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  Helping with enquires
Posted by: minisissyboy - 7 hours ago - Forum: Female Dominant Visual Arts - Replies (1)

I am afraid you will have to remain undercover young man.  Cartoon courtesy of Daphne's secret garden.  One boy I would be fine with emulating.

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  My name is Brenda. I used Feminine Ramadam to cure my Fear.
Posted by: Brenda - 05-26-2017, 11:19 PM - Forum: New Member Introductions - No Replies

I've been posting for a while, but hadn't posted in this Introductory section before, for some reason.

I have been reading PDQ regularly for years.

I have been cross-dressing on and off since my early twenties. I am now thirty-seven. Three years ago I had the revelation that I was only really happy and content with my self and my identity when I am wearing feminine womenswear. I have not yet had the good fortune to meet a good woman who will petticoat me and make me her wife. Therefore I had to feminise myself. But I did have support.

I told my revelation to my closest friend, an amazing woman. She has been so encouraging and supportive ever since. We've been shopping many times, and when she asked me to make a large art work for her home, I asked her to pay me back with new heels and handbags. It's true. I wish I were her wife, but she is an esteemed professional composer, married to her music. I do not know if without her support and encouragement - simple things like responding to a selfie of me saying "You look really pretty in that dress! Have a great day out!" - I would not have been able to accelerate my feminisation and reach a very happy stage in my life.

I am happy because I can confidently wear proper attire, feminine womenswear, all the time, except  when I am at work. (Unfortunately my work place has a uniform of trousers and polo shirt for everyone.) To get to this happy point in my life, I had to overcome the fear of being seen in public, wearing the proper attire that men should wear - heels or ballet flats, shaved legs sometimes with white tights, a cute dress and a handbag. To overcome this fear I undertook a process which I called Feminine Ramadan. 

Many of my all male colleagues are Muslims. Last year, at the same time they were fasting during daylight hours, I was undertaking my own feminine spiritual experience. After finishing work I would get changed into a feminine outfit in the bathroom. I would then put my trousers and polo shirt on over this. I then went to a secluded alleyway some minutes walk away from work. I would whip off my trousers and polo shirt and work shoes, revealing my true feminine self. I put my rolled up stupid male work clothes and shoes into my large handbag, put on some flats or heels and then made my way home by foot or on public transport. It was great to be seen as my true sissy self! Sure I got stares, but you quickly get used to that. Like real women do. 

After the actual Ramadan finished, I continued my own Feminine Ramadan for many months after, until winter truly set in. I had accomplished my goal, and overcame the fear of being seen in public wearing the proper feminine attire that all men should actually wear. Men know this in their hearts. They hate having to see and deal with someone exhibiting the true male nature of submission to the feminine in all things. Currently I am focusing on painting in my spare time, and do not go out regularly, but whenever there is a concert or event to attend, I seldom do not wear a dress, or if I'm not in the mood for a dress, then a cutesy top and skirt. Always with heels of some kind, of course.

I sit here typing this letter wearing my favourite pink dress with black collar, black slip with bows and built in brassiere, black panties and black two inch heels. I'm pondering whether I should purchase some breast forms. 

I want all the men who might read this, who do not have a woman in their life to petticoat them, to know that it is truly possible to work through the process one's self. All you need is a friend who will tell you to trust your instincts and go for it. It is a simply beautiful thing to really embrace and then exhibit one's male femininity!

Having said that, of course I would love to become the wife of an empowered woman one day. 

Ramadam is coming up again... so I think it is time for another Feminine Ramadam!

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  Hiya. New here
Posted by: subjami - 05-26-2017, 12:26 AM - Forum: New Member Introductions - Replies (4)

hiya. I am new here but have check this message board out for a while. I talk with Radical Feminist on pinterest a few times.  I am a 51 yr old single midwest sissy male. Been dressing since i was a teen. I don't pass well for a girl. Caught by my mom at age 14 and she hate my dressing and did the therpy way of things. Male doctor didn't know a thing about crossdressing and this was 35 yrs ago. He blame it on my folks marriage and my time with each one. I have always been submissive. Had a handful of girl friends. I explore periods as a teen and using a pillow to look pregnant. My fantasies are pregnant and bride ... sissy baby and pet one. I am bi curious and always want to explore being ask out and treat as a lady by someone.Hope all is good with you all.

i am sissyjamie on pinterest for Radicial Feminist

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Shocked OH! No! Caught in girly clothes!
Posted by: micheleFFS - 05-24-2017, 10:29 PM - Forum: Petticoating and Feminization - Replies (5)

OH! No! Caught in girly clothes!

Sad       Tongue

I'm sure it happened to many of us, in our youth and after. I was fortunate - I didn't don panties until I was 15 and had some "practice at the art of deception," so I avoided the humiliation.

What about others? I imagine there are some interesting stories among our 800+ members. Please add your true stories to this thread and your fantasies to the Female Dominant Fiction forum.

I wrote a story about a lad who was discovered his first time in panties. His punishment was...different. Please take the poll and feel free to write me your detailed reactions.

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Big Grin Jessica's Power Panties
Posted by: micheleFFS - 05-24-2017, 10:08 PM - Forum: Female Dominant Fiction - Replies (1)

Jessica’s Power Panties

The back story of one of my favorite pictures, my avatar on another board, http://www.milovana.com. Much of my fiction can be found there on the Stories forum.

