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  Sissy Pippa gets found out
Posted by: sissyplasticknickers - 1 hour ago - Forum: Female Dominant Fiction - No Replies

The minute I turned the key in the front door I knew something was different. The feeling in my gut was proved right when I walked into the living room to see my collection of plastic panties, nappies, pvc rompers, and all manner of girly clothes arranged on the dining table rather than in my hiding place. Alongside them was a note in my girlfriends handwriting which simply said "you've got some explaining to do" I panicked immediately and ran into the bedroom, where horror of horrors, my laptop was open and several of my favourite pages were open including lots of pictures I had taken of myself posing in my sissy finery, and also my birchplace profile with all the messages I'd sent to various dominant males and daddies. Shit. She knew everything.

I immediately phoned her mobile number. It rang a few times before she picked up and when she answered I could hear laughter in the background.
"Hello, 'Sissy Pippa', Whos been a naughty little pervert then?"
"Please, Anna. I can explain. Please don't tell anyone"
"Too late for that you little poof. I'm with Emma and Jane in the kings arms, we're just looking at all your pretty pictures and reading all your messages to "Uncle Roger." Steve and Pete have just come in, I'm sure they'll be interested too. I'll be home in a few hours and we can discuss what I'm going to do with you then"
My life was ruined. She was in my local pub with her mates and my workmates, soon everybody would know my secret. I sat on the sofa won dering what on earth was going to happen to me.
Half an hour later my phone started pinging with notifications, "284 people liked a photo you are tagged in "
I clicked on my Facebook profile to see to my horror that Anna had put a picture of me up on her Facebook. I was wearing a blonde wig, slutty makeup, a very short pink pvc maids dress, stockings, heels, and a clearly visible bulky nappy covered with my frilliest pink plastic baby panties. With the caption "so this is what my boyfriend does when I'm out. Don't you dare un tag yourself you little pervert"
Life would never be the same again.

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  Is this the place?
Posted by: SissyNicole117 - 5 hours ago - Forum: Seeking Sissies or Superiors: Real Life Behavior Modification - No Replies

If you have read my introduction then you know my story. I was born a sissy and I’m looking for a female mistress to serve. Pm me or contact me here for more.

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  McDonalds TV advert
Posted by: Sissy Leslie - 9 hours ago - Forum: News & Musings - No Replies

Hi everyone.

Has anybody seen the McDonalds TV advert which is part of their "Do you like getting your moneys worth?" campaign.  In this particular advert, a man and woman are seen getting into a small car. After closing the doors, they turn around to enquire if their passengers in the back seats are okay.

The camera reveals the passengers to be a young male and female in school uniform. They are both strapping themselves into adult-sized children's car seats. Sadly, the advert is very quick. I am not sure if that the 'children' in the back seats (the son and daughter) are in their late teens or in their twenties.  The point of the advert is that they are having to use adult-sized child car seats, and they are both unhappy about it. (I think that I would be humiliated if I had to use an adult-sized  child's car seat, wouldn't you?).   Smile

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  Christmas Wishbook
Posted by: Little Lassie - Yesterday, 09:07 AM - Forum: Female Dominant Visual Arts - Replies (1)

Some suggestions for Christmas shopping.

A boy can never have enough pretty knickers.

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  Hello Ladies!
Posted by: Little Lassie - Yesterday, 08:25 AM - Forum: New Member Introductions - No Replies

After some time window-shopping I decided to enter this boutique of feminine frills.

I'm interested in maternal discipline for boys through the means of petticoating and behaviour modification of wayward male youngsters and adolescents by forced feminization.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

with hugs and kisses,

Little Lassie

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  On being a sissy.
Posted by: Ali - 11-18-2018, 11:40 PM - Forum: Petticoating and Feminization - Replies (3)

A friend of mine recently asked me what it's like being a sissy, and whether I considered myself to be a sissy.

I do consider myself a sissy. But, of course, it isn’t as simple as that.

I grew up in an environment where I was regularly punished by being made to wear my little sister’s clothes, including her underwear. The first time it happened I was six years old, and told to go and ask to borrow a pair of my little sister’s knickers to put on for a spanking. I then had to bend over my mother’s lap, wearing knickers, and receive a spanking. It was utterly humiliating.

From then on I was made to wear her clothes, and, when she protested about me wearing her clothes, I was bought my own. My sister is two years younger than me, so it wasn’t just being made to wear girls’ clothes, but clothes that were two years too young for me. From there it lead to being dressed younger and younger until I was dressed as a baby, in nappies.

By the time I was going through puberty I was regularly dressed as a little girl or a baby. The first time I had a ‘wet dream’ was in a nappy. I think this had a big influence on me.

But as I had to wear girls’ clothes more and more, my mother started to let me wear clothes more appropriate for my age.

