, but in time I think it will be totally normal for you. It’s like today when you discovered that you prefer girls’ panties to boys’ underpants.”
At the reminder of his panties Cian’s little peeny started to throb again. He squirmed a little and felt the panties slide over it. He knew that bedtime was soon and he’d be able to relieve it. He smiled in anticipation. He didn’t quite know why panties got him so excited but he was happy they did.
“Tomorrow, you will wear your prettiest pink party dress for the tea party. You’ll have to remember to be on your best little girl behavior.”
“Yes, mommy. I’ll behave.”
“I’m sure you will, especially in front of Mrs. Kerry. Remember that she has my permission to punish you in any way she sees fit even if I am with you. I suppose one advantage for you is that if I am there then you won’t get punished by me again later.”
Cian shivered, “Yes, mommy.”
“Is there anything you want to ask me or tell me, Cindy?”
“No, mommy.”
“I do want you to know that I love you and I will always listen to you so you should never be afraid to tell me anything.”
“I love you too, mommy. I’ll remember.”
“Now it’s bath and bedtime. Put your cup and saucer in the sink and then go to your room and get undressed. I’ll meet you in the bathroom.”
“Yes, mommy.”
Cian took his cup and saucer to the sink and headed up to his room. Once he got there he untied and took off his pinafore and then his dress. He hung them in his closet and looked over the growing collection of girls’ clothes. His wardrobe had been growing steadily all week. He took off his Mary Jane’s, knee socks and his panties. They felt so good as they slid over his erect peeny. He could hardly wait until bedtime. He stared at the boys’ clothes still in his closet and his erection faded away.
Cian went into the bathroom, curtseyed and stood quietly while mommy ran the bath. She put in a very sweet smelling bubble bath.
“No need to worry about smelling too sweet for tomorrow. I think you’ll like this lemon scented bubble bath.”
Cian sniffed the air and was pleased at the strong scent of lemons.
“In you get.”
Cindy curtseyed, “Yes, mommy” and got into the tub. It was a relief to be able to sit down in the hot water and not feel a stinging in his bum. Life was getting better.
Mommy washed Cian from head to toe as usual. Once she was done she dried her hands.
“Stand up, Cindy, spread your legs and put your hands on your head.”
Cian stood up and got into the required position. Mommy got a bottle down from a shelf. It was the depilatory crème.
“Time to get rid of this big girl peach fuzz.”
Cian blushed as mommy applied the crème to the almost invisible hair that had grown in since last Friday. As the crème did its work mommy spoke.
“This will get easier, Cindy. The more you use this crème while your big girl hairs are still very young the more effective it gets. If you’re lucky in a couple of years they won’t grow at all and we won’t have to do this.”
Cian wasn’t sure how he felt about this, but for now he had decided that he liked not having any hair down there. It made it better to feel his panties and even his diapers. He little peeny throbbed a bit in anticipation. He could hardly wait. He hadn’t rubbed his peeny all day today and he felt like it would explode as soon as he did.
After five minutes mommy rinsed off the crème that left Cian as soft and smooth as a baby.
“Okay, little miss, step out.”
Cian curtseyed, “Yes, mommy” and got out of the tub.
Mommy dried him from head to toe and then led him back to his room. She laid out the changing mat and got the diapering supplies. Without being told, Cian laid down and spread his legs. Even though he knew it made no sense he still blushed as his mommy rubbed baby powder into his diaper region.
Mommy soon had him pinned into double cloth diapers with a liner and a pair of pink plastic panties. Mommy put things away as Cian got to his feet. Mommy opened a drawer in his dresser and pulled out a pink cotton nightie with tiny red mice all over it.
“Here you go, little mouse. Here’s a nice little nightie for you. I think I’ll keep you all in pink every weekend.”
“Yes, mommy.”
“It’s your favorite color isn’t it?”
Cian was about to deny it, but thought better of it. Mommy didn’t tolerate lying.
“Yes, mommy, it is.”
“I’m glad because pink is the girliest color and you’ll be wearing it often.”
“Yes, mommy.”
“Now it’s bedtime. In you get.”
Cian curtseyed, “Yes, mommy” and got into bed.
“Oh, mommy, fresh sheets always make me feel so nice. Thank you.”
“You’re welcome, Cindy. Now sleep well. Tomorrow will be a very big day for you.”
“Yes, mommy. I will.”
“Just remember that no matter what happens tomorrow to behave yourself like a little lady and remember the painful lessons you had this week.”
Mommy tucked Cian into his bed.
“Yes, mommy. I’ll be good.”
“I hope so. Goodnight, Cindy.”
Mommy kissed him goodnight and turned out the lights.
“Goodnight, mommy.”
Mommy left the room and closed the door.
The door was barely closed before Cian had his hands right down the front of his diapers. He rubbed himself to a wonderful climax in only a few minutes. He lay back and sighed with pleasure. Life was good.

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  Heels & Hosiery
Posted by: Robin77 - 04-23-2021, 01:28 AM - Forum: Female-Led Relationships - Replies (8)

Laura woke me yesterday. Nude, no Chastity Device. Sissy Nocturnal Emissions are healthy. Caged penises not. 

 She giggled. I was fully erect and drooling Precum. She licked it.

 "Time for Morning Toilet and Toilette, daddy. Lisa (my niece) does your poop and Spanking. I'll Bathe, Primp, and Dress you."

 I groggily followed the big hefty girls - blouses, miniskirts, strappies - to our Sissy double bathroom.

 Pooped plenteously. Lisa gave me a terrific spanking. My toes and Anus clenched.