Jessica, knowing she was alone in the house, strode naked down the hall and into her bedroom. She turned a few dresses around on the rod in her closet to make a selection. She recalled last night’s conversation with Sharon, a friend who had held the internship for which she planned to interview.
“I don’t think you’ll have any trouble landing the position,” her friend and told her. “He likes pretty girls, especially leggy girls.”
“What do you mean?”
“Don’t get me wrong. He never made any moves, and was always professional. When he offered me the internship, he told me he knew the pay was low and that my main reward was experience. He told me that from time to time, if my work merited it, he give me small gifts. And he did, without making any demands. He’d give me a gift certificate for lunch, no big deal — only on days I wore a miniskirt, but like every day I wore a miniskirt. Not for tightfitting slacks, not for pencil skirts. Need I say more?”
“No, you sure don’t,” Jessica said with a smile.
She looked over her minis. The sleeveless black with the scooped back was too formal, the crimson too blatantly sexy, very low cut. The white flowered skirt with a slightly scooped neck and three-quarter length sleeves fit her hips and upper thighs snugly. It was perfect.
That decision made, she sat down at her vanity, tweezing an errant couple of eyebrow hairs and did her makeup and lips. Next, she opened her lingerie drawer to select a white lacy bra and matching bikini. She rummaged around a bit, frowning. No white tights. Philosophically flipping her eyebrows, she reached in the back of the drawer and pulled out an unopened package of white thigh highs. Discarding the plastic wrapper, she carefully slipped them up her legs, tugging the elastic lined lace to the tops of her legs. She stepped into the panties and snapped the waistband around her hips. Bending forward, she adjusted her ample breasts into the cups of her bra and fastened it behind. She partially zipped the dress in the back, slithered into it and contorted herself to finish zipping it up. She stepped into a pair of 3 inch white heels and picked up her purse and portfolio. Her heels clicked as she walked down the parquet floor of the hall and stairs.
Outside, she noticed the garage door was open as she walked toward her blue compact car. The gardener, she remembered. She glanced inside garage door to see a vaguely familiar handsome boy of 18 kneeling by the lawnmower. “Oh, hi,” smiled Jessica, her hand flicking a wind-blown strand of black hair from her face.
Startled, the boy stood. “Hi. Y…you must be Jessica. Your parents told me you are back from college.”
“Yes, you look familiar but I don’t remember your name.”
“I’m Charlie Peterson. Your parents hired me to do the yard work for the summer.”
“Oh, right. I remember you, from  a while ago.” She smiled. “You’ve grown a lot,” she said appreciatively. “I haven’t seen you in years. Where have you been keeping yourself?”
“My parents sent me to a private school and m…most summers I was in summer camps. Haven’t been around here except holidays.” He twisted his hands nervously.
“Well, I’ve got to go to a job interview, so I won’t be back for a while. See you later.”
Charlie rushed to the driver side door and opened it for her. “Here you go.”
Noting his eyes followed her legs, Jessica thanked him and carefully kept her knees together and her hem tugged down as she swung her legs into the driver’s seat. She smiled to herself. Boys are so obvious. With a wave, she backed out.
Charlie waved back. What a hot babe, he thought. She kept her legs together so I couldn’t see anything, but I did see pretty far down her cleavage. She’s about the hottest, sexiest girl I’ve ever seen. I wonder what kind of panties she’s wearing. With a sigh, he turned back to the garage. He rummaged around until he found the gas can and filled the tank. He turned the mower over to discover, to his surprise, that the bottom was relatively clean. However, the blade felt dull to his thumb. Taking a crescent wrench from a display of tools on a peg board above the workbench at the back of the garage, he quickly removed the blade and sharpened it on the grinder at one corner of the bench. He replaced the blade, getting his hands dirty in the process. Using a rag, he opened the side door of the garage to wash his hands at the kitchen sink. Shaking his hands dry, he went upstairs, looking for the washroom. A knock on a closed door elicited no response, so he opened to what was obviously Jessica’s bedroom. He backed out, closing the door. Across the hall, he found the washroom, with its door ajar.
He relieved himself, and, as he dried his hands again, he drew in his breath sharply. Furtively, he looked about. “Anyone home?” he called.
Silence. He paused a moment, breathing deeply. His penis stirred in his pants. He cupped it with his palm, squeezed. With a deep breath, he took a step and opened Jessica’s door.
He walked straight to her vanity, much like a desk. Above the opening was a large mirror rimmed with lights. To the left was a narrow bank of drawers, to the right a much wider bank. Trembling a bit, Charlie pulled open the top drawer on the left. Jewelry and other fashion accessories. Carefully closing it, he opened the top drawer on the right. Jackpot! Three compartments contained bras, panties, and nylons.
Charlie stood entranced, enjoying the site for a moment. A beautiful girl’s intimate attire. He had no sisters and had only dated a few times. He keenly felt his sexual deprivation and inexperience. Pornography only deepened his longing. Glimpses of lingerie ads had piqued his interest in what a girl wore next to her skin, but he’d only had a few unsatisfactory glimpses up skirts. Now, he knew what the beautiful coed wore on her dates. The sexy garments lay there, in three disorganized jumbles.
