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  Childhood memories of pettiocating
Posted by: Ali - 05-01-2021, 09:45 PM - Forum: Petticoating and Feminization - Replies (3)

Tell us your childhood memories of being made to dress as a girl, in just one line. I’ll go first:

The feeling of vulnerability, wearing a skirt or dress and knowing how easy it is for my knickers to be exposed, whether by accident or for a spanking.

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  One line childhood memories
Posted by: Ali - 05-01-2021, 06:28 PM - Forum: Age Regression and Dummy Discipline - Replies (6)

Tell us a childhood memory in just one line. I’ll go first:

Nappies sticking to my bottom as I walked because of so much cream being applied.

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  Ashley's Story
Posted by: Robin77 - 05-01-2021, 12:27 AM - Forum: Petticoating and Feminization - Replies (4)

Ashley here. Sissy, 36. Married to a v strict Domina, 42. Teen twins. FLS Girl and boy.
 I'm a Nurse at the local Sissy & Applicant Clinic.

 Nursing College had mostly female students. Only voluptuous ultra-feminine Sissies selected. Like me.
 I didn't start that way. I was an ordinary boy. Until puberty at 12.
 When I became "At Risk".
 I Masturbated constantly. Didn't Bathe. Disobedient, Impolite, Wild, promiscuous (both genders). Used drugs.

 Mother took me to an Adolescent Guidance Counselor. Who referred us to a Sissy Doctor.
 The latter (a gorgeous woman) stripped me, and whistled at my large rampant erection. Which she stroked.

 She promised more if I submitted to a few Injections. I did. And was rewarded.
 The process continued weekly for an entire year.

 I remained 5'6". Depilated nose-to-toes. Developed into a Pear-Shaped Sissy. 
 Big Titties. Fabulously fat Fannychubs. Gurlish feelings. Remarkably pretty face.
 I welcomed my new Sissy Attire & heels.

 Mother and my aunts began wearing black 5" strappies.
 She hired Hanna, a statuesque Austrian Nanny for me.

 I tiptoed naked to them for screaming spankings and blissfully copious Cums.
 Hanna and I honeymooned in Aruba.


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  Including Mother in Law
Posted by: SissysWife - 04-29-2021, 07:31 PM - Forum: Female-Led Relationships - Replies (12)

Shortly after i married my sissy I could see that it would be essential and beneficial for my mom to see and know what I was doing to my sweet hubby.  She lives nearby and was constantly stopping by unannounced causing instances of panic and scrambling as my sissified hubby had to run and hide and change while i answered the door.  Even tho i promised sissy i would not reveal him to others i knew it was the right thing.  So i met with her privately and carefully explained what i was doing  and why and that i wanted her to know and see so that she would be welcome to stop by anytime and not be causing such turmoil.   She did not believe me at first, thought i was joking and pranking her.  So i said fine come over friday at 6 sharp and come to the back door and i would introduce her to her new daughter in law.  I then set it up with sissy that i wanted cocktails at 6:30 and dinner at 7.  i had him dress in a nice floral fifties style dress with petticoats and stockings and low heels..  Wanted him to look his best as i had a surprise for him...  

It is a decision i do not regret.  It was traumatic for him but it needed done and mom likes him way better now than before.. She is now a big advocate of his

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Wink Chastity
Posted by: Elsie - 04-28-2021, 09:34 AM - Forum: Male Chastity - Replies (18)

Finally got my husband in a chastity that works. He is in a holy trainer. Take it off daily for a clean, his hands tied behind his back. I got the suggestion for tying his hands from here. It's only been 5 days but I am excited about it. It's fair to say he is excited aswell although for different reasons  Tongue

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  Sue, update on my sons petticoating
Posted by: Sue - 04-27-2021, 10:52 PM - Forum: Petticoating and Feminization - Replies (9)

Hi everyone,
It's been a bit over 9 months since I started petticoating my son chris who is now 15, along with help from my 10yo daughter, my sister and her 2 daughters.
Chris is now dressed 24-7 in diapers and baby dresses, he's got quite a collection of dresses from "binkies n bows" an online shop that makes adorable adult baby dresses.
For the first few months he was still wearing his boys uniform to school, but after covid and the lockdowns hit there school was temporarily closed, so I decided to start homeschooling him. That was around 6 months ago, and was the last time chris wore anything made for a boy or for someone his age.