And then I started to find them more and more comfortable. When she gave me the choice of wearing little girls’ clothes, or wearing girls’ clothes more appropriate for my age, I chose the more age appropriate ones. And enjoyed wearing them more and more.

I had this strange dynamic of feeling humiliated about being dressed in clothes too young for me – short dresses or skirts, frilly underwear, sometimes baby clothes – but quite enjoying wearing girls’ clothes that were appropriate for my age.

From quite an early age I had a different view of wearing sissy clothes to wearing girls’ clothes. To me, ‘sissy’ clothes were clothes that were humiliating, not the sort of clothes someone of my age would normally wear. And because my sissy clothes often involved being put to bed in them, I came to associate them with the kind of things most teenage boys experience in bed. Whereas wearing girls’ clothes was just something that I found more comfortable.

So, now I'm 33 I regularly wear women’s clothes. I don’t go to work dressed, but I have no male underwear, and I dress in women’s clothes most of the time I'm not at work. I just feel more comfortable that way. Pretty much all of my friends know me as a cross-dresser.

My sissy side comes out in private. Most people accept me dressed as a woman. Only a few of them know that I'm also a sissy. To me humiliation is quite a thrill (not always sexual). To me the difference between being a cross dresser and a sissy is that as a cross dresser I wear what a woman would typically wear, but as a sissy I wear what most women either wouldn’t (like baby clothes or little girls’ clothes), or would only wear in private with someone they totally trust (like a schoolgirl or maid’s uniform).

I guess it’s like any ‘kink’ – close friends might know, but not everyone.

Over the years I've been lucky enough to have a few friends who also enjoy that kind of ‘kink’. I have a friend who visits me about once a month who likes me to dress as a schoolgirl. He enjoys spanking and caning me, and I enjoy him doing it. It’s exquisitely humiliating.

I have another couple of friends who are lesbians, and enjoy me dressing as their maid. There’s nothing at all sexual between us. I feel humiliated wearing my little maid’s uniform and serving them (which I love), and they carry on as if it’s quite normal to have a maid bringing them drinks and cooking for them.

I have another friend who enjoys dressing me and treating me like her baby. It’s incredibly humiliating, and so I love it.

One of the things with the Petticoated forum is that it’s an anonymous place to enjoy ones fantasies. I love sharing my experiences, and sometimes exaggerating them a little bit when I write my stories.

I can see on the forum that there are quite varying levels of actual experience of being a sissy. Some are clearly entirely fictional, some are obviously real. It’s all fine. It’s a chance for fantasies and escapism. If I can share some of my own actual experiences and it encourages some other people, or even if they just enjoy reading about them, then that’s all good.

As long as what we enjoy doesn’t hurt anyone else then what’s the harm?

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  Hiya everyone :)
Posted by: sissyplasticknickers - 11-18-2018, 09:02 PM - Forum: New Member Introductions - Replies (3)

    Hi all, thanks for accepting me :Smileve lurked here for a while and finally thought i would join and hopefully be able to add to the discussion on this lovely forum xx

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  Non-Binary Gender Expression
Posted by: GinaV - 11-18-2018, 03:20 PM - Forum: News & Musings - No Replies

Here's a link to an article in NYT.


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Posted by: Bonzodoug - 11-17-2018, 08:52 AM - Forum: Female-Led Relationships - Replies (4)

Here is an article which I found on the web, which I modified a bit (if you wrote the original and object, let me know and I will take it down). Hope you enjoy...

Queening is the use of the male face for sexual intercourse and masturbation, by the dominant woman.

It places the man in the most slavish, subservient position, under the woman's buttocks and crotch. 

She sits on his face, or has his head trapped between her thighs.

The whole event is devoted to her pleasure, her orgasms, and her time schedule. The man's pleasure or pain, satisfaction or frustration, desires or fears are of little importance, if any. The woman's clitoris, vulva, labia and vagina demand service. 

This thrilling, delicious sexual practice has an ancient history. Ladies of medieval households often had pages, whose sole job was to provide them with service under their skirts while their husband were absent, thus remaining technically faithful. Many a young boy had his first lessons in sex with his head under Madame's backside, with her quim vigorously riding his face. Many young girls, still virgins, enjoyed orgasms on a male servant's mouth as their earliest sexual experiences. In ancient Chinese courts one long tongued, trained male slave was used by female royalty and court ladies as casually as if they were going to the lavatory. The slave would be summoned, used, then casually dismissed. In old Japan, brothels would provide male servers for such use by paying women and girls. 

Mouth and tongue sexual service to the female genitals is cunnilingus. Queening properly places the woman on top of the male face, using it selfishly. The lady commands, the man obeys. Having the male slave erect, frustrated and unsatisfied adds to the sadistic pleasures enjoyed by the woman. In ancient Persia, cleverly constructed chairs were known as face stools with the male face replacing the seat centre. Ladies could lift their skirts, sit down, cover over with their skirts, and with gentle rhythmic, firm hip and buttock movements enjoy private little orgasms even when others were present. Old Indian pornographic graffiti depicts scenes like that, with gowned girls in ecstasy, riding a male face while conversing with her girl friends, reading or listening to music.