He grabbed a handful of panties at random and spread them across the vanity. Thongs, hipsters, all silky smooth nylon in pastel and basic colors. One had the word flirt across the front. Some had floral or abstract patterns. His cock became partially a wrecked and he adjusted himself.
He added some bras to his array. With an inquisitive flip of his eyebrows, he looked at the label of one. 34D. I knew she was big, he thought. She is one hot chick. She probably has a boyfriend from college. Besides, she probably still thinks of me as a little kid.
He held up a few of the bras, noting under wires, lacy cups, and a couple of transparent bras one underwire had very low cut lacy cups and no shoulder straps. Hot, he thought, for a hot date. I bet she’s been doing it for years. She’s gotta be about 20. Laughing, he held one of the bras up to his chest. Swaying back and forth, he said, “Ohh, la la.” He replaced the bra and stretched a few of the panties between his forefingers. A light blue pastel hip hugger with an appliquéd yellow flower was pretty, but he wanted to see something sexier. He picked up a dark blue thong. That’s more like it, he thought. If she wore this, and her skirt flipped up, I could see her whole ass. Doesn’t look like it covers her cunt much either. He rubbed his penis in his pants.
He scanned his display and the drawer, hoping to find some transparent panties. Instead, a pair draped across Jessica’s makeup bag drew his eye. He stretched out an all lace black pair that clearly rode low on the girl’s hips. Partially see-through, the sight of these panties alone made his cock stir yet again. They were pretty, suggestive and soft to the touch.
He took a deep breath and once again glanced furtively about. He sat in Jessica’s chair and quickly untied his boots. Stepping out of them, he whisked his jeans and underwear off. Despite his erotic intent, his penis shriveled. His heart pounding at the forbidden act he was about to perform, he stepped into the black lace panties. He drew them slowly up his legs, his penis filling and rising as the skimpy garment ascended. By the time the waistband settled, fully stretched, around his hips, a raging hard on poked a good 3 inches above the waist of the panties.
Wow, Charlie thought, I don’t know that I’ve ever felt this hot my life. He rolled the tip of his penis between his thumb and two forefingers. “Oh, that feels good!” He wrapped his hand around his shaft, pushing the waistband down to the top of his ballsack. Panting, he stroked himself, knees buckling as pre-come coated the tip of his cock.
Jessica pulled her car into the lot at the stripmall were Mr. Hargreaves, a local stockbroker, had his office. She checked her face with the mirror in the sun visor, picked up her things and headed for the office. As she opened the door, her phone buzzed in her purse. She stepped into a small waiting room.
The receptionist, at her desk, was on the phone. She looked up and smiled at Jessica. “Are you Jessica?” she asked.
“Yes, here for my 10 o’clock with Mr. Hargreaves.”
“Well, Jessica, I’m very sorry to have to tell you that Mr. Hargreaves was called away for a family emergency. That’s me on the phone, I was hoping to catch you.” She touched a button on the phone in her desk and Jessica’s phone stopped ringing.
“Oh… I’m sorry. I hope everything is okay.”
“It should be. He asked if you could come tomorrow at the same time.”
“Yes, that should be fine. I don’t have any other interviews lined up tomorrow morning.”
“Okay, good. I’m sorry about the postponement. If you’d like to leave your portfolio, Mr. Hargreaves can look it over and the interview can take less time.”
“Okay,” Jessica agreed. She placed her portfolio on the receptionist desk, smiled and bade her goodbye.
Heading back to her car, Jessica took stock. Darn it, all that prep and getting dressed up for nothing. At least it’s not a cancellation; I still have a chance. As she settled into her seat, she noted her skirt had ridden above the lace tops of her stockings. She smiled. That gardener Charlie would’ve loved to see this. The kid grew up to be pretty hunky. Also immature. All those years in school and summer camp. He was so nervous it was comical. Not ready for prime time, poor boy.
Remembering to pick up a prescription for her mom at the pharmacy on the way home, Jessica mused about the summer as she drove. I’ll probably get that job. Sharon gave me a good reference. I’ll have to find a guy to date. My vibrator was fun this morning, but that won’t last all summer. Memories from some of the guys she dated in the last year passed through her head. One guy persuaded her to try the back door, which hurt. Other memories were more pleasant. Long pussy-lickings before fucking… Warm afternoon sex on a blanket in a secluded part of the park… Plus that very hot spanking….
She’d dated Sean and taken him to bed on their second date. He showed up late for their third without calling. When he finally arrived, Jessica seethed. Only half joking, she suggested she spank him. Definitely half joking, he accepted. Jessica’s arousal at the sight of him bent over, buns red and legs kicking, the sounds of smacks and grunts aroused her far beyond expectations. Their wild sex afterwards was memorable for both partners. She sighed. Unfortunately, being late was not the only way Sean was inconsiderate. She dumped him after a couple more dates. That was just before finals, initiating her current drought of lovers.
