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  My Avatar
Posted by: Silken Taffeta Lover - 02-24-2021, 01:11 AM - Forum: Petticoating and Feminization - Replies (5)

[Image: Ex-x-VH5l-Qt-U-1.jpg]

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  12 Days of Christmas Day 8
Posted by: Bonzodoug - 02-23-2021, 12:52 PM - Forum: Female Dominant Fiction - Replies (2)

Day 8

Again when he awoke, he had no real recollection of going to bed. He was on the floor in the spare room. 

The pretty girl must have put him to bed. His headphones were still on, and the podcast still going. He must have been listening all night. 

He knew that after yesterday it was very, very important to get back on track. She wouldn’t be pleased with his embarrassing behaviour, and he felt ashamed of his stupid, childish antics. Ignoring what she wanted! Trying to go outside on his own! Venturing out without his vitamins and plug! What was he thinking of?

He noticed that it was nearly midday. He must have been listening to podcasts all morning as well. At least he had caught up from missing yesterday. 

His morning routine was so much longer now that he was no longer a 'man', he thought to himself. Doing everything necessary to be right for her. Because she doesn’t want me to be a man. She doesn’t  like men, the thought popped into his head. 

This thought continued to echo as he removed his plug, inserted his morning vitamin and replaced the plug, covered himself with depilatory cream, showered, applied his defect reduction cream and dressed in today’s new panties. 

Feeling much better, secure, and knowing that he was pleasing her, he thought about his behaviour yesterday. It seemed like a nightmare. He remembered his list. Oh!! His list! Yes that’s what he must do. It was important to follow the list. 

He went to the fridge. With relief he looked at the list that he had written, that he knew was very important. In his writing in pink ink he saw it blutacked to the fridge door. 

I am a Sissy!
Podcast twice a day
Vitamins twice a day
Plug in
Face panties on
Panties on
GWorld every day
Permanent PE diet
Present every day

I’m not a man, I’m a sissy!!!

Of course, he thought to himself. I’m not a man, that’s what’s so important to remember. I’m a sissy. That’s what she wants. That’s what I am. 

He went to her panty stash, and put a pair over his face, immediately feeling the excitement that came from her scent and the knowledge that she owned him. 

He ticked off the list, remembering that he had two presents to open today. 

He went to the chest, licking the nubbin on Box 7 for the requisite 7 seconds, thinking about how he wished it was the top of her legs. Inside was a collar. Pink leather, with a soft lining. There was a silver plaque with the inscription ‚Äėsissy property of She' with her mobile number. Eagerly he put it around his neck. Yes! He was a sissy. Her property.¬†

He repeated the routine on Box 8. Eight seconds seemed to be a long time to be licking between the legs of a wooden carving, but he didn’t mind. Such a clever device. It must have been thought of by a Woman. 

Inside the box for the eighth present was a packet containing something very pink and frilly. The label on the front was stuck over another label. The one on top said 'Prettifier - Rid yourself of masculine ugliness. Prettify your genetic male defect.'

He carefully peeled off the top label, to reveal the second. This read 'girls frilly socks'. Confused, he tried to put the socks on his feet, but they were much too small. 
Putting them to one side, he had the thought that he needed to watch GWorld, even though it was too early for the usual sports programme. 

Helping himself to a PE diet salad from the fridge, he tucked himself up on the rug on the floor. The size 3 plug still felt enormous inside him, but he kept feeling waves of safety and comfort. 

The program on GWorld was a soap opera called 'Cinders' about a family of Women. There were very few males, all of whom were treated as jokes or disgusting in some way. 

The two lead Women were married to each other, and they had three children from previous marriages, one had a boy, the other two girls. One of the ex husbands (father of the two girls) is living in the household as a maid, while the other also lives in the house in the attic but is never seen.  He suffers from some unspecified health issue, and is looked after by a rather terrifying nurse, who sometimes appears. 

The boy, who is known as Cinders, is constantly tormented by his step sisters, who are always backed up by both mothers. While the girls are very athletic and strong, the boy is weak and treated as a complete sissy by everyone, particularly by the younger sister, who regards him with arrogant disdain. 

In the episode he watches, the Women are talking about male genitalia, and how unpleasant they are. One of the daughters calls Cinders over to the table and insists that he shows them his 'male genetic defect'.  The sissy, who is wearing a little girls dress and stockings, shyly goes to the table, curtseys. Then lifts the front of his dress. The younger sister opens a packet and pulls out a frilly baby girls sock, with which she covers his defect, tying the little laces around the base. The ladies all laugh, while his stepmother curls a disdainful eyebrow until the sissy curtseys again and thanks his younger sister. 

As everyone on the tv laughs and teases the poor sissy, he suddenly realises what he is supposed to do with that morning's present. 