I live in a small town and reactions have been mixed, there are always the people with negative comments (usually men) but most people just laugh. I take chris with me everywhere I go so by now everyone knows I dress my teenage son as a baby girl. I've kept his hair short so there's no mistaking him for a real girl.
He still hates his new life as a baby girl, and used to beg me to let him go back to being a regular boy, but I think he's starting to accept that won't be happening any time soon.

Regards, Sue

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  Wearing panties who knows ?
Posted by: Pantywaist husband - 04-27-2021, 03:12 PM - Forum: Petticoating and Feminization - Replies (11)

As a pantywaist husband I would assume every member wears nice feminine panties. Does anyone else know that you wear panties? If yes who and what is yours and their reaction? Mommy's girlfriends know I wear panties and that I am a sissy. It is extremely humiliating. However I love wearing panties and feeling feminine with my shaved legs and bottom. I do not enjoy when we have mommy friends over and the humiliation I have been put through.

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  Hello I'm back
Posted by: Sue - 04-27-2021, 02:13 AM - Forum: New Member Introductions - Replies (8)

Hi everyone, I posted here nearly a year ago about petticoating my then 14yo son.
Thought I would do an update if anyone is interested.

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Posted by: SueE - 04-26-2021, 07:14 PM - Forum: New Member Introductions - Replies (4)

This is not quite my first post, there is one on a chastity thread. 

I have been reading Petticoat Discipline Monthly since the very early days (I guess around 2004). I have been dressing in "girls clothes" since various teenage midnight trips to the "postbox" many years ago. These days they are simply my clothes and Sue has been all over the place. Maybe if the internet had been around in those teenage years then life would have turned out somewhat differently but as it is Sue is just part of my life rather than the whole of it.

As time has gone by Sue has grown comfortable in trousers but still has a liking for a nice skirt & heels, though has got a bit too old for flouncy ones with a petticoat. She has always had a thing about being given a sound spanking Blush


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  Panty Lines - Chapter 7-2 The tea party
Posted by: Cindy - 04-26-2021, 07:09 PM - Forum: Adult and Sissy Baby Fiction - Replies (12)

Mrs. Kerry returned with the hairbrush and set it on the table. She sat down again.