Finished with her errand, she pulled into the driveway and entered through the front door. She slipped out of her high heels and hooked them on two fingers as she padded up the stairs in stocking feet. She turned the corner at the top of the stairs and headed to her room in the back. Her dark eyes knit together as she saw her door was open. I’m sure I closed the door; I always do. What’s up? Cautiously, with one finger, she gently pushed the door open.
There stood Charlie, breathing hard, hips and knees bent, hips thrusting, stroking his, protruding from a pair of her panties cock for all he was worth.
Shocked, Jessica drew in a breath, ready to scream at him. She paused, a calculating smile playing across her face. Slowly, silently, she stepped to one side. She had a perfectly good view through the doorjamb if she pressed her eye close. I never saw a guy jerking off all by himself before, she thought. Her breathing deepened as her emotions sorted out. I am massively pissed that he went into my room and my undies, but he sure looks cute, jerking off in my panties. I’ve got him by the balls. I get him to do whatever I want. A gleam came to her eye and a wicked smile twitched across her face. She stepped into her room.
“What do you think you’re doing, panty boy?” Jessica thundered.
“Yeowww!” cried the surprised youth, releasing his erection, bending at the hips to hide his shame, and twisting toward Jessica, a terrified expression on his face. “W… What are you doing here?” He cried, his voice cracking in fear.
“Walking into my room, my private, intimate bedroom. What are you doing here? Oh, it’s very obvious. Jerking off in my panties. What could be more natural?”
Charlie’s eyes darted about, as though seeking an escape. Jessica, hands on her hips, eyes flashing stood in the only door. “I… I… I’m sorry, Jessica, so sorry. Please forgive me. I’ll put everything back. Just forget about it, okay? I never did it before and I’ll never do it again. Please, please let me go! Don’t tell anybody!”  His face flushed bright red.
Yup , I got him, Jessica thought. Her expression did not change, however. “I don’t see why I shouldn’t tell. This is creepy. And besides, my parents pay you by the hour, but not to snoop in my underwear drawer andjerk off in my panties! No, people need to know about someone like you.”
“Please, Jessica please, don’t tell. I swear I never did anything like this before. I just know so little about girls… And I’m just as fascinated as anyone else. Please, I was just curious…” His voice faltered before her relentless glare. “I… I’ll… I’ll do anything you say, Jessica, but please don’t tell anybody.” His eyes filled with tears. The tension that gripped him the moment she’d spoken left him. He stood in front of her bent vanity shoulders sagged, face partially averted, eyeing her piteously. “Please…” He whimpered. “Please.”
Jessica strode into the room, closing the door behind her. Besides her genuine anger, his inexperience and frank confession touched her. What made him tick? “I might be persuaded to keep your secret, Charlie, but I’m going to take you very seriously when you say you’ll do anything.” She eyed him speculatively, one eyebrow arched.
“Oh, I will. I’ll do whatever you say, just as long as you don’t tell anyone. Promise?”
“Provided you’re good and obedient, and do whatever I say, I won’t ever tell anyone. But you have to do exactly as I say without arguing or making excuses. Understood?”
“Yes, yes, of course, Jessica. I’ll do everything that you say, no questions asked. Shall I put your things away?”
“No, leave my undies and the drawers open just as they are. I want you to be able to see what you’ve done well I punish you. Because I am going to punish you. I’m going to spank you as long and as hard as I want. And that’s not all. I have other things in mind for you, little boy.
“That’s how I think of you, as a little boy. Immature. In need of guidance from an experienced woman. Who knows? This punishment might do you good. After all, that’s the purpose of punishment, isn’t it? To change someone’s behavior? After today, I doubt you’ll ever snoop into a girl’s undies drawer again.”
“Oh, I know I’ll never do that again!” Charlie said, very convincingly.
“Okay, let’s get started. Move that chair to the center of the room.”
“Do you want me to put your underwear away first?”
“You’re not supposed to ask questions, just obey. Do you want your punishment to be made worse?” Jessica recalled scenes from some female dominant videos she’d watched and stories she’d read after spanking Sean. I’m glad I’m not totally improvising, she told herself.
“N… No, Jessica. I’m getting the chair.” He scurried across the room and returned quickly, carrying the chair. “Here?”
“About 2 feet closer to the bed,” she directed, not because with the position was problematic, but to make him obey. “That’s better. Now, in the shower there’s a bath brush. Bring it to me. Don’t close either of the doors. If you need to tinkle, you may, but do not take off my panties and do not get any of your pee on them. Is that clear?”
“Okay. Bath brush?”
“Yes, this spanking is going to hurt. I am very angry with you and I’m not going to let this opportunity pass. I think it will be fun… For me. For you? That remains to be seen. Quick!” She snapped her fingers.
Charlie hurried from the room. Jessica cocked an ear, but heard neither tinkle nor flush. She sat on the bed. When Charlie came in, she said, “Put the brush on the chair and come sit next to me on the bed. You’re going to answer some questions before your punishment.”
“Oh,” said Charlie nervously. He dropped the brush on the seat of the chair and sidled over to her, sitting as far from her as he could on the bed. Her crossed legs drew his eye.
Jessica smiled and laughed. She patted the bed next to her. “Come here. Don’t be afraid. I’m only a girl. I don’t bite, just spank.”
With a deep, ragged breath, Charlie moved next to her, still not touching.
