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  First day at your new school
Posted by: Ali - 05-02-2021, 03:58 PM - Forum: Female Dominant Visual Arts - Replies (8)

You've been sent to a new school, and your aunt has told you that it's an exclusive girls' school and that there is a strict uniform regime.

You protest at her insisting you wear panties, tights and a little pleated skirt, but she hauls you across her lap and gives you a sound spanking. When she stands you up, sobbing, you meekly accept how she decides to dress you.

When you get to your new school, however, you find that not only is it not an all-girls' school, but that even the girls aren't wearing skirts, and that they're allowed trousers.

You try your best to blend in and not let anyone know you're a boy in a skirt, and you think you've done well. But as you head for home, two of the mean girls, and one of their boyfriends, accost you.

"Where do you think you're going, sissy boy?" asks one of the bullies.

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  Humiliated in front of my sister's friends.
Posted by: Ali - 05-02-2021, 03:43 PM - Forum: Adult and Sissy Baby Art - Replies (1)

It wasn't uncommon for me to be put back into nappies, and be dressed as a baby girl when I was younger. And it was almost unbearably humiliating.

First there'd be my nappy, after a liberal coating of baby lotion on my bottom. Then there'd be the plastic panties, and often tights too. After that it might be a little baby dress, or perhaps a t-shirt and skirt.

That was humiliating enough. But sometimes it was even worse. Sometimes it'd happen before my little sister got home from school, and sometimes she'd bring a couple of her friends home too, and then they'd see me. They'd laugh at a boy being dressed in girls' clothes, but then my sister would say something like "wait until you see what he's wearing under his dress (or skirt)".

The first time she said this I flatly refused to show the girls what I had on under my dress, but Lucy told me that if I didn't show them she would tell our mother that I'd sworn at them, and then I'd get a mouth-soaping and a bare-bottom spanking. I felt so ashamed having these kind of punishments discussed in front of Lucy's friends, and had no choice but to meekly comply.

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  Wrong to get squirmy about chastity
Posted by: sissy_emily - 05-01-2021, 11:12 PM - Forum: Male Chastity - Replies (3)

Wrong to get squirmy about chastity

Is it wrong to get extremely turned on and squirmy by the thought of Mistress being so lovely and sexy but being kept locked up by Her ?

I often feel guilty, like maybe i shouldnt get  excited and just concentrate on my housework

Also as an um 'straight' sissy. Is it wrong to get turned on by the thought of fluffing or giving a BJ to Mistresses boyfriends and swallowing obediently ? 


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  Childhood memories of pettiocating
Posted by: Ali - 05-01-2021, 09:45 PM - Forum: Petticoating and Feminization - Replies (2)

Tell us your childhood memories of being made to dress as a girl, in just one line. I’ll go first:

The feeling of vulnerability, wearing a skirt or dress and knowing how easy it is for my knickers to be exposed, whether by accident or for a spanking.

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  One line childhood memories
Posted by: Ali - 05-01-2021, 06:28 PM - Forum: Age Regression and Dummy Discipline - Replies (6)

Tell us a childhood memory in just one line. I’ll go first:

Nappies sticking to my bottom as I walked because of so much cream being applied.

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  Ashley's Story
Posted by: Robin77 - 05-01-2021, 12:27 AM - Forum: Petticoating and Feminization - Replies (5)

Ashley here. Sissy, 36. Married to a v strict Domina, 42. Teen twins. FLS Girl and boy.
 I'm a Nurse at the local Sissy & Applicant Clinic.

 Nursing College had mostly female students. Only voluptuous ultra-feminine Sissies selected. Like me.
 I didn't start that way. I was an ordinary boy. Until puberty at 12.
 When I became "At Risk".
 I Masturbated constantly. Didn't Bathe. Disobedient, Impolite, Wild, promiscuous (both genders). Used drugs.