In more recent, Western times governesses and nannies have been recorded as training their young male charges just how to properly serve a lady and meet her sexual needs. Many a properly trained Georgian or Victorian boy knew intimately the underside of Madame's skirts and felt the vice-like grip of her gartered thighs round his head, or the struggle for breath under the pressure of a soft but commanding ladies' derriere. 

Masquerading as a punishment and usually followed or preceded by a spanking, the queening would take place in conditions of discipline and severity. The curt command, the superior, unsmiling demand would be followed by a rustling lifting of black, voluminous skirts, the stripping off of Madame's panties and the descent of her buttocks and crotch onto the boy's face. 

Heaven help him if Madame did not orgasm satisfactorily. Further punishment would follow. 

Even down in the servant's quarters, the youngest male servant would find his head trapped under housemaids' skirts. Cruelty seems to be part and parcel of queening procedures.

'Queening' by definition, requires a dominant, demanding woman and a subservient, obedient male. The woman is concerned only with her personal pleasure and satisfaction. 

His mouth, lips, tongue and nose are merely live tools there to pleasure her labia, clitoris, vulva and vaginal passage. He must be trained, if necessary by painful punishment, in the proper use of his facial features. 

She must gain the maximum delight and orgasmic satisfaction, with her victim's possible distress, humiliation and discomfort adding mental piquancy to her physical enjoyment.

The choice of type of slave is up to her. She may wish to have a wimpish male under her control. She may find more delight in subduing a macho strong male. She may have a subjugated husband to humiliate, taunt and sit on. She may have developed her talents as a schoolgirl, together with her girlfriends, taking the a chosen victim into the girls' dorm and taking turns in squatting on his face. She may have gained experience by dominating a younger brother, riding his face selfishly while their parents were asleep or away from home.

Queening provides pleasant, full, vaginal and anal orgasms. Modern science has found that the majority of women prefer oral to penetrative sex, and with improved information from the internet, this is becoming widely known. With female empowerment on the increase, more and more women are refusing to allow penetrative sex before marriage, using traditional excuses, while conditioning the male to understand that his orgasm, by his lady's hand, will only occur if her needs are thoroughly met by sustained oral service. Indeed, an increasing number of marriages now occur where the male is never allowed to penetrate his superior spouse, and learns to accept that his orgasms will be rare, while hers are plentiful. 

Most talented queening ladies are adept at this seduction and conditioning process. The combination of age old seductive techniques combined with teasing and judicious humiliation before and after enforced cunnilingus enforces her role as the leader in sexual, and ultimately all other matters. 

To add a special thrill to her pleasure, she makes him afraid of her. He must be in awe of her. He must adore her. He must give her respect, and recognise her superiority. He must worship her genitals. She is his goddess, her pleasure his fate, his destiny. His life is less important than a single orgasm enjoyed by her. Riding the male face requires careful, skilful experience, as much as is required in learning to ride a horse. The hip and buttocks movements are the key to success. The careful placing of the vagina on the mouth or nose is, of course, essential, and might require some wriggling adjustment until the male's service parts are properly positioned. 

It may be that the lady wishes to have his nose against her anal rose while his mouth serves her quim. At the moment of orgasm she must not care in the least if he suffocates, or chokes. After satisfaction she can relax, still sitting on his face and enjoy a cigarette or a glass of wine. When she dismounts she will casually ignore the slave, dismissing him abruptly, sending him off to continue his housework, followed by taunts and insults. This will encourage him to perform better the next time. Even if she has derived pleasure, it is important that he believes that this is from her domination of him, not from his actions. 

As his sexual dependency deepens to obsession, there is no better way to tighten the female control than by exposure to other females. Under the guise of training, female friends should be encouraged to enjoy the queening available from the male. Former girlfriends, relatives, work colleagues all can experience the ultimate pleasure of combining sexual fulfilment with empowerment. This has two significant impacts. The other ladies will take their experience back into their own lives, demanding such service from their own partners, creating a positive feedback loop in society, where more and more women will start to exert their power and take control.  For the male, his subservient position is constantly emphasised. His worldview shrinks until he accepts his subservient role. 

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  Dark closet punishment
Posted by: Angelsissy - 11-16-2018, 07:42 AM - Forum: Age Regression and Dummy Discipline - Replies (1)

Dear sissies and their guardians

Could you share your thoughts and experiences on locking a sissy in a dark closet as punishment. Is the sissy spanked before being put in the closet and for how long will the sissy stay there? How is the sissy dressed for this and are restraints in use? And is the sissy expected to stay dry in the closet or will it have a nappy and plastic protection or perhaps be left with a potty to use?

Angel  Huh

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