“That’s better. We can talk better if we’re close together. Charlie, I am very angry at you for going into my room and playing around with my undies and I’m still going to punish you. Hard. Don’t think you’ll get mercy.”
85, 2 sections
“Well, I deserve it,” mumbled the subdued boy.
“You say you’ve never done any of this before. What do you mean? This is the first time you played with yourself?” she said with a smile.
Charlie met her eyes briefly and said, “No, I’ve done that before.”
“So there are two things. Snooping in my drawer and wearing my undies. You never did either of those things before?”
“No, never, I swear.”
“I wonder. Tell me what you thought and how you got from the garage to my panty drawer.”
“Well, the blade was dull and I sharpened it and my hands get greasy. So I went into the kitchen to wash and I needed to pee, so I came upstairs…”
“There’s a wash room downstairs.”
“I didn’t know that, I figured there’d be one upstairs. If you don’t believe me, there’s the greasy rag.” He pointed to one corner of Jessica’s vanity.” I was going to take it back downstairs to the garage.”
Jessica grunted, provisionally accepting his story. “Go on.”
“After I peed, I realized your room was probably close by. I… I I thought you look so beautiful and sexy when we met, I just wondered, you know, what your underwear looked like. Girls wear such pretty, sexy clothes. That’s all it was, and I never did it before and I’ll never do it again.
“That’s not all you did.”
“When I saw how pretty they were, and how different from guys stuff, I wanted to see what they felt like. I had no idea I get so aroused. It just felt so good, so sexy, I couldn’t help myself and I started… you know.”
“You jerked off in my panties. Say it. Say what you did.”
“I sneaked into your room and jerked off in your panties.”
“That’s right, and I’m going to punish you for it. But I have a few more questions first. How much experience you have with girls?”
 “Nothing, really. Nothing to tell about.” He avoided eye contact.
“You were so busy at school and summer camp that you never even talked to girls?”
Charlie managed to laugh a little. “Of course I talk to girls. Sometimes there are dances with other schools or camps, but it’s hard to get to know someone that way.”
“Been on any dates?”
“A few.”
“Did you have fun?”
“Yeah, I guess so.”
“But not a lot of wild making out at the end, I guess.”
Charlie smiled ruefully. “No, nothing like that. A couple of good night kisses, that’s all.” He hung his head.
“Never felt a girl up? Or touched her pussy?”
“No, I think about it all the time.”
“So you’re a virgin?” Jessica realized.
“I’m probably the least experienced guy in the whole United States.”
Jessica sat back a moment and recrossed her legs, drawing Charlie’s fascinated eye. “I see. I guess you’re telling the truth and you never snooped before. It really was curiosity.
“Well, Charlie, there’s hope for you yet. You’re a good-looking guy. Maybe over the summer I can help you out with your virginity problem.” She saw the expression on his face and realized she’d given him a false hope. “Down boy. I didn’t mean I was going to do it personally. You’re a good-looking guy and I know you have a good dick when it’s hard. I can introduce you to some girls. But you’ll have to take it from there.
“I’m still going to spank you. I wouldn’t pass up such an opportunity, but at least I have some understanding of why I found you jerking off in my panties. Let’s get started. Pick up the brush.”
Charlie sighed. His brief hope died instantly. Wordlessly, he picked up the brush and stood by her chair, clenching his butt cheeks.
Jessica sat and crossed her legs. Pointing to the floor in front of her, she said, “On your knees.”
Wide-eyed, he obeyed, settling on his knees and toes, torso erect.
[Image: fd124_01.jpg]image hosting 30 mb
“Good. Now tell me what you did wrong and ask me to punish you, then hand me the bath brush.”
“Uh… Okay. Jessica, I’m sorry I sneaked into your bedroom and jerked off in your panties. I deserve to be punished.”
“I’m glad you acknowledged what you did. You did not ask me to punish you. Tell me again what you did and ask me to punish you.”
“I sneaked into your bedroom and jerked off in your panties. Please punish me for this.”
“Very well, I will punish you, since you asked so nicely. I get to spank you as long and as hard as I want. You’ll take it without struggling or trying to get away. Otherwise…” She paused, and expect an eyebrow raised.
“Or you’ll tell.”
“That’s correct. I’m letting you wear my panties because that will remind you of your offense. There is one rule for the spanking. I’m only going to spank you when your dick is nice and hard.” She eyed the bulge in the panties. “Looks like it’s only half hard. Touch it. Squeeze it. Make it hard.”
“Really? Oh, Jessica, that’s so embarrassing.”
“You don’t have to do it if you want me to tell. Besides, I’ve already seen you stroking it when it was very aroused indeed.”
Blushing, Charlie reluctantly moved his right hand to his cock and squeezed lightly.
Jessica uncrossed her legs, keeping her knees together. She spoke softly. “If it helps, you can look up my dress.”
Charlie’s eyes opened wide. Jessica’s minidress allowed them to see all the way to the lace tops of her stockings and a tiny hint of white lace with her legs met. He squeezed himself harder and his penis responded. In a few moments, he slightly adjusted himself and the tip rose above the skimpy garment’s waistband. Released, it exuberantly pointed straight to his bellybutton, barely above the flaring tip.
“There it is,” Jessica exclaimed in delight. “It looks very cute peering out of the top of my panties. Now hand me the hairbrush.” Jessica leaned forward, far more forward and she needed to, watching Charlie’s eyes. They widened the new as her dress fell away from her cleavage.