“More tea, Mary?”
“Yes, please, Shannon.”
The two ladies continued to visit while Cian stood in the corner with his bare bottom on display.
“Do you have the thing we discussed, Shannon?”
“Yes I do. I had a friend of mine make it. I have it right here so we can give it to her later.”
Cian heard Mrs. Kerry get up and open a drawer. He heard it close again and the chair scrape as she sat down.
“What do you think, Mary?”
“It looks so small.”
“It is small but will fit her well. I measured to make sure.”
Mommy laughed.
“Will it be uncomfortable, Shannon?”
“Not normally, but under the right or maybe under the wrong condition it will become very painful.”
“I suppose it’s necessary.”
“It is absolutely and in time Cindy won’t even realize she’s wearing it.”
“I understand, Shannon. I trust your advice. You’ve predicted everything that’s happened so far. I know now that my son is actually a little sissy and will only be truly happy living that way.”
“Thank you, Mary.”
“How long do you plan to leave Cindy in the corner before you spank her?”
“It’s been a half an hour and while I’d normally keep her there at least a full hour, we have other things to do today. I think it’s spanking time.”
Mrs. Kerry pulled out her chair from under the table and spun it around. She walked over to the corner and reached in to pin the ribbon with her finger.
“Step back, Cindy.”
Cian stepped back.
Mrs. Kerry waited a few seconds.
“Young lady you were just given an order and didn’t curtsey.”
Cian moaned.
“I will be more lenient than usual and only add a little to this spanking instead of giving you another one. We have things to do today and time is short. Over the summer we’ll have lots of time so don’t expect anything like this leniency again.”
Mrs. Kerry took Cian by his ear and dragged him to the chair. She sat down and pulled Cian over her knees. She pulled up his skirt and petticoat to bare his bottom. She waited another few seconds.
Cian reached back with his right hand so Mrs. Kerry could pin it into the small of his back.
“I can see we have a lot of things to work on, young lady. Not putting your hand back without being told should mean another spanking.”
Mrs. Kerry rolled up her right sleeve.
“Mary, I know you spanked her several times this week. Did she put her hand back like she’s supposed to do?”
“No, she didn’t, Shannon.”
“I see a major reminder is needed. Young lady, you will write ‘I must remember to reach back with my right hand before I get my bare bottom spanked’ one thousand times in your best handwriting. You will bring them to me on your way to school Monday. The usual rules for unacceptable lines are in place. Do you understand, Cindy?”
“Yes, ma’am.”
“Now, let’s deal with your defiance.”
Mrs. Kerry raised the hairbrush up to her shoulder level and brought it down with a snap of her wrist as it hit Cian’s bare bum.
It was the hardest smack with a hairbrush Cian had ever felt. He was terrified and burst into tears.
“Now you’re beginning to understand what true discipline spankings are all about.”
Mrs. Kerry repeated the smack right on top of the first one. Cian screamed and his tears immediately turned into helpless sobbing.
He didn’t know how he could possibly handle a spanking like this. He soon discovered that he had no choice.
Mrs. Kerry spanked on and on and on. Cian responded with wall shaking howls and buckets of tears. His face was a sloppy mess with dripping tears, drool and snot.
Once he exhausted himself and just laid helplessly sobbing Mrs. Kerry ended the spanking with a series of really hard smacks to his sit spots.
Mrs. Kerry held him in place as he sobbed.
“Those will make his lines quite an experience. Make sure that he sits his bare bottom directly on a nice hard wooden chair to write them.”
Mary nodded. “I will.”
“We can’t move onto the next stage until Cindy can listen to us so it’s back to the corner for this little girl.”
Mrs. Kerry stood Cian up and guided him back to the corner. She pulled up his petticoat and skirt and put his hands on them at his waist.
“Keep your nose right in the corner, keep up your skirt to show your spanked little bum and remember, no rubbing. I won’t use the corner bell this time, but if you move around too much, I will.”
Cian curtseyed and put his nose right into the corner.
Shannon came back to the table and sat down with Mary. They started to talk about upcoming events at the church. They chatted for a half hour while Cian’s crying settled down. Once he had regained his composure it was time to proceed.
“Pull up your panties and come here, Cindy.”
Cian pulled up his panties and smoothed down his petticoat and dress. He turned and curtseyed. He walked slowly until he stood in front of Mrs. Kerry.
“Yes, ma’am.”
“Now, young lady, we have something else to discuss. and it’s this. Cindy, your mommy and I both know what those wet spots are in the front of your panties.”
Cian blushed a bright red.
“We also know that you have been jerking off. Before you answer this next question remember how your mommy and I feel about little liars.”
Cian nodded. “Yes, ma’am.”
“How many times a day have you been rubbing your little peeny?”
Every time Cian felt he couldn’t be humiliated any more, Mrs. Kerry did. He could feel himself blush from the middle of his chest all the way to the top of his face. It took him a few seconds to answer and Mrs. Kerry waited patiently.
Cian hung his head and stared at the floor. “Four times, ma’am.”