Luckily he has just put on his 'defect prettifier' when the door opens, and the pretty girl from the clinic walks in with her bag and table. Instinctively, he curtseys to her. She smiles and inspects his new present, commenting that it’s so much prettier.

The afternoon passes pleasantly enough. She massages him, inspects his number 3 plug approvingly and carries out her routine of stimulating him up to but not over the brink, and finishes up by once again riding his face. 

After the massage session, they sit companionably, her on the sofa, him on the floor, watching GTV. While watching 'What Women Really Want' the pretty girl comments that in real life the severe facesitting Woman is a psychologist, and very high up in GWorld. Watching the program makes the pretty girl excited again, so she pulls his face between her legs to use his tongue. 

While this is happening, her mobile rings, and although his ears are muffled by her tightly clamped thighs, he hears fragments of her conversation, which he thinks may be with with his bride. 

Later, after the pretty girl had gone, he decided to sit and think about what was going on. He had enjoyed the afternoon, but he decided to do a bit of housecleaning. The large butt plug inside him, the softness of the 'prettifier', the lingering scent of the girl on his face and the the memory of her playing with his 'defect' made him feel very aroused.

Feeling very naughty, he went into her room, 'our room', he corrected himself, and lay on the bed. It was well over a week since he had had an orgasm, and he started to stroke his front. 
Every time he thought that she would not approve, he steeled himself with the resentment that, once again, she had not spoken to him.  

When she got home, he would speak to her about all this. He would demand that she stop all this nonsense and let him have sex with her. 

But every time he tried to think about this, he found his mind turned to other things. He tried to think of putting himself in between her legs, but his mind kept substituting his face, his tongue where his defect should be. He also kept flashing back to the pretty girl playing with his nipples and pushing in the large plug, and to the Severe Facesitting Woman, so powerful and commanding, with her two dancing girls. 

With these images pounding in his head, he came, thunderously, his semen squirting through the frilly sock and pooling on his belly and reaching his neck. 

His rebellious feelings did not fade. He fought down the guilt, and contented himself with the feeling that he had reasserted his masculinity. Emboldened, he resolved not to listen to the tape or take his suppository, and to sleep in his, HIS, bed. 

The fear struck him that he would leak, but he cleverly realised that if he wore the smallest plug, that it wouldn’t be a problem. 
In the shower, he made the switch, taking the size 3 plug out with difficulty, and inserting the size 1. 

‚ÄėThat‚Äôll show them' he thought. Then again the fear of leakage persisted, and in truth the smallest plug didn‚Äôt feel particularly reassuring. 'Maybe the 2' he thought.¬†

He tucked himself up in bed and within seconds was asleep. ‚ÄėI‚Äôll sort all this mess out in the morning', he thought.¬†

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  Getting more of what you want .
Posted by: Bill - 02-23-2021, 11:16 AM - Forum: News & Musings - Replies (2)

Some people have asked me why so few posts on certain things are on the forum .
It's simple . The people who post the things you like aren't aware that you like the posts . In order to to get more posts you will have to click on the thumbs up at the bottom left hand side of the post and award a merit . You don't have to say anything which means that even lurkers can get what they want . That way the posters know that they are on the right track and will feel more at ease sharing these things with you all . SO RATE THE POSTS YOU LIKE TO GET MORE !

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  Sissy School I
Posted by: Robin77 - 02-23-2021, 06:31 AM - Forum: Petticoating and Feminization - Replies (5)

We slept in dormitories. Barefoot naked. Two Sissies together.
 Madchenmacher Academy has students of all nationalities.

 One of my favorite bedmates was a bi-racial beauty from the Middle East.
 Ancient Arab apothegm: "Women are for Progeny; Sissies are for Pleasure".

 Tall thick local girls in miniskirts & heel sandals did our Morning T&Ts.
 Which included terrific Morning Spankings after poops.

 We wore v short halter dresses, pink 5" strappies w/detachable toe straps. Never bras or panties.
 Men knelt and detached the straps. Avidly sucked our cute chubby toes, licked our Anal Crevices. 
 Desperately hoping for sexual favors. Some got lucky.

 We loved being Sissies.


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  House Chores Punishment, for Marcus
Posted by: v-villanueva - 02-23-2021, 05:06 AM - Forum: Petticoat Discipline Quarterly Letters, Stories & Art - Replies (16)

Hello all! 

I hope we all have been keeping safe and staying healthy. I have been out of touch some and wanted to update on a fun event that’s happened recently.

Marcus has done a good job behaving and staying out of his ‚Äúpunishment outfit‚ÄĚ for the most part. That is¬†until 3 days ago when I caught him slipping up and saying a derogatory remark about 2 of his female college professors. He was speaking on the phone about them and I assume he didn‚Äôt know I was eavesdropping on his conversation.

