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  Valentines Day Stories
Posted by: Melissa123 - 02-16-2021, 01:10 AM - Forum: Petticoating and Feminization - Replies (5)

Disappointed to not see any Valentines (or maybe even Galentines Day) stories!

What did you sissies get up to? Or better yet, Mistresses, what did you make your sissy bet up to?!

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  Interview with Proprietress Press - Correction, Regression, Sissification
Posted by: baby sam - 02-14-2021, 02:11 PM - Forum: Petticoating and Feminization - No Replies

Episode 4

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  The Night of the Party
Posted by: zizy - 02-14-2021, 01:06 PM - Forum: Female Dominant Fiction - Replies (12)

1. Arrival

Tonight we will have guests. Two of mother’s friends will come as usual. They love humilating me.

I am again in my maid outfit, with a nappy, because I’m supposed to be available to take care of any orders at all times, even though they usually send me to the corner for much of the evening and ignore my existence and chat about their own stuff. Every time is as humiliating as the last.

I’ve worked since the morning to clean the house completely. I’ve also done much of the evening preparation work, other than the thing or two mother decided to do herself.

We were in the process of going over everything when the dorbell rang.

We welcomed our first guest. I held my head down as normally instructed and gave a deep welcoming curtsey. “Hello and welcome.”

All I got in return was a cold “Hello”.

I took off her coat and put it away on the coat rack for her.

After she went in, there was voices outside.

“Mom, this party sounds lame. I’m already regretting letting you talk me into it.”

“Andrea, you’ll see.” the response came with a laugh.

When I opened the door, I came face to face with my ex classmate.

She had a look of shock. I lowered my head and curtsied elegantly as trained.

“Wow …so, you’re a sissy?” she asked “A syssymaid?” she started laughing as she finished the updated question.

“Yes. I am.” I responded.

“A well trained one.” mother said proudly.

Andrea started laughing uncontrollably for what seemed an eternity. I’m sure I’ve had a blush.

“Come in. We’ll laugh more later.” her mother said with a wink.

Andrea responded with more laughter as she walked in. I closed the door and helped them remove their coats. Andrea calmed down enough to merely giggle at my predicament.

I was wrong. This will be a lot more humiliating than usual.

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Heart What it’s like how and when society switches gender roles
Posted by: afp - 02-14-2021, 12:54 PM - Forum: Gender Role Reversal - Replies (2)

I as am sure many here are fans of Jamie Vesta. Another clever author has put together a collection of art and ideas from it of what’s it’s like for the men and boys when the gender roles are switched from them and how the women and girls take over, including the new experiences, lifestyles, jobs etc. for each. 
“A Broad new world” by Alana

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  Which kinds of boys should be petticoated?
Posted by: Grandma Cheryl - 02-13-2021, 06:34 PM - Forum: Petticoating and Feminization - Replies (15)

I think the kinds of boys for whom systematic petticoating is warranted fall into three categories:

First, there are the boys who show signs of having strong sissyish tendencies.  These might be boys who are quite timid, who might seem to have a preference for playing with girls, and so on. Finding some excuse for force boys like these to wear panties and dresses will help them feel, and properly accept, their essential sissy nature.  Basically, a mother or aunt or grandmother who petticoats this kind of boy is communicating the message to the boy that it is not only OK to be girlish, but it is actually what the women in his life prefer for him.  Even boys like this are likely to complain and protest and perhaps even beg not to be forced to wear panties, but that phase is likely to pass fairly quickly as the boy feels how pleasant it is to be made to look girlishly pretty.  That, of course, is the reason why the strategy that some parents of sissyish boys use of punishing the boy by making him dress completely as a girl "as a way of teaching him to be less girlish" is bound to fail as a way of making the boy less girlish.  Instead, the more that sissyish boys experience looking and being treated as a girl, the more they will realize that being girlish is what they really want to be.

Second are boys who are difficult and disobedient and who are in need of the strong controlling influence of a dominant woman.  My sense is that with these kinds of boys, it is often at the point when the mother is at her wit's end and unable to cope that another woman in the family, either an aunt or grandmother, is turned to for assistance and it is then that other woman who subjects the boy to a regimen of petticoat discipline.  Of course, some other forms of punishment, such as spankings and mouth soapings may be required to bring the boy to the point of compliance with the petticoating, although for those opposed to any forms of corporal punishment, withholding food or bathroom privileges can be quite effective as well.  In any case, these kinds of boys are likely to experience deep and intense feelings of shame and humiliation when they are first put into panties and dresses, and woman I've talked with have reported that the boys like this that they've petticoated typically break down in tears that they can't control, not just the first time they are petticoated, but on multiple subsequent petticoating sessions as well.  But what then seems to surprise many women in these situations is that, if a regimen of petticoating is maintained for any length of time, even these kinds of boys become placid and compliant and accepting of the treatment and become much more girlish in their feelings and behaviors.  A good, and common, sign is when such a boy switches, when complimented on how pretty he looks when petticoated, from first complaining that he's not pretty but instead that he's "a boy" to eventually blushing and showing evidence of feeling good about the compliment.  The more often a boy like this is taken out in public while petticoated, the quickly this kind of transition in his feelings is likely to occur.