His mommy gasped in disbelief. Mrs. Kerry continued her interrogation.
“Four? Really, four?”
“Yes, ma’am.”
“How did you manage to jerk off four times per day?”
Cian sniffled. “I did it in the bathroom at school during every break except yesterday. I did it in bed before I fell asleep.”
“Yes, yesterday you were not wearing panties, were you?”
“No, ma’am.
“See, Mary. I told you it would get out of control.”
“Yes you did. Shannon, but I never imagined it would be that often.”
“So do you have any reservations about the next step now?”
“Not at all. I’ll never question your advice again.”
“Thank you, Mary.”
Mrs. Kerry turned back to Cian and raised his chin with her finger so they were eye to eye.
“Do you remember when I told you that I was going shopping on Thursday?”
“Yes, Mrs. Kerry.”
“I went shopping for something special for you. I had to have it made for you because they normally don’t come in so small a size, but I have an old friend that custom made it just for you.”
“Thank you, Mrs. Kerry.”
Mrs. Kerry opened a little box on the table. She pulled out a handful of pink plastic parts and a small brass padlock. She laid the parts on the table.
“Do you have any idea what this is, Cindy?”
“No, ma’am. I’ve never seen anything like that. What is it?”
Mrs. Kerry picked up a small curved tube with a slot at the end and held it up.
“What does this look like, Cindy?”
Cian blushed.
Mrs. Kerry and his mommy both chuckled.
“I can see that you know what it looks like. It’s even exactly your size.”
“I don’t understand, Mrs. Kerry.”
“Young lady, the tube part goes on over your little peeny and the other parts go behind your little balls to hold it in place. The lock is so that you can’t take it off.”
“I still don’t get it.”
Mrs. Kerry and his mommy laughed out loud.
“No, you certainly won’t ‘get’ it.”
Cian looked confused.
“Young lady, this little device will prevent your peeny from getting an erection. If you start to get hard it will hurt. The harder you get the more it will hurt.”
“No! I won’t wear that! No way! Mommy, please don’t let her put that on me!”
“Young lady, is your bum sore?”
“Yes, but, but …”
“And why is it sore?”
Cian shuddered, “Because I was defiant and disrespectful.”
“Yes, young lady, and you just did it again. Obviously you didn’t learn your lesson the first time. Panties down, dress up and get your nose in the corner while I get the paddle.”
“Oh, please, ma’am, not again.”
“Cindy, that is a hesitation so you’ll get extra and if you don’t obey instantly you’ll get spanked again before bedtime.”
Cian burst into tears as he pulled down his panties, lifted his skirt and went to the corner. He stood crying softly with his bare red bottom on display.
“Please keep an eye on her as I get the paddle.”
“I will, Shannon. She doesn’t always learn the first time does she?”
“No, she doesn’t but by the end of the summer she will learn. I guarantee that.”
Mrs. Kerry left the room to get the paddle.
“I warned you several times, Cindy. I can see that I haven’t been strict enough with you, but that will change. You can expect at least a spanking every single time you break even the tiniest rule. So you better smarten up quickly or your little bum will be permanently sore.”
Mrs. Kerry returned with the paddle. Once again she took Cian by the ear and led him to the chair. She bent him over and put his hands on the seat of the chair. She made sure his petticoat and dress were folded up on his back to leave his bare red bottom totally exposed.
“You are to keep your hands where they are. You’re going to get thirty swats for the defiance and ten for the hesitation but if you let go with either hand even for only a second, we will start over. Do you understand?”
“Yes, ma’am.” Cian was already crying and he knew this spanking would be horrible and there was no way out.”
Mrs. Kerry lifted the paddle and partly spun her body forward as she landed it right on Cian’s sit spots. She smacked him so hard it almost lifted him off the ground.
Cian screamed in agony at the top of his lungs. He had never experienced anything like this and he had thirty-nine more to go unless he let go of the chair. He held the chair so tightly that his knuckles turned white. He was determined not to let go.
Mrs. Kerry knew she didn’t have to go that hard for the remainder of the spanking. She knew that the rest would feel as hard as the first  even if they weren’t. She didn’t want to cause any damage but she wanted Cian to learn a lesson he’d never forget.
Cian sobbed and screamed as the spanking went on. He couldn’t see anything through his tears and his world was reduced to the paddle and his flaming bum.
The paddling seemed to go on and on. At some point he even lost control and peed himself. He didn’t even notice.
Eventually Mrs. Kerry delivered the last stroke. Cian was a total mess physically and emotionally. Once he realized that the spanking was over he slumped down onto his knees and hugged the chair. He laid his head on the seat of the chair and just sobbed.
It took him quite a while to regain any semblance of composure. Eventually he started to calm down. He looked up to see mommy and Mrs. Kerry sitting at the table and talking. He wiped his eyes with the back of his hands and stood up.
“Are you okay, Cindy”
“Yes, mommy. I really really hurt but I’m okay.”
“I hope you learned your lesson this time so I don’t have to do that again, young lady.”
“I have, Mrs. Kerry. I won’t be defiant again.”