When I approached him about what I heard he looked like a deer in headlights and was stammering quite a bit. ¬†I knew he was shocked that I had heard him call one of women an¬†‚Äúold bag‚ÄĚ and the other he referred to as a ‚Äúhot bimbo‚ÄĚ. ¬†Naturally, this did make me irritated to hear¬†him talk this way and when I asked what we should do about it he froze, naturally.

I left him in his room to think it over and when I came back in I demanded his cell phone and his car keys. He knew what was to be expected at this point and rapidly began suggesting different styles of punishment like washing the cars, running my errands, tending to the flower bed, etc. It would be nice to have someone help me with those things but I did have a more fun for me and embarrassing for him form of punishment. 

I brought in his bag of of girly undies that he had purchased months ago and has really only worn once.  I told him to pick a new pair and put them on and to also leave only the current shirt he had on which was a white in color. I then handed him a pair of female crew socks to put on instead of the black ankle style socks he currently wore. These crew socks had pink lines across the toe area and across the top of them. Very cute. I ordered him to march to the family room once he was dressed and after some protests by him I just left his room with him pleading away. 

After about 10 minutes (yes, it took him 10 min to pick a pair of undies to wear!), he finally stumbled outside his room. He chose a pretty plain light purple bikini style panty to wear. With this white T-shirt and white/pink ladies socks he did look quite the sight, I must say!  His poor boy shirt was unfortunately for him, pretty short and just reached to his hip area which meant his purple panties were quite visible no matter what he did to hide them. It was quite funny to witness.

He walked timidly to me and I told him to pay attention to what his punishment was. 

First, he was to write an email to both female professors he talked so rude about and was to volunteer himself for student mentoring and tutoring for their respective courses. Which meant he was going to spend much longer in those classes than his usual time. It would make him appreciate her more and force him to socialize with each professor even after hours. He was not very happy about having to stay at his university longer than what he was use to for the whole semester.  The Professors replied to him that same day, both saying they would be delighted to have him volunteer to tutor other students and help her out with other course duties.

Second, was my punishment for him. 
I instructed him to clean our garage from top to bottom, all while in his cute attire. I had him mop, re-organize shelves, move furniture, and vacuum both our cars. This took him a over an hour to complete. He moved quite slowly which I understand why, I had opened the garage door so anyone who drove or walked by would out of instinct, look inside the garage and see him working away. If they really paid attention they would notice his attire.  I understand to the male psyche having your underwear unintentionally exposed is quite uncomfortable but when it’s female panties he is wearing it must be very embarrassing for my point that day. He was very timid and shy the whole time. Another successful punishment executed. 

Take care!

-Val  [Image: heart.png]

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  Probably not news to many, but eBay!
Posted by: Cindy - 02-22-2021, 07:07 PM - Forum: Sissy Sources - Replies (10)

I have been looking for what I'd consider little girl panties in women's sizes for some time. I found things that were close at some of the specialized sissy websites at astronomical prices and still not exactly what I wanted.

For some reason I tried eBay and found exactly what I wanted and the prices are great. The two cotton ones are less than $4.00 USD each and the nylon ones are $13.00. I was amazed at the huge selection they have. I don't know about other items, but these are like finding gold to me.

Good shopping!


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Posted by: Silken Taffeta Lover - 02-22-2021, 12:35 PM - Forum: Petticoating and Feminization - Replies (3)

Just been cruising the internet where I found some very interesting portraits of girls like the one below. That could have been me when I was her age. I very much like the frocks, as well as those girls with ribbons in their hair. 

Highlight the link below and then copy the address and paste it into your browser.


[Image: 1530674-orig.jpg]

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  Some sissy art i found interesting .
Posted by: Bill - 02-22-2021, 09:12 AM - Forum: Petticoat Discipline Quarterly Letters, Stories & Art - Replies (9)

I was looking at these drawings by Prissy and it reminded me of how mincing while holding a lacy hanky was such a sissy way . Maybe my lace hanky fetish wasn't so strange after all .

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
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Posted by: nickisissy - 02-22-2021, 04:14 AM - Forum: New Member Introductions - Replies (7)

Tongue Hi im sissynicki after visiting as a guest many times im happy to join as a member

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  Lockdown realisations
Posted by: afp - 02-21-2021, 06:10 PM - Forum: Petticoating and Feminization - Replies (5)

Young man accidentally ends up starting COVID19lockdown with Aunty, girl cousins and friend. Nicely written chapter 1 showing his humiliation of flashbacks when younger times dressed by them and now, due to circumstances fortune or unfortunate, is again.

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