 I wore a skimpy summer frock w/pink Peep Toes as we shopped.

 I needed new heels, hosiery, and 4-button garters.


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  Spanked with a wire coat hanger
Posted by: sissygirl 2 - 04-23-2021, 12:58 AM - Forum: Punishments - Replies (10)

When I was in my early 20’s living with my gf of course knowing my dress-up days, one of her favorites where applying red lipstick to me and having me lick her patent pumps while she held them if I got any lipstick on her pumps she’d became outraged yelling at me you careless sissygirl now your gettin a whipping, always with pillows stacked in the middle of bed face down ass up and would beat my bottom with a wire coat hanger until I started crying, the two things I remember most half the coat hangers where bent to the shape of my bottom and from constant bare bottom punishment no hair remover was never needed.

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  My sissymaid andrea dressed and taken out to try on new clothes
Posted by: Strictwifeamber - 04-22-2021, 05:19 PM - Forum: Female-Led Relationships - Replies (15)

Recently I had my sissmaid andrea go on a couple of ahopping assignments recommended by another Mistress. Little did she know how it would change her future. She was told to buy certain things at different stores and was thouroughly emasculated after completing the tasks, one of which was to buy a large white over the shoulder bag. She was dressed in feme skinny jeans and a blouse with her fingernails painted a bright red. She had other things to buy as well. The handbag really accentuated her nails wonderfully. In the execution of her tasks she met a wonderful older lady in one of the stores that was her salesperson. Long story short she sent a note back to me and we emailed each other before she stopped by for a visit. The result of that visit was sissymaid having some discipline administered by both of us and on another day she had to go to this lady's home for a day as her sissymaid. Qhile she was ther she had a couple of her friends over and sissymaid now has gone to all threeladies homes to serve them as their sissymaid for a few hours to a full day. The original lady works in a dept. store in the clothing section and wanted to have sissy maid come in and try on some new spring stuff that was coming in. I thouht it was a wonderful idea and so sissymaid was dressed out completely and I accompanied her to the store. She got quite a few looks and a few whistles as a result. When we were in the store she tried on a lot of outfits and the lady had her walking around outside of the dressing room. It was a great exercise in being exposed fully dressed and she was a totally emasculated and defeated sissy afterwards. I have attached a picture of her outfit she was wearing. If any Mistresses would like to peraonal message me feel free to and maybe even contact my sissymaid with any questions for her as well directly. It would even further cement her exposure as a sissymaid to know other Mistresses are aware of her feminization.

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  Alice in Star Trek!
Posted by: Sissy Leslie - 04-22-2021, 11:24 AM - Forum: News & Musings - Replies (5)

Hi everyone. I am sorry that I have not been able to access the Internet for a long while. (As I have been furloughed, I couldn't even access my computer at work). I hope that everyone is well and managing to keep their spirits up.

Now onto the subject of this thread. I am not only a Sissy but a bit of a Sci-Fi fan, including 'Star Trek' (I have been  watching old episodes of the original 1960's series on the 'Horror' Channel every weekday morning. What I didn't realise is that one episode featured Alice from Alice in Wonderland! (I really love Alice and dressing up as her!)

In the episode "Shore Leave" , the crew of the "Enterprise" are desperate for a rest. Beaming down to a planet, the landing party encounter what appears to be an ideal place -almost paradise. As Dr McCoy walks with Sulu he exclaims that it is "Like something out of Alice in Wonderland". Sulu leaves him to investigate the cell structure of the trees and plants. As Doctor M.Coy wanders alone, he then is startled by an unusual sight - a giant, humanoid white rabbit in human clothing! The rabbit is muttering about "Being late" before dashing off out of sight. 

McCoy, still bewildered is even more shocked when a young blonde girl dressed as Alice from Alice in Wonderland, stops, curtsies and politely asks him if he has  seen a white rabbit pass this way. A dumbstruck McCoy can only gesture to the place where the White Rabbit ran off. The girl politely thanks him and runs off in the same direction as where the White Rabbit went.

When he reports the incident, Captain Kirk  thinks that McCoy is joking. However, as the story progresses, other bizarre things turn up - all seemingly connecting with the Landing Party's memories. It is at the climax when the "Caretaker" turns up that we learn the truth. The planet is the playground of a race of powerful aliens , who are able to manufacture what ever they want by thinking about it. (Of course, all works out in the end, including Doctor McCoy coming back from the dead!)

Which begs the question, if such a planet did exist, as a Sissy , what you have made 'real'? it will be interesting to find out! 

P.S. It's good to be back! Smile

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  Panty Lines - Chapter 5-3B Wednesday to Friday
Posted by: Cindy - 04-21-2021, 04:29 PM - Forum: Adult and Sissy Baby Fiction - Replies (9)

Cian woke on his own much earlier than usual and had to pee. This time he didn’t even bother to try and sit up. He just relaxed and wet his diapers lying face down. He felt the warmth as it spread through the diapers as he drifted back to sleep.