 Mother took me to an Adolescent Guidance Counselor. Who referred us to a Sissy Doctor.
 The latter (a gorgeous woman) stripped me, and whistled at my large rampant erection. Which she stroked.

 She promised more if I submitted to a few Injections. I did. And was rewarded.
 The process continued weekly for an entire year.

 I remained 5'6". Depilated nose-to-toes. Developed into a Pear-Shaped Sissy. 
 Big Titties. Fabulously fat Fannychubs. Gurlish feelings. Remarkably pretty face.
 I welcomed my new Sissy Attire & heels.

 Mother and my aunts began wearing black 5" strappies.
 She hired Hanna, a statuesque Austrian Nanny for me.

 I tiptoed naked to them for screaming spankings and blissfully copious Cums.
 Hanna and I honeymooned in Aruba.

¬† ¬† ¬†¬†    

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  Including Mother in Law
Posted by: SissysWife - 04-29-2021, 07:31 PM - Forum: Female-Led Relationships - Replies (12)

Shortly after i married my sissy I could see that it would be essential and beneficial for my mom to see and know what I was doing to my sweet hubby.  She lives nearby and was constantly stopping by unannounced causing instances of panic and scrambling as my sissified hubby had to run and hide and change while i answered the door.  Even tho i promised sissy i would not reveal him to others i knew it was the right thing.  So i met with her privately and carefully explained what i was doing  and why and that i wanted her to know and see so that she would be welcome to stop by anytime and not be causing such turmoil.   She did not believe me at first, thought i was joking and pranking her.  So i said fine come over friday at 6 sharp and come to the back door and i would introduce her to her new daughter in law.  I then set it up with sissy that i wanted cocktails at 6:30 and dinner at 7.  i had him dress in a nice floral fifties style dress with petticoats and stockings and low heels..  Wanted him to look his best as i had a surprise for him...  

It is a decision i do not regret.  It was traumatic for him but it needed done and mom likes him way better now than before.. She is now a big advocate of his

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Wink Chastity
Posted by: Elsie - 04-28-2021, 09:34 AM - Forum: Male Chastity - Replies (17)

Finally got my husband in a chastity that works. He is in a holy trainer. Take it off daily for a clean, his hands tied behind his back. I got the suggestion for tying his hands from here. It's only been 5 days but I am excited about it. It's fair to say he is excited aswell although for different reasons  Tongue

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  Sue, update on my sons petticoating
Posted by: Sue - 04-27-2021, 10:52 PM - Forum: Petticoating and Feminization - Replies (9)

Hi everyone,
It's been a bit over 9 months since I started petticoating my son chris who is now 15, along with help from my 10yo daughter, my sister and her 2 daughters.
Chris is now dressed 24-7 in diapers and baby dresses, he's got quite a collection of dresses from "binkies n bows" an online shop that makes adorable adult baby dresses.
For the first few months he was still wearing his boys uniform to school, but after covid and the lockdowns hit there school was temporarily closed, so I decided to start homeschooling him. That was around 6 months ago, and was the last time chris wore anything made for a boy or for someone his age.

I live in a small town and reactions have been mixed, there are always the people with negative comments (usually men) but most people just laugh. I take chris with me everywhere I go so by now everyone knows I dress my teenage son as a baby girl. I've kept his hair short so there's no mistaking him for a real girl.
He still hates his new life as a baby girl, and used to beg me to let him go back to being a regular boy, but I think he's starting to accept that won't be happening any time soon.

Regards, Sue

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  Wearing panties who knows ?
Posted by: Pantywaist husband - 04-27-2021, 03:12 PM - Forum: Petticoating and Feminization - Replies (11)

As a pantywaist husband I would assume every member wears nice feminine panties. Does anyone else know that you wear panties? If yes who and what is yours and their reaction? Mommy's girlfriends know I wear panties and that I am a sissy. It is extremely humiliating. However I love wearing panties and feeling feminine with my shaved legs and bottom. I do not enjoy when we have mommy friends over and the humiliation I have been put through.

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