The third category of boys who benefit from being petticoated and who should be petticoated is -- all other boys.  Or at least, that is my view about the proper way for all boys to now be raised.

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  New to putting sissy in chastity
Posted by: SissysWife - 02-12-2021, 11:04 PM - Forum: Male Chastity - Replies (2)

I have finally succumbed to the intrigue and awesome power of putting my sissy in chastity.  While i have had full control of him I resisted this aspect of control  mostly out of fear that the power might go to my head...  I have found that I was right it is a very heady feeling to lock his pretty princess up and wear that key on my neck..  The saving grace for him is that i find it very sexy  and have been prone to letting him out to play!  He has gone only 4 complete days in a row so far.  I have no intention of long term chastity but who knows.  I do know that there is an increased level of submission and overall subjugation to my will when he is wearing..  He does not even realize it but i can sense it..  i am thinking will mostly use for short term absences like if i go out for a girls night.......  or a girls weekend........  or if he is meeting up with some buddies or workmates...........  IF we ever get back to that life...  He is not liking it at all..  i was very pleased when after a bit of a disagreement he presented himself already under lock and key and said he was sorry and realized he was wrong.....  I LOVED it..  Not sure where this will go but it is a fun new option to explore....

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  Handsome Master
Posted by: Robin77 - 02-11-2021, 01:49 AM - Forum: Female-Led Relationships - Replies (6)

Mother took me to the local Sissy Boutique for new heels.
 I wore a v v skimpy Lolita outfit w/2" Mary Janes.

 My fat fanny throbbed from her recent merciless spanking.
 I leered down at her thick bare calves, large luscious feet & toes in strappy stilettos.

 She stripped me barefoot naked to model various styles of 5" Sissy Strappies.
 We bought several pair.

 On the way home, a handsome Master accosted us.
 He kissed me. Passionately and deeply.
 With Mother's consent, he took me home.


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  Male Vote
Posted by: SissysWife - 02-11-2021, 12:16 AM - Forum: Female-Led Relationships - Replies (4)

The right for males to vote should be modified.   Males have been shown to be completely irresponsible in this regard!  The male will be allowed to vote at 19 but at that time his mother or other female guardian shall vote on his behalf until he reaches the age of 25.  At that time he may vote on his own only if he has completed high school and at least two years of secondary school of any sort.  However if he is married his voting rights are surrendered to his mistress wife.  Any sort of run in with the law initiates immediate revocation of the right to vote.  Sissies are encouraged to run for low level public office only..  In position to support females in the higher level positions...

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  How can I embrace my feminine side more?
Posted by: Micheallancaster - 02-09-2021, 04:41 AM - Forum: Petticoating and Feminization - Replies (18)

Ah Hey, I’m Mike and i’m New here. I’m just a teenage guy looking to embrace my feminine side a bit more and try new things, and I’m looking for some advice on how I can do this. Most of my hobbies are pretty manly, Yk fishing, sports and video games but I do knit once’s in a while. Any suggestions?

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  Stuck in The Elevator With Soaked Diapers Along with 6 Ladies Looking for the Stinky
Posted by: sindysissybaby - 02-08-2021, 10:56 PM - Forum: Babies & Sissy Babies - Replies (13)

Hello my sissy friends, how are you. If you are a sissy who likes adventures and especially feels embarrassed, this story is for you. Read to the end! 

The following story is a real story that happened to me on a trip I made to Europe. You can see some pics in this post, an image with my diapers soaked on the floor. It was just that day...

I was enjoying my thick diapers in the hotel room. I bought some Seni brand diapers, sold in Europe. They are very thick and resistant, and as I like thick diapers, I was using 3 of them. I was also wearing my children's pink dress, and I was really feeling like a baby girl.

[Image: 20986455_1617050154985200_972226484_n.jpg]

Like any good sissy, I felt an urge to pee after a bottle of soda I had had for lunch. I was already in my own toilet, which was my diapers, so I just relaxed and let the pee take care of my diapers. At first I thought it was going to leak, but the diapers were really good. With that wet and hot feeling in the diaper, I just took my pacifier and lay down to take an afternoon nap, like every good baby does. I woke up 3 hours later, with my diaper already cold and very wet. I was about to make a change when I remembered that the currency exchange would close in a few minutes, and I needed to change my money because the next day I would be going back to Brazil. I just took off my beautiful pink children's dress and put on an ugly male outfit, jeans shorts and a T-shirt. I didn't have time to change, so I would have to change my money wearing thick diapers. I had never gone out with diapers on the street, even with them underneath my clothes, and the very first time I was wearing 3 diapers, and on top of that they were totally wet.