“Good morning, sleepy head!”
“Good morning, mommy.”
“I probably don’t have to ask, but are you wet?”
“Yes, mommy. I had to go even before I fell asleep last night.”
“No surprise. That’s why I put you in such thick diapers last night. Did you leak?”
“I don’t think so, mommy.”
“Up you get and let’s see.”
Cian slid out of bed. He had to balance himself on the headboard while mommy checked the bed.
“Good. No leaks. Now let’s get you out of those wet diapers.”
As soon as mommy laid out the changing mat, Cian carefully laid down on it. It was going to be a real relief to be able to move freely again.
Mommy had the wet diapers off and Cian wiped clean in just a few minutes.
“I’ll lay out your clothes for today while you have a quick shower. I think we’ll just have cereal for breakfast today.”
Cian went to the bathroom for his morning routine while mommy laid out his clothes.
When he returned Cian saw that mommy had picked a pair of yellow cotton panties with white lace trim for him. He shrugged his shoulders and put them on. He stood in front of the mirror and modeled them for himself. He was still taken aback at the way the snug panties held him so he was so smooth in the front. He turned to look at his bum. He could see the red that wasn’t covered by the panties contrasted nicely with the yellow. He really liked the way they looked from behind. He stopped. Cian was shocked for a minute at how he was thinking. His feelings confused and frightened him.
Cian dressed and joined his mommy for breakfast. After they were done, Cian grabbed his backpack.
“Cindy, I want you home as quickly as you can today after school. Okay?”
“Yes, mommy. I’ll come straight home unless I have to stop to see Mrs. Kerry.”
“Good girl. I’ll see you then.”
Cian hugged mommy and gave her a kiss and then headed off to school.
His bottom was sore but not anywhere near as sore as it was after his paddling. He hated that paddle but he knew he wouldn’t be able to avoid it forever. He just hoped it was a long time before he had to experience it again.
Cian knocked on Mrs. Kerry’s door as usual when he cut through her yard.
“Good morning, Cindy. Come in.”
“Good morning, Mrs. Kerry. How are you this morning?”
“Well, thank you, Cindy. How are you?”
“I’m okay, thanks, ma’am.”
“Is your bum red and sore today?”
Cian blushed. “Yes, ma’am.”
“That’s to be expected, young lady. Little sissy pantywaists like you need to be spanked hard and frequently.”
Cian didn’t respond and Mrs. Kerry only smiled.
“Panty check!”
Cian dropped his pants and panties and got into position for the check. Mrs. Kerry used a tissue to burrow into his exposed bottom. She looked at the tissue and discarded it.
“Still clean, young lady. You may get dressed.”
Cian pulled up his panties and pants as Mrs. Kerry washed her hands.
“Cindy, I’ll be out this afternoon. I have some special shopping to do. I won’t be here so you don’t need to stop here on your way home today.”
“Yes, ma’am. That’s good. Mommy wants me home as soon as possible after school today.”
“Your mommy told me that she has to make you wear boys’ underpants tomorrow, right?”
“Yes, ma’am. I have gym tomorrow so I have to change clothes at school. I’m still afraid somebody might see my red bum.”
“I’m sure you’re not the only one in your class that gets spanked. Besides, I think you’ll find that mommy has already figured that out. In any case, you do not need to stop here at all tomorrow since you’ll be wearing nasty boy underpants.”
“Yes, ma’am. I know that everybody else gets spanked too even though nobody talks about it much. We can all get it at school too, but that’s usually the strap on the hands.”
Cian looked up at the clock.  “May I go to school now? I don’t want to be late.”
“Of course, Cindy, I’ll see you soon. Have a good day.”
“You too, Mrs. Kerry.”
Cian hurried to school. He arrived on time and went to his desk after the bell rang. He eased himself onto the hard seat. It wasn’t comfortable but it also wasn’t nearly as bad as the day after the paddle. Besides, these panties fit comfortably. As he thought about the pretty yellow panties Cian’s peeny reacted as usual. He squirmed in his desk until the morning break.
Cian quickly went to the boys’ room and went into the far stall. He slipped down his pants and panties and sat down with most of his weight on his thighs. He grabbed a handful of toilet paper and stroked his little peeny. He was desperate for relief and it didn’t take him long to erupt. He felt a lot better.
As the day went on he’d squirm in his desk because of his sore bottom. He was even told to stop fidgeting by his teacher once. He did his best, but still every time he thought of the pretty little panties he’d get so excited that he would have to shift his weight a little to relieve the pressure.
At the end of the day his peeny was almost as red as his bottom. It was sore but it was worth it to Cian. He was jerking off four or more times per day and thought nothing of it. He only knew it made him feel so good and it distracted him for a little while from his sore bottom.
After school Cian headed straight home. As soon as he got through the door mommy was waiting for him.
“Hello, Cindy.”
“Hi, mommy.”
“I want you to go and change right away. Leave your homework for now, but come down as soon as you’ve changed.”
“Yes, mommy.”
As Cian climbed the stairs he wondered what was going on. Mommy seemed to be in a hurry for some reason.
In his room Cian found the same red plaid jumper, white blouse, red knee socks and red and white saddle shoes that he had found everyday this week waiting for him. He took off his boys’ clothes and put on the girls’ outfit. He looked at himself in the mirror and swirled around to see the bottom of the jumper flare out. There was something about the outfit that seemed familiar but Cian couldn’t place it.
Cindy hurried down the stairs and found his mommy waiting for him in the kitchen. She was sitting in an armless chair and he saw the hairbrush on the table beside her. He curtseyed and stood in silence waiting for mommy to speak.
“Come here, Cindy, and turn around with your back to me.”
Cindy curtseyed, “Yes, mommy” and did as he was told. He stood still while he felt mommy doing something with his jumper. He felt a cool draft across his bottom and realized that his mommy had lifted his skirt to expose his panties.