“I hope not. Now it’s time we locked up that little peeny. Ready, Cindy?”
As much as he hated the whole idea Cian answered, “Yes, ma’am. I’m ready.”
“Very well, lie down on the carpet, spread your legs and put your hands behind your head.”
Cian curtseyed, “Yes, ma’am.”
He laid down as slowly and as carefully as he could. His bum was so sore that he tried to hold it off the floor as much as he could.
“You will want to get down here too, Mary, so you can see how this goes on.”
“Good idea.”
Mrs. Kerry picked up the pieces of pink plastic and the lock and knelt down beside Cian. Mommy knelt down on the other side.
Mrs. Kerry started by putting a small ring around Cian’s little peeny and behind his balls. She slid the tube over his peeny and connected it to the ring. Finally she took the lock and threaded the hasp through the opening.
“Listen carefully, Cindy. You’ll never forget this sound and what it means for you.”
She locked the lock with a click and Cian burst into tears again. Mrs. Kerry pocketed one key and gave the other one to Mary.
“No need to cry, young lady. It won’t hurt unless you get excited by your soft, pretty little panties.”
Cian started to respond to Mrs. Kerry’s carefully chosen words.
“Ow. It hurts.”
He looked up in fear.
“Yes it does if you get excited, young lady. So you’ll just have to learn some self control. I will take it off when you have been very good, but even then you will not be allowed to touch yourself. Do you remember what I did after the baths I gave you?”
“Yes, ma’am.”
“That will be your reward for being a very very good little girl. But if you misbehave you might have that on for weeks or months except for a weekly cleaning, but a cleaning won’t be rewarding at all.”
“Yes, ma’am.”
“Now, you may get up and pull up your panties.”
“Thank you, ma’am.”
Cian rolled over onto his hands and knees and then got to his feet.
“That little device will mean you won’t have to remember to sit down to pee. Right, Cindy?”
“Yes, mommy.”
“Wait a minute, Mary. Did Cindy pee standing up this week?”
“Yes she did yesterday when she had to wear the boys’ underpants.”
“Cindy knows full well that’s against the rules. Did you punish her for that?”
“Well, no I didn’t. She thought that it was like not having to curtsey while wearing boys’ clothes.”
“Did she ask?”
“No, she didn’t.”
“Then she broke a rule and needs to be punished for it.”
“Shannon, I’m not sure her little bum can take any more.”
“Mary, her little bum can take a lot more, but that’s not the only way to punish a misbehaving little girl.”
“Cindy, kneel down and wait for me here.”
Cian curtseyed and knelt down. Mrs. Kerry left the room and returned a few minutes later with a rubber strap. It was about eighteen inches long, two inches wide and a quarter of an inch thick.
“Since you’ve been misbehaving with your hands I think it’s only fair that you get punished on your hands. Hold out your hands, palms up with one on top of the other. After every smack change which hand is on top. And, don’t you dare pull your hand back. If you do, I’ll change your punishment to another spanking and I’m sure you don’t want that, do you?”
“No, ma’am.”
Cian held out his hands with the left one supported by the right one. He quivered in fear and closed his eyes.
“Open your eyes, young lady. One of the advantages of this punishment is that you can see it happen and I can see your face as you get it.”
Cian opened his eyes. As he did Mrs. Kerry brought down the strap on his palm.
“Owwww! Owww!”
Cian changed hands.
“Oh it hurts! Oww! Please no more!”
Mrs. Kerry continued until Cian had had four on each hand. By the end Cian was sobbing again.
“That should make your lines even more interesting, young lady.”
Cian tried to soothe his hands by blowing on his palms.
“That’s not going to help much, young lady.”
Cian shook his hands in the air to try to cool them off.
“You may get up, Cindy.”
Cian got to his feet as Mrs. Kerry handed the strap to his mommy.
“Please take this one, Mary. I have several. The friend that made Cindy’s chastity device cut up a sheet of rubber for me and made several of these. You’ll find it stings very badly. It’s useful for curing laziness or anything else involving the hands. It’s also convenient if you have to punish Cindy when she’s in diapers.”
“Thank you. Now that Cindy knows I have one of these I hope she’ll do her best to behave herself and avoid it.”
“Now, speaking of diapers. I think Miss Cindy has a little chore to do before she leaves.”
Cian looked confused.
“Isn’t that cute. She doesn’t even know she peed herself during the paddling.”
Cian saw the puddle on the floor, gasped and blushed.
“Cindy, go upstairs to the hall closet and get two towels then get the bottle of dish soap and a glass of warm water from the kitchen.”
Cian curtseyed, “Yes, ma’am.”
He was back in a few minutes with the required items.
“Now clean up your mess, young lady.”
Cian curtseyed, “Yes, ma’am.” He got on his knees and used one towel to sop up the mess. He dipped the second towel in the warm water and squirted a little dish soap on the floor. He used the wet towel to scrub the floor where his puddle had been. He used the dry end of the towel to clean up the soapy water.
“Nice job, Cindy.”
“Thank you, ma’am.”
“Now put the glass and the dish soap back in the kitchen. Take the towels to the laundry room, rinse them out and hang them to dry.”
Cian curtseyed, “Yes, Mrs. Kerry” and left to do as he had been told.
“Has she ever peed herself like that before, Mary?”