“Oh, Jessica, you’re so beautiful.”
“It’s okay to look, but you know you’re not allowed to touch.”
“Yes, I understand. I’m being punished.”
Jessica took the bath brush from his hand and placed it on the floor by the chair. She sat up and patted her thighs. “Bend over with your head to my left.”
84 lines
“Okay,” he said nervously as he bent over her lap.
As the boy bent over her in submission, Jessica drew in her breath sharply and she felt her pussy go damn. Smiling broadly, she rubbed Charlie’s cheeks with a swirling motion. “You do look cute in my panties. I see your pale skin through the lace.” She gave him his first, light tap. “Pretty soon, though, I’ll see pink there.” She smacked him lightly, with a steady rhythm. She felt his stiff cock pressing against her left thigh. Oh, this is fun she said to herself. She slapped harder and faster.
Charlie squirmed a bit, but did not struggle or protest.
Jessica, paused, again rubbing his cheeks. “Wow, you’re already getting red under there. You sure look pretty.”
“I’m not pretty. I’m a boy.”
Jessica stepped up her speed and force. “Yes, a creepy boy who sneaks into my bedroom and wears my panties to jerk off!”
“I’m sorry, Jessica, really I am. I’ll never do it again.”
Jessica paused. She no longer felt the head of his prick against her leg. “You’re getting soft already, aren’t you?”
“I… I guess so.”
“Stand up.” Charlie obeyed, crossing his hands in front of his limp dick.
“Take your hands away. You are not to hide yourself from me. I won’t tell you again. Now I can’t continue your spanking until you’re hard again, that’s the rule. Go ahead, make yourself stiff.”
With a loud sigh, almost a sob, Charlie fondled the tip of his cock where it flopped over the waistband.
Jessica crossed her legs, right leg on top. She turned up the hem of her skirt and stretched out her leg, tugging at the elastic top.
“Oh, my God,” groaned Charlie, staring avidly at her brazen display. His cock popped right up.
“I thought that would get you stiff,” Jessica said with a confident smile. She uncrossed her legs and patted her thighs. “Back you go for more spanking.”
“Wasn’t that enough? It sure stings, Jessica, and I’ve learned my lesson. I know I have.”
“Don’t be silly. Stop arguing. Get over here now. I’ll decide when you’ve learned your lesson. Besides, I haven’t even begun with the hairbrush. If you think it stings now, just you wait.”
“Okay,” muttered the boy, resigned. Without further protest, he lay across her lap.
Jessica squeezed each cheek, then resumed spanking. She lit right into him. Pretty soon she noticed his cock was not as hard as before. Yet she did not wish to stop spanking. She kept it up a few more smacks, until her hand began to hurt.
“You’re losing your boner again. Stand up.”
“I suppose you want me to do this again,” Charlie mumbled, eyes averted as he squeezed his limp cock.
“Yes, of course. I’m glad to see you get with the program.” She paused, watching him squeeze. “But it’s not very effective this time. Why might that be?”
“My bum really hurts, Jessica. You spank hard. Isn’t that enough? I already said I’ll never do it again and I’m sorry.”
“The point isn’t whether you’ve learned your lesson. For one thing only time will tell. Maybe you’ll turn into a real panty freak. The important thing is for me to take out my anger on you — and I’m just getting started.” She frowned, looking at his limp dick. “You can’t even get it up. Must I do everything?” Exhaling sharply, she said, “Take your hand away.” When he let go, Jessica took his cockhead between her thumb and two fingers, twirling it gently.
“Oh, oh, wow!” gasped Charlie, mouth open, eyes wide. “Oh, that feels good.” Charlie achieved a full erection in record time.
Immediately, Jessica let go. “Quick, back over my lap.”
“Aww…” Charlie began to protest, but a glimpse of Jessica’s snapping eyes persuaded him otherwise. He lay across her lap.
Jessica smacked him a few times, then reached down to her side and picked up the hairbrush. She pressed it into his cheeks, rotating it around her target. As with her hand, she started with light swats, gauging his reaction as she increased the force.
Soon, Charlie grunted with each blow. Breathing hard, Jessica controlled her inclination to strike harder and harder. I want to make this last, she told herself. Only a few really hard swats made his penis wilt again. “All soft and tiny again. Stand up.”
Charlie jumped up, glad for that relief, however temporary. He jogged from one foot to another, standing in place. “Oh, Jessica, the hairbrush really stings. It hurts. Please, I learned my lesson.”
“Remember, it’s not your promise, but my anger that makes the difference here. I’m still angry. Stand still.” She leaned forward, peering at his limp cock. “You do have a nice one, Charlie, but right now it looks forlorn, hanging down over my panties.” With her open palm, she lifted the exposed portion. “Charlie, I want your cooperation in what I’m going to do. Now I’m going to make you very hard, like I did last time but I’m not going to stop until you tell me to. Tell me to stop before I make you cum. When I’m ready, I will let you come. Promise. But if you come before I let you, your punishment stops. Do you understand?”
“Uh… I guess so. Maybe.”
“I’m going to keep you hard and excited while I spank you until I’m done. I need you to cooperate with your punishment. Let me know when to stop playing with you so that you won’t come. If you take your spanking well, I will let you come. Now do you understand?”
“Oh, wow, now I get it.” Charlie shook his head, grappling with the pleasure/pain principle.
“I thought you’d figure it out eventually,” said Jessica sweetly wrapping her hand around his penis. One squeeze in the lab became fully erect. She slowly stroked him, tugging the panties below his balsack with her other hand.
“Stop or I’ll come!” gasped Charlie, twisting away from her.
Jessica let go. “Stand still, take a deep breath, Charlie. Calm down. That’s it, regain control. You see if you can’t last longer this time.” She held his cock and stroked it, but avoided the sensitive tip. Nevertheless, pre-come coated him. “Oh, good. Pre-come. You like this part of your punishment don’t you?”
“Oh, yes, Jessica! It’s the best thing that ever happened to me!”
“See how long you can last and let me know before you’re going to come.”
Charlie stood still, breathing hard. His cockhead flared as more pre-come lubricated his tip. He gasped and grunted, trying to avoid ejaculating.
[img=262x353]file:///C:\Users\Mike\AppData\Local\Temp\msohtmlclip1\01\clip_image002.jpg[/img]Jessica let go. “Take a break, you’ll last longer. Oh, look at it twitch.” Charlie’s cock and hips bobbed and thrust. He panted.
When his breathing slowed again, Jessica gently wrapped her hand around the bottom of the shaft. “It must be hard for you, Charlie, so strong and handsome with a nice dick like this and no experience. No wonder you’re curious about my panties. If you take your spanking well, I’ll give you a lesson about panties. ” She looked up at him sympathetically.
“Oh, I hope so.” Charlie, reveling in the sensations grunted and curled his toes to control his urged to spray. “Stop, or I’ll come.”
Jessica immediately let go. “Well, you’re certainly hard enough that I can spank you again. Back over my lap you go, my boy.”
Charlie bent over instantly. “Okay!”
Jessica grinned. He wants it now. He’s sure learning some sort of lesson. She smacked him with the hairbrush on alternate cheeks.
Charlie grunted and gasped. “Ow!” He kicked his legs. “Oh, that hurts, Jessica.”
Jessica grinned, thrilled by the sounds he admitted in his kicking legs. “I was right, Charlie. Your red bomb shows through the lace very nicely. Whoops, you went all soft again. Stand up.”
Charlie stood up with alacrity and reached around for his cheeks.
“Oh no, no rubbing your buns during punishment. Not till I tell you. Hands at your sides.”
Charlie obeyed instantly, waiting expectantly.
Sure enough, with a smile, Jessica grasped him around the base of his cock, which instantly stirred, swelling. With a lilt in her voice, Jessica said, “You like wearing panties, don’t you Charlie? You like the way they feel.” She slowly stroked his cock with a loose grip.
Embarrassed, hanging his head, Charlie mumbled, “I dunno.”
“Oh, I think you should admit it. When I came in here, your hard dick was sticking out of my panties and you almost ready to come, weren’t you?”
Charlie, fully erect, involuntarily thrust his hips back and forth as Jessica stroked him. “Yes, I guess so.”
“Then say it, sweetie. I think it’s nice that you like my panties.”
“Say what?”
“Say, ‘I like wearing girls panties because they feel so good.’”
Hips thrusting, biting his lip, with a sob Charlie gasped, “I like wearing girls panties they feel so good. Please stop, or I’ll come, Jessica!”
Before he finished speaking, Jessica released his cock. “Deep breaths, Charlie. Hold still. Relax. That’s good.” Their eyes met and she smiled at him as he regained control. “Ready to try again? Remember, don’t come.”
Charlie took a deep breath. “Okay, but I don’t think I can last long. You are so sexy!”
“Thank you. I’ll make it easy for you to control yourself.” She ran the tip of her forefinger up and down the front of his shaft, stopping below his frenulum. She looked up at him smiling, to gauge the result.
Charlie closed his eyes and panted.
With her free hand, Jessica tugged the panties from his hips, down to above his knees. “You’re kicking threw off my aim a bit, so these panties will keep you under control.” Continuing the delicate finger massage, she rolled his dripping cockhead between her thumb and fingers.
Almost instantly, Charlie’s hips thrust and he cried out desperately, “Stop, or I’ll come!”
Jessica released him and a smile played across her lips as she watched him breathe to regain control. “I’m going to spank you quite hard this time, Charlie. If you take it well, I’ll give you a reward. Over you go, my boy.” Again, she patted her thighs.
Fully docile by now, Charlie draped himself over her again.
Jessica felt his pre-come soak her left stocking. “Wait, stand up again.”
Puzzled, Charlie obeyed. “What?”
“Look,” said Jessica, pointing to the damp spot. “You get so much pre-come, it’s getting all over my stocking. Very hot, very sexy. You have a very nice cock.”
“Wow, I’m glad you think so, Jessica. You are the sexiest and most beautiful girl in the world.”
Jessica smacked him again and again, sometimes on alternate cheeks, sometimes concentrating on one for a time, only to switch to the other.
Charlie, beyond words, gripped the chair to stay in place and kicked his legs wildly, as far as the stretched panties allowed. He grunted and cried, finally gasping out, “Oh, please, Jessica!”
Jessica stopped. “Don’t get up yet, Charlie I want to enjoy the view. You are so red! I love it.” She rested her hand on his cheek. “Oh, that’s so hot! You’re being very good about it, taking your punishment very well. You can put your hand on your bum to feel your heat, but don’t rub yourself.”
“Oh, wow, that is hot. You’re really blistering my ass, Jessica.”
“Okay, hands off. Stand up. Good, nice and obedient. Look at that limp dick. I bet your bum hurts, doesn’t it?”
“It sure does, Jessica.” He caught her eye with a sly smile. “But I hope my punishments not over yet.”
Jessica laughed. “Now you’ve got it! You learned a lesson you never thought of before, didn’t you?”
“I learned a lot from you today, Jessica.”
Jessica crossed her legs “Well, Charlie, you earned your reward and you’re about to learn something new. On your knees in front of me, hands behind your back.”
Charlie obeyed, eyeing her expectantly.
“Do you think I have nice legs, Charlie?”
“Oh, my God yes! Everything about you is beautiful.”
“Isn’t the lace at the top of my stockings pretty?”
Charlie’s breathing grew audible. “Really pretty.”
“Take a good look at the lace. Notice the pattern. Take a close look. Oh, I see you like the lace. Your cock’s beginning to rise. Do you have the pattern memorized?”
“I guess so,” said Charlie uncertainly.
“Does it match my lace panties?” Jessica uncrossed and opened her legs.
Charlie’s eyes bulge in his jaw dropped at the sight. He saw all the way up her stockings, the thin band of pink flesh, then the pretty lace panties with a little ruffle around the legs. He hyperventilated, staring at her. “Oh, my God,” he whispered. “I never…”
Jessica capriciously closer legs, but only for a moment. She opened them back up to his gaze. “Take a good look, Charlie. Enjoy. There is no dark spot ‘cause I shave. I think a hairless pussy is so much prettier, don’t you?”
Speechless, Charlie nodded.
“It’s too bad the cotton panel  covers my cuntlips. But I bet someday soon, a pretty girl will let you take her panties off because she wants you to fuck her. Do you know what the damp stain means?”
Mute, Charlie shook his head.
“It means I’m is turned on by this as you are, Charlie. It’s too bad I already decided not to fuck you, ‘cause I’m a very, very horny girl right now.”
“You can always change your mind,” Charlie managed to croak.
“Not this girl. I’m decisive. And you’re all stiff with a dripping cockhead, ready for the next spanking. Show’s over. “ She slowly drew her knees together.
Charlie’s face fell and he sobbed his disappointment. He needed no command to crawl back over her thighs for more punishment.
Jessica, by now nearly as desperate for relief as her victim/partner spank fast and furious, but not long.
Charlie cried out, “Oh ! Ow! Ouch! Ahhhhh!” He gripped the chair with one arm and kicked his legs and flailed the other arm.
Jessica stopped. “Stand up!” She gasped.
He regained his feet, jumping up and down for a moment, gasping wordlessly.
“Oh look at your soft little cock, waving about. Just like a little boy. Now stand still. Good. I think your cock needs extra stimulation after that spanking. Come closer, press your legs against my thigh.” She circled his waist with her right arm and gently lifted the soft penis with her left hand. She bent forward and took the tip between her lips, circling it with her tongue.
“OHHHHAAAA!” cried Charlie ecstatically.
Jessica, who’d used her mouth to help several boys recover, couldn’t recall one that grew so hard so fast. Charlie’s uncontrolled twitching hips told her he was ready to come. Reluctantly, she forced herself to open her mouth. Breathlessly, she said, “Your last spanking. Get ready!”
“Oh, Jessica, that was amazing. Did you have to stop? I never felt anything like that!” He said as he reluctantly bent over again.
“All in good time, my boy.” With no further preparation, Jessica lit into him with a hairbrush again. Again he howled, but Jessica, nearing the end of her own endurance, only struck him about 10 times. “There, you took your spanking very well. Now for your reward. Stand up.” She pulled him next to her again, noting that he hadn’t fully lost his boner. “You can come this time, you lucky boy.”
She took her time. She kissed his cockhead, then licked him from ball sack to the rim several times. Charlie gasped, moaned and groaned, wordlessly expressing his pleasure. Jessica gripped his waist tightly to reduce his involuntary, powerful hip thrusts. She placed her lips on the very tip and paused for a moment. Then, with a rush, she engulfed his entire shaft, expertly passing through her gag reflex. She bobbed up and down, but the inexperienced lead only lasted for four cycles before he screamed and released.
Hot come filled Jessica’s mouth and she hung on with both arms as he spasmed uncontrollably. His bellow was deafening. Gradually, his hips slowed, his bellow became gasps and cries, and his knees buckled, dropping him to the floor. He sagged over Jessica’s thighs, utterly drained.
Jessica stroked his hair tenderly, filled with erotic pride. She spread her thighs, knowing Charlie could see and smell.
Recovering, Charlie looked up at her. “Oh, my God! I never felt anything like that! That was wonderful! Jessica, you’re the best!”
Jessica smiled and opened her mouth. Charlie’s eyes widened as he saw the vast wad of his own come, saved by the beautiful girl. With a smile, she closed her lips tilted her head back, and he saw her throat contract as she swallowed his come. They stared at each other for a few moments.
Jessica said, “After a spanking and a come like that you need a little recovery. We’ll go to my bed, but don’t get any ideas. No touching. Go ahead and pull up my panties. I know you like them and now you have my permission. ”
Still on his knees, he told her panties over his hips and moved awkwardly to her bed, still breathing hard.
Jessica plumped up her pillow and lay with her back against, it crossing one leg over the other. She handed Charlie a sports bottle from her bedside table and he drank. Jessica drank, too.
“Jessica, I don’t know what to say. That was… Absolutely incredible!”
She items sardonically. “You don’t know what to say? Should you thank me for punishing you? And tell me what you learn today?”
“Oh. Sure. Jessica, I never thought I’d say this, but I really thank you for punishing me. I never knew punishing could be so much fun. For sure I’ll never sneak in a girls