Cian wondered if mommy was doing some kind of panty check, but she hadn’t told him to get into position. He was confused when his skirt didn’t come down again and he felt mommy doing something with the shoulder straps in the back. He felt mommy’s hands switch to the second strap and once she let go his skirt stayed up.
“Turn around.”
Cian curtseyed, “Yes, mommy” and turned to face her. He could still feel the draft over his exposed bottom and thighs.
“Tonight, young lady, I’m going to spank you right now instead of just before bed.”
Cian’s face fell and he whimpered.
“I want to make sure your bum isn’t too red for tomorrow. This way you’ll have more time to cool off before you have to change at school.”
“Thank you, mommy. I never thought of that.”
“You’re welcome, Cindy. Now I’m sure you’ve noticed something else, haven’t you?”
“Yes, mommy. My skirt is up in back.”
“Yes, Cindy. I pinned it up using a couple of your diaper pins. Now, you’re going to be spanked. Afterwards you are to keep your panties around your knees until bedtime so your little red bum will show all evening. If your panties fall down, you’ll be in more trouble. Do you understand?”
Cian curtseyed, “Yes, mommy.”
“Let’s get this done. Over my knees, young lady.”
Cian curtseyed again, “Yes, mommy” and bent over mommy’s knees. She slipped her fingers into the waistband of the yellow panties.
“Lift up.”
Cian lifted his bottom and mommy slid the panties down to his knees. He felt her turn in the chair to get the hairbrush from the table. He tensed his bottom but nothing happened.
“Do you remember why you’re getting this spanking, Cindy?”
“I’m not sure, mommy.”
“You were spanked by Mrs. Kerry last Sunday. It was the last spanking she gave you. Think carefully.”
“I remember mommy. I didn’t want to go outside to hang up my diapers and panties.”
Mommy smiled at Cian’s use of “my diapers and panties.” He was changing far faster than she expected. Shannon had been right again. Cian really was the sissy she said he was.
“That’s right. You didn’t obey immediately and that will not be tolerated. Mrs. Kerry told me that keeping a little girl like you with her skirt pinned up makes it very easy to spank instantly. So your choice is to obey instantly or be spanked instantly and if you spend more time with her I’m quite sure she’ll do this too until instant and complete obedience comes naturally to you.”
By the end of the scolding Cian was already sniffling. He didn’t want to spend more time with Mrs. Kerry. Of course she really was pretty and it made him feel good to make her happy. She was so strict that Cian was in awe of her.
As these fleeting thoughts went through Cian’s mind mommy brought down the hairbrush with a solid smack. He squealed like a little girl. Even though he knew it was coming it still caught him by surprise.
Mommy brought the hairbrush down again and Cian squealed again and burst into tears. It had only taken two smacks to reduce him to sobbing like a helpless little girl. It seemed to mommy that this was happening quicker all the time.
She spanked for quite a while. By the end Cian’s bottom was a bright red and his face was covered in tears and snot. There was even a small puddle of tears on the floor. He had been soundly spanked.
Mommy put down the hairbrush and stood Cian up on his feet while he was still sobbing. She hugged him and held him close while he cried onto her shoulder. As his sobbing started to taper off she took him by the hand and led him to the bathroom. She had to walk slowly as Cian hobbled along with his panties around his knees. She wet a washcloth and wiped his face. She handed him a tissue so he could blow his nose.
Cian continued to sniffle but had regained control.
“Alright, Cindy. Go and do your homework and then call me when it’s done. Make sure to sit your bare bottom right down on the wooden chair. No cheating or you might find that a wooden chair can be made even more uncomfortable.”
Cindy curtseyed, “Yes, mommy.” He slowly went upstairs and started his homework while mommy made dinner.
Cian really squirmed on the chair as he did his homework. His vision was blurred a little with lingering tears so he had to work very slowly and carefully. He did his homework and an extra page of math questions to prepare for the quiz tomorrow.
“Mommy, my homework is done.”
Cian had to wait for a few minutes for mommy to come to check it this time. She looked it over and gave her approval.
“Well done, Cindy. I am pleased to see that you’re being more careful with your homework.”
“Thank you, mommy.”
“Dinner is ready and I’m hungry. Are you?”
“Yes, mommy.”
“Then let’s eat.”
Cian and his mommy made their way down to the kitchen. Cian moaned a little as he sat his bare bottom down on the same kitchen chair his mommy sat on to spank him.
Mommy dished out the dinner and they ate together. Despite his pain, Cian had a nice dinner with his mommy.
After dinner Cian helped to clean up the kitchen. Once done, mommy told him he could relax until bedtime and reminded him not to let his panties fall from his knees.
Cian went to his room to read for a while. He flopped face down on his bed with his book. He was enjoying the story when the phone rang. Mommy answered it and he didn’t give it another thought.
As bedtime approached mommy came into his room. Cian stood up and curtseyed.
“It’s bath time, Cindy. So let’s get you ready.”
Cian curtseyed again, “Yes, mommy.”
Mommy removed the diaper pins from the back of Cian’s jumper allowing the skirt to fall. She then unzipped it and lifted it off. Cian unbuttoned the blouse and handed it to her. Mommy hung up the jumper and blouse while Cian removed his shoes, socks and panties.
“It’s bath time, Cindy.”
“Yes, mommy.”
They made their way down the hall to the bathroom. Cian stood quietly as mommy filled the tub with his bubble bath.
“Hop in.”
Cian curtseyed, “Yes, mommy” and got into the tub. He sucked air in through his teeth as his sore bottom contacted the hot water. He slowly lowered himself until he was sitting in the tub. Mommy washed him from head to toe as usual.
Cian was actually beginning to enjoy his nightly bubble bath even though it made him feel like a little girl. It was hard to believe that it hadn’t even been a full week since all of this started.
After his bath mommy dried him off and then led him to his bedroom.
“Diaper time, Cindy.”
“Yes, mommy.”
Mommy laid out the changing mat and Cian laid down on it and spread his legs. He kept his eyes closed and blushed. He knew it was kind of silly to be embarrassed considering it was his mommy and she had just bathed him, but he couldn’t help himself. Submitting to diapers would never cease to embarrass him.
Mommy quickly had him diapered. Cian got to his feet and mommy handed him a little cotton nightie. He slipped it on over his head and was not surprised that it ended at mid hip. He did notice that the nightie was cooler and less restrictive than his old pajamas. He smoothed it down over his diapered bottom and got into bed.
Mommy tucked him in and kissed him goodnight.
“Sleep well, Cindy. I love you.”
“I love you too, mommy. Goodnight.”
Mommy turned off the lights and left the room.
Cian was sore but glad his extra spankings were all over. He could finally look forward to a day without a spanking at the end of it. It also occurred to him that tomorrow he wouldn’t get to wear panties to school. Or rather be made to wear panties to school. He wasn’t sure how he felt about that but the thought of panties caused his little peeny to throb with excitement. He slowly moved his hand down to the front of his diapers. He started to rub and brought himself to climax. He sighed heavily with pleasure and rolled over and fell asleep.
Cian awoke on Friday morning needing to pee. He hardly thought about it before he relaxed, wet his diapers, rolled over and fell back asleep.
Mommy came to wake him.
“Good morning, Cindy.”
“Good morning, mommy.”
“Let’s get you out of those wet diapers. At least, I assume they’re wet.”
Cian blushed. “Yes, mommy.”
As soon as mommy laid down the changing mat Cian laid down on top of it. She pulled off his plastic panties and unpinned the wet cloth diapers. She pulled them away and dropped them in the pail. She took wipes and carefully cleaned Cian’s diaper area. When she finished she looked carefully.
“Your little peeny looks a bit red. I wonder if you are getting a bit of diaper rash. I wonder if we need to use diaper crème as well as the powder.”
Cian didn’t say a word. He knew it wasn’t diaper rash but was terrified his mommy would figure out what was causing the redness.
“I can see a tiny trace of peach fuzz growing back so we’ll have to use the depilatory crème tonight to take that off. The more you use that the slower it grows back but for now I think once a week is enough to keep you baby smooth.”
Cian cringed at mommy’s words. The trace of hair that he had a week ago was his only evidence that he was growing up. With it gone he knew he looked like a very little boy but even that wasn’t enough. Mommy was going to turn him into a little girl. He knew he didn’t have a choice about that and he wasn’t sure he even really objected.
“I got you some new boys’ underpants. They even have short legs so they will cover the top of your thighs. That way none of the red will show.”
“Oh, thank you, mommy. I was scared some of the red would show.”
“I don’t want you to be embarrassed by any of this except here at home. This is nobody’s business but ours.”
“Thank you, mommy.”
“You’re welcome, Cindy. Now, go have your showed, get dressed and come for breakfast. I’m making bacon and eggs this morning.”
“Oh boy. I love bacon and eggs.”
“I know and since your extra punishments are over and you have been behaving so well this week, I thought you deserved a reward. Now, scoot.”
“Yes, mommy.” Cian zipped down the hall to the bathroom to do his morning routine.
When he came back to his bedroom he found that mommy had laid out his clothes for him. On top were a pair of long legged boys’ underpants. They were even a navy blue.
Cian pulled on the underpants. They felt thick and stiff. They were certainly not as soft as panties. He looked at them in the mirror and grimaced. He was glad they covered all the red from his last spanking but he couldn’t say that he liked them. He remembered that mommy and Mrs. Kerry had talked about making him wear boys’ underpants and he understood what they meant. He’d never admit it even to himself but he missed his panties.
Cian got dressed and went down for breakfast. After feasting on his favorite breakfast he picked up his backpack and went to school.
He cut through Mrs. Kerry’s yard but didn’t have to check in with her. He was glad he wasn’t going to get a panty check but he did miss seeing her.
At school Cian was still sore and still wriggled a bit in his desk. He didn’t get excited like he did while wearing panties. If he thought of panties his peeny would twitch but since he didn’t feel them he didn’t get fully erect. At the break he didn’t even feel like he wanted to jerk off so he went into the bathroom and used a urinal instead of hiding in the stall. He even went outside and played baseball with his friends. It was fun to be a boy again, but he still looked wistfully at some girls playing hopscotch.
Cian aced his math quiz and scored ten out of ten. His teacher called on him a few times in other subjects and praised his answers. At the end of the day she even called him over to tell him that she had noticed how much his school work had improved during the past week and she hoped he’d keep it up. Cian thanked her for noticing his hard work and headed for home.
As Cian walked home he was confused more than ever. Today should have been the highlight of his week. It was the best day of school he’d ever had. His schoolwork was better than ever. His teacher had noticed and told him he was doing really well. He was dressed as a boy from head to toe and he had spent gym class and his breaks playing games with the other boys.  He wasn’t due another spanking tonight. It should feel perfect.
What confused him was that he wasn’t happy about today. He was happy that he wasn’t going home to be spanked again, but other than that he just seemed let down. Something was missing.
He stopped dead in his tracks. Was he missing his panties? Yes, he had to admit that he didn’t feel the same without them. He wasn’t embarrassed about wearing panties today but he also wasn’t excited either. Did he want more? Was he really the sissy that Mrs. Kerry kept calling him? Could he ever adjust to the ultra strict discipline she demanded? He knew he had a lot of things to consider and many changes to come. For now, he just wanted to hurry home so he could change out of these uncomfortable boys’ underpants. Something told him he was going to end up changing a lot more things than his clothes.

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  Panty Lines - Chapter 5-3A Wednesday to Friday
Posted by: Cindy - 04-21-2021, 04:28 PM - Forum: Adult and Sissy Baby Fiction - Replies (6)

Hi, all. It's taken me a while but here is the rest of chapter five. I hope that you like it. I have already mapped out the main ideas for a chapter six. I have been leaving hints all along to the next chapter in Cian's transition to Cindy. There may be a surprise or two also.

Cian woke up Wednesday morning as he heard his mommy moving around in the house. It was just a few minutes before she would come into his room to wake him. He was really sore, but his diapers were dry. He was happy that he wouldn’t have to wet them this morning. As he shifted his weight the movement of the diapers reminded him of the sticky deposit in the front. He was overcome with fear. In less than five minutes, mommy would take his diapers off and find out what he did. It would be so embarrassing and mommy might be mad. Cian remembered Mrs. Kerry’s vague threat about what would happen if she caught him. Cian decided that he had no real choice so he sat up and wet his diaper. It scared him a little that wetting his diapers was  getting easier. It had only been a couple of days and now he could do it without hesitation.

Mommy opened the door to his room, came in and opened the blinds.
“Good morning, mommy.”
“Good morning, Cindy. Are you wet?”
“Yes, mommy.”
“Only a yes today and no excuse?”
“No excuse, mommy.”
“Good. Let’s get you cleaned up for your shower.”
It only took mommy a few minutes to get the wet diapers off of Cian and to wipe him clean. Cian went to the bathroom for his morning shower. He completed his routine in the bathroom and returned to his room.
The red punishment panties were on top of his clothes on the bed. He knew he was going to have to wear them today, but he dreaded putting them on. He stood staring at them.
Cian slowly picked up the punishment panties and stepped into them. He slowly pulled them up his legs. He winced as he pulled them up and over his sore bottom. It wasn’t just uncomfortable, they actually hurt!
He looked in the mirror and could see his bottom covered with the tight red panties. He could see where the elastics at the leg openings dug into his sore bottom. It still hurt. He pulled up the leg elastic on one side and saw that his bottom was almost the same color as the panties.
Mommy called for him to come down for breakfast. Cian quickly got the rest of his clothes on and went down to eat. After breakfast he grabbed his things and went off to school.
Cian walked a little slower than usual and he felt the tight panties slide over his sore bum with every step. They were silky nylon but they felt like sandpaper to him.
Cian knocked on Mrs. Kerry’s door and she let him in.
“Good morning, Cindy.”
“Good morning, Mrs. Kerry.”
“Panty check!”
Cian turned his back on Mrs. Kerry and lowered his jeans and panties. Mrs. Kerry didn’t check him right away.
“That little bum looks very sore, Cindy. It’s as red as your panties.”
“Yes, ma’am. It’s really sore today. That paddle really hurt.”
“I’m sure it did, young lady. That’s what it is supposed to do. It’s meant to give a very hard spanking to a naughty little pantywaist like you. I’m glad to see your mommy is really taking you in hand as she should. Now, let me check you and then you can go.”
Mrs. Kerry checked Cian’s panties thoroughly and gave him a firm wipe with a tissue. Cian whimpered as she dug the tissue deep between his sore cheeks.
“Yes, indeed. Your mommy is getting to be a pretty good disciplinarian. With a little more practice she’ll be able to give you the kind of spanking you need to be a very well behaved young lady. Okay, get dressed.”
“Yes, ma’am.”
Cian stood and replaced his clothes as Mrs. Kerry washed her hands.
“You better get going, Cindy, you wouldn’t want to be late.”
“No, ma’am, I don’t.”
“Stop by on your way home, Cindy.”
“Yes, ma’am, I will.”
Cian hurried off to school. He made it in time but hurrying had irritated his sore bum even more than walking slowly. When he got to his desk he slowly eased himself down onto the seat. It hurt to sit and within a few minutes he was longing for the mid-morning break.
At each break in the day, Cian went to the boys’ room and into the end stall. As soon as he could he lowered the tight punishment panties. It felt wonderful to take them off of his bottom and release the pressure. As Cian sat on the toilet he leaned forward and put all of his weight on his thighs. As Cian looked down at the red panties he started to get excited. His little peeny responded and he took great pleasure in relieving that pressure. Cian sighed as he ejaculated into the handful of toilet paper. He still couldn’t understand why he was still so excited despite his pain.
The long day eventually ended and Cian was on his way home. Again he stopped and knocked at Mrs. Kerry’s door. She let him in.
“I won’t keep you long, Cindy. Just a quick check and you’re on your way.”
“Yes, ma’am.”
“Panty check.”
Cian pulled down his pants and panties and bent over with his hands on his outstretched legs. Mrs. Kerry gave him a thorough check.
“I see that you have a few stains in the front of your panties. They are not pee stains, so there is only one other thing they could be. I hope you’re enjoying yourself, young lady, because it won’t last very long.”
Cian blushed almost as red as his panties and said nothing.
“Now, Cindy, you may go home. Your mommy will worry if you’re not home on time.”
“Yes, ma’am.”
“Bye, Cindy. I’ll see you tomorrow morning.”
“Bye, ma’am.”
Despite walking slowly, Cindy was home on time and entered the house.
“Mommy, I’m home.”
Mommy was sitting at the table in the kitchen.
“Hi, Cindy. How was your day?”
“It was awful, mommy. I was so sore all day long. It hurt to sit and there was no way to make it stop hurting.”
“Young lady, that’s the price of disobedience. Learn your lesson and don’t do it again.”
“Yes, mommy.”
“I hope so, Cindy. Now go change your clothes and do your homework. Call me when you’re done.”
“Yes, mommy.”
Cian picked up his schoolbag and climbed the stairs to his bedroom. His eyes were drawn to the pink paddle hanging on the wall. He wondered how something could look so pretty and yet be capable of causing such pain. He looked down at the bed at the clothes waiting for him. Once again he saw the white blouse, red plaid jumper, red knee socks and red and white saddle shoes waiting for him. He changed into his girls’ clothes and sat down at the table to do his homework.
Cian didn’t have much written work, but he did have to study for a math quiz scheduled for Friday. Cian did a page of review questions and checked them against the answer key. He was pleased to see that he had done all but one question correctly and the one he did wrong was a simple calculation error. He felt he was ready but would do another review page tomorrow to be sure.
“Mommy! My homework is done.”
Mommy came into Cian’s bedroom a few minutes later. Cian stood and curtseyed.
“Here’s my homework, mommy. I also did some practice questions for a math quiz Friday.”
“Very good, Cindy. When did you find out about the quiz?”
“Today, mommy.”
“Very good. I always want you to tell me as soon as you know about any tests or projects, even quizzes.”
“I will, mommy.”
Mommy took a few minutes to look over Cian’s work.
“You’re handwriting is getting better. I’m pleased.”
“Thank you, mommy.”
“You’re welcome, Cindy. Now, young lady, we have some unpleasantness to deal with again tonight.”
“Yes, mommy.”
“Do you remember why you’re getting spanked again tonight?”
“Yes, mommy. I lied to Mrs. Kerry.”
“Yes you did and it was a pretty silly lie wasn’t it?”
“Yes. mommy. I’m sorry.”
“I’m sure that you are and I know this week has been really awful for you, but it’s important that I follow through with the rules. If you are punished away from home you’ll be punished again at home. Do you understand why?”
“Yes, mommy. It’s because you want to reinforce the rules by punishing me yourself too.”
“That’s right, Cindy. Rules are there for a reason and I expect you to follow them.”
“Yes, mommy. I’ll obey the rules.”
“I know that you’ll try, but once in a while you’ll break a rule.”
“I promise I’ll always obey the rules, mommy.”
“Young lady, you’re going to be spanked tonight for lying. Breaking a promise is lying too. Do you want to rethink that?”
“Yes, mommy. I promise to do my best to follow the rules.”
“That’s better. It will be difficult with all of the new rules you have as a little girl but I know you’ll try.”
“Yes, mommy.”
“Now, Cindy. It’s dinner time. We’re having spaghetti tonight.”
“Thank you, mommy. I like spaghetti. Did you make garlic toast?”
“Of course, Cindy. Now let’s go have dinner.”
“Yes, mommy.”
Mommy took Cian by the hand and led him downstairs to the kitchen for dinner. They enjoyed a lovely meal with home made spaghetti sauce.
After dinner and the kitchen clean up Cian dried off his hands.
“It’s time for your bath, Cindy.”
“But it’s too early, mommy. My bedtime isn’t for a long time.”
“That’s true, Cindy, but let’s think this through. Why are you getting punished tonight?”
“For lying to Mrs. Kerry.”
“That’s right. What is the normal punishment for lying?”
“Well, I get spanked, mommy.”
“Yes you do. What else do you get for lying?”
Cian could feel a sinking feeling as he admitted, “I get my mouth washed out with soap.”
“Yes you do.”
“So that’s why I have to go so early?”
“Not exactly, Cindy. I am not going to wash out your mouth. Mrs. Kerry already did that.”
Cian looked up in pleasant surprise.
“I decided that instead of a mouth washing I’m going to give you an early bedtime. I know this has been a bad week for you so I decided to give you a little break. If you’d prefer a mouth soaping instead that’s fine with me.”
“Oh no, mommy. An early bedtime is good.”
Mommy chuckled. “I thought you’d agree. Now, go upstairs and take off your clothes. Put them away properly and meet me in the bathroom.”
Cian curtseyed, “Yes, mommy.”
Mary watched as Cian walked away with a smile. He looked so cute as a little girl and she was very glad that Shannon had explained to her what Cian needed and wanted. It was going to be a painful process in more ways than one, but the final result would be worth it. She followed Cian up the stairs and went to the bathroom to fill the tub as he took care of his clothes. She liked the lavender smell of the bubble bath. She looked up as she turned off the taps and Cian walked into the room. He curtseyed and stood still.
“Hop into the tub, Cindy.”
Cian curtseyed, “Yes, mommy” and got into the tub. He very slowly sat down in the hot water. They talked as mommy washed Cian from head to toe.
“Bum still sore, Cindy?”
“Oh yes, mommy, really sore.”
“I guess your little punishment panties worked.”
“Yes, mommy they hurt all day. I am so glad to get them off. My spanking last night was really awful too.”
“I was meant to be awful. I will not tolerate disobedience.”
“Yes, mommy. I will do better.”
“I certainly hope so, young lady. If you don’t start obeying instantly you’ll get your bottom warmed on the spot.”
“Yes, mommy.”
“Okay, Cindy. Out you get.”
Cian stood up and stepped out of the tub. His mommy wrapped him in a big warm towel and rubbed him dry. She used a second towel to dry his hair.
“Okay, young lady, let’s go. It’s almost bedtime.”
Once they were back in his bedroom mommy handed Cian a bright yellow cotton nightie. He slipped it on. It was very short on him and only went to the middle of his hips.
Mommy sat on the armless chair.
“Well, young lady, it’s time you were spanked. Do you remember why, Cindy?”
“Yes, mommy. I lied to Mrs. Kerry.”
“You sure did and it was a very silly lie wasn’t it?”
“Yes, mommy. I’m sorry I lied.”
“I’m sure you are, but not quite sorry enough. We’ll fix that right now. Bring me the hairbrush, Cindy.”
Cindy curtseyed, “Yes, mommy.”
He went to the dresser and got the hairbrush. As he picked it up he shivered. He knew it was going to really hurt. Then he saw the paddle and was grateful he wasn’t getting that instead. He knew that lying was a major offense and he was glad mommy was actually letting him off a little.
Cian walked slowly to his mommy and handed her the hairbrush. Without even being asked he started to bend over his mommy’s knees. As mommy settled him onto her lap she spoke.
“Thank you for getting over my knees without being asked. That must mean that you know you’ve been a naughty little girl and deserve a good sound spanking. Is that right, young lady?”
“Yes, mommy. I have been a naughty little girl who deserves to be spanked.”
Cian didn’t even realize what he’d said, but mommy sure noticed that he’d called himself a naughty little girl. She’d have to call Shannon and tell her what he’d said.
“I hope this teaches you not to lie, Cindy. Just remember that no matter how bad any punishment is, it can always be made worse.”
Cian whimpered as he felt his mommy shift in the chair. The hairbrush seemed to explode across his bottom. He had been sore for days and it didn’t take much to reduce him to helpless sobbing.
Cian howled with pain as mommy spanked on and on. She may have only been using the hairbrush but it still hurt so much.
Cian didn’t realize that his mommy didn’t spank him anywhere near as long as she had been. She knew he was in severe pain and didn’t want to go too far. He may have misbehaved, but she still loved him more than she could ever explain.
When the spanking was over mommy held Cian over her lap and rubbed his back until he stopped his helpless crying.
Once she knew that he could hear her again she turned him so that he was sitting on his thighs on her lap with his bright red bum hanging off to one side. She stroked his hair.
“I’m sorry that you deserved that, Cindy. I hate spanking you, but I love you too much to let you get away with bad behavior.”
“Y.. y..yes, mommy. I.. I get it. I’m.. I’m sorry and I love.. love you too.”
They hugged for a couple of minutes and then mommy stood him up.
“It’s bedtime and we need to get you into your diapers, Cindy.”
Cian knew that it was barely six-thirty, but he didn’t protest. He was learning and didn’t want to make mommy think he wanted his mouth washed out with soap.
“Lie down, Cindy. It’s diaper time.”
Cian curtseyed, “Yes, mommy.”
He laid down on the changing mat. He closed his eyes as he spread his legs. Even though it was his mommy and she’d seen him naked all his life he was still embarrassed.
Mommy got out the diapers, stuffers and plastic panties. she set them down beside him.
“Since it’s so early, you’re going to need extra thick diapers tonight. You don’t want to leak overnight.”
Cian blushed even deeper and said nothing.
Mommy powdered Cian between his legs and then lifted them into the air to powder his sore bum. She pinned him into three thick diapers and two extra stuffers. She slid a pair of bright yellow plastic panties up his legs and over his diapers. She was pleased to see that they were big enough to completely cover the thick diapers.
“All done, Cindy. Now, into bed with you.”
“Yes, mommy.”
Cian realized that he couldn’t even begin to close his legs never mind trying to walk. He managed to get to his feet and shuffled to the bed. He allowed himself to sort of fall into the bed, face down.
Mommy tucked him in, brushed back his hair and kissed him on the forehead.
“Goodnight, Cindy.”
“Goodnight, mommy.”
“I know it’s early but try to sleep.”
“I’ll try, mommy.”
“See you in the morning.”
Mommy turned off the lights and closed the door. Even with the curtains closed Cian could see quite well. It was still bright daylight outside and he could hear children playing in the street. He felt very sorry for himself as he laid there awake for quite a while sniffling.
Cian couldn’t sleep yet so once his crying totally stopped he felt bored. He slowly slid his hand under himself to the front of his thick diapers. Even though they were so humiliating they were also so soft and he could feel the ruffles on the plastic panties. His little peeny responded quickly. Cian rubbed on the front of his thick diapers. He also started rocking his hips back and forth. It felt wonderful and it wasn’t long before Cian climaxed. Even then Cian couldn’t sleep yet so he just laid there.
After a while he felt the need to pee. He was getting used to having to wet his diapers in the morning. He was only wet for a short time before he got up and got cleaned up. Tonight he was going to have to wet his diapers before he fell asleep and spend the night in them.
Cian was so grossed out at the thought of having to spend the night in wet diapers he held on as long as he could. Eventually the pain got too much and Cian had to relax and wet himself. He felt the warmth spread through the front of his diapers. It was so soft and warm. It felt really nice on his peeny. In fact it felt so nice he began to get excited again.
Cian decided to take advantage of the situation. Once again he started to rub the front of his diapers while rocking his hips. It took longer and was much slower than the first time. His climax left him gasping with pleasure. This was one of his best ever. This time it was easy for Cian to drift off to sleep thoroughly satisfied.

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