“Not since she was a toddler, Shannon. She must have been in pretty severe pain.”
“I know for sure she was, but that’s not really an excuse for that kind of thing. Perhaps she needs a week in diapers and then some very strict potty training.”
“Do you really think that’s necessary, Shannon?”
“Well, it can’t happen until I have her here full time anyway, so let’s see what happens between now and then. If she has another accident including a skid mark, she’ll spend her first week with me in full time diapers.”
“That’s fair. So her fate is in her own hands.”
“Yes it is. What did you think of the hand strap?”
“It looked like it really stings. I’m surprised Cindy was able to keep her hands out for it.”
“Cindy kept her hands out because she knew without a doubt that I would spank her again if she moved them. That’s the kind of healthy fear a little pantywaist like her needs.”
“I’m beginning to really understand that, Shannon. Thank you for helping us.”
“I am very glad to help, Mary. I take a lot of pride in being able to make little sissies find out who they are.”
Cian came back into the room and curtseyed. He stood quietly and waited.
Mommy stood up.
“Thank you so much for having us over for tea, Shannon. It was lovely and I’m sorry that Cindy misbehaved and spoiled a good time.”
“You’re very welcome, Mary. I expected that Cindy would misbehave this afternoon, but I didn’t expect her to be quite so defiant. It’s clear that she has a lot to learn so a summer spent with me will really help her behave. I do not tolerate brats and today she was a brat.”
“I am very certain you can cure that, Shannon. Cindy, thank Mrs. Kerry for inviting us over for tea and for the presents she gave you and the lessons she taught you.”
Cian curtseyed, “Yes, mommy.”
“Mrs. Kerry thank you for the new strap and the pink plastic thing. Thank you for teaching me some good lessons. Thank you very much for inviting me to tea. I really liked your cookies and cakes.”
“You’re welcome, Cindy. I will teach you how to make cookies and cakes while you are here.”
“Thank you, ma’am.”
“It’s all part of your training, Cindy. Now, Mary, Cindy should be diapered and put to bed without dinner as soon as you get home. Little girls that behave as badly as she did today should be put to bed very early so they won’t cause any more trouble.”
“Good idea, Shannon. She’ll be in bed as soon as I can get her diapered at home.”
“We should be off now. I think Cindy is getting tired.”
The two women laughed.
“Yes, I can see that.”
As they went to the door Mrs. Kerry stopped and turned to Cindy.
“Don’t forget to write your lines, young lady, and write them carefully if you don’t want more trouble.”
Cian curtseyed, “Yes, Mrs. Kerry.”
She turned back to Mary, “Her sore hands and sore bum will make those lines memorable.”
“Yes, I’m sure it will be a long, miserable experience.”
When they got to the door they said their goodbyes.
As they walked to the car mommy spoke.
“Young lady, I am ashamed at your behavior. You really were a little brat today and you deserved everything you got. You’re very lucky that you don’t get a second spanking from me when I’m actually there when you get punished or believe you me, you wouldn’t be able to sit down until school ends in two weeks.”
“Yes, mommy. I’m sorry, mommy.”
“I’m sure you are.”
The trip home was spent in silence except for some sniffles from Cian. Once they got home they entered the kitchen together. Mommy turned Cindy around, lifted her dress and smacked her on the bottom of her panties with her hand.
“Get to your room this instant.”
Cian curtseyed, “Yes, mommy” and ran to his room.
Mommy followed at a slower pace and walked into the bedroom. Cian curtseyed and stood quietly.
Mommy unbuttoned his dress and quickly undressed him like a toddler moving him the way she wanted him without speaking.
Once he was naked except for his pink chastity device mommy spoke.
“That’s a very pretty pink, Cindy and I am sure it will do its job of helping you turn into a sweet little girl.”
Cian just cried softly while mommy got out the changing mat and diapers.
“Lie down and spread your legs, Cindy.”
Cian curtseyed and laid down on the mat and spread his legs. He was almost beyond embarrassment as mommy diapered him.
“Your diapers fit nicely over your cage, Cindy.”
She pinned the diapers on and pulled a pair of pink frilly plastic panties up his legs and over his diaper.
“Stand up.”
Cian got up and mommy handed him a set of pink flannel one piece footed sleepers. She helped him put them on and zipped them up in back. Cian heard a click after the zipper was up.
“Before you even ask, that was a lock, young lady. You’re in these sleepers until I let you out of them. They should do a nice job of helping your diapers and plastic panties hold the heat in. You’re going to have a very uncomfortable evening. Now get into bed.”
Cian curtseyed, “Yes, mommy” and got into bed.
Mommy tucked him in and kissed him goodnight.
“I am very angry with you, young lady, but I still love you very much.”
“I love you too, mommy and I’m sorry I was bad.”
“Thank you, Cindy. I just hoped you learned your lessons.”
“Yes, mommy.”
“Goodnight, Cindy.”
“Goodnight, mommy.”
Mommy turned out the lights and left the room. It was still light outside and Cian was in bed listening to happy children playing outside. He knew that his life as Cian was ending. He cried himself to sleep.

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