[Image: 21015378_1617050314985184_1656898490_n.jpg]

At the exit of the hotel everything went well, perhaps no one noticed a boy with a large volume in his pants, walking with his legs open and rolling his butt like a baby. My racing heart was a little calmer. That was until I went out on the street, and in the middle of the way I saw a couple who from a distance looked at me, waiting for me to pass. As soon as I passed them they continued to watch and suddenly burst out laughing. I don't know the right reason for their laughter, but I think they knew that there was a Baby Boy Sissy with a diaper totally wet.
Almost getting close to the currency exchange, to my surprise and despair, a huge urge to pee arose. I was fighting against my own will until I reached the counter and handed the European money to the attendant and took the Brazilian money back. And again to my despair and surprise, he said it was going to take a while, because he needed to look for where the Brazilian currency was. While I waited, the urge to pee again only increased. I was afraid to leak, as I was already soaked, but I had no choice! Right there I was beaten. So I started wetting my diapers like a little kid who doesn't know how to use the potty. The fear of leaking was great, but I needed it. For my happiness, the diapers were very good and resistant, so I was able to soak my diapers again and nothing happened. But it was getting heavy and a little stinky.
Soon after, the attendant brought my money, and I was able to leave. Glad I managed to change my money and my diaper didn't leak. I was so happy that I passed the couple who were at the bus stop again, they laughed again, but I didn't care. Maybe I would never see them again. Everything was going well, again I entered the hotel which had a large and very busy lobby. The hotel welcomed many people, and was over 20 floors, but no one noticed the presence of a sissy baby boy with soaked diapers. I called the elevator and for my happiness I was alone at that moment. It didn't take long for the elevator to reach the ground floor. I went in and pressed the button on my floor, which was one of the last 5. Everything was going well until before the door closes I hear several steps in high heels and the voices of some ladies coming towards the elevator. I pressed the button to close the door as fast as I could, but it was too late, because one of them had put the umbrella on the door, causing it to open again ...
With that, 6 ladies of about 50 years old entered the elevator. I didn't understand the language they spoke, but they all wished me good night in English, and I did the same. The elevator closed, and I figured that nothing bad could happen. They were sure to get out of the elevator soon, and they wouldn't realize my secret. The elevator stopped on the 2nd floor, I was already celebrating. But the door opened and no one moved. Maybe someone outside would have pressed it wrong. Then the elevator closed the doors again and started to rise. Suddenly, one of the ladies started to wrinkle her nose and sniff the room looking for some strange smell. She quickly asked her friends if they were feeling it too. Even though I didn't understand the language, I knew perfectly well that something there didn't smell good, and they were looking for what it was. I had the answer! My diapers! With that several films went through my head! Would they discover my secret?
Would they laugh at me? Would they find a 25 year old guy wearing thick diapers and getting wet like a little kid cute? The tension only increased, and it seemed that the elevator was rising more and more slowly. Some of the ladies were already starting to plug their noses. I didn't smell it that much, but I believe that the maternal instinct of these ladies blossomed at that moment. Every mother can smell a diaper that needs to be changed miles away, and I was there in that three-square-meter metal box, stuck with them, giving off the smell of my totally wet diapers. We went up a few more floors and the elevator stopped, there I thought I would be saved from humiliation, but once again nobody got out. Everything was conspiring against me that day. Now my only salvation was for them to get out of the elevator first than I did, so I wouldn't have to go through them rolling my thick diaper and exhaling the stinky pee smell that came from my soaked diapers ... , my floor has arrived. The door opened and they all stood still again.
I, with the greatest shame in the world, said "excuse me", they all looked at me, some still with their fingers on their noses and laughing. I was feeling like a little boy at an afternoon tea at the ladies' club, who was caught with wet pants and checked by all of them. I passed them, and the first lady who found the smell said something that everyone started laughing at. I didn't want to look back, just walked away as quickly as possible and went towards my room, relieved that it was all over, but with a feeling that something more could happen.
Maybe they knew that I was just a poor sissy baby boy who needed to have diapers changed, that they would come up to my room and put me in new diapers, and make me put on my sissy baby dress and be a good sissy baby boy that I am. But all this was just a dream ...
My wet Diaper: 

[Image: 39664836_2212118268860676_7228699141948309504_n.jpg]

That was my adventure. Leave your comment below, and tell us about your adventure! I will also be happy if you create a different ending for my highlight.
I hope you enjoyed. This was based on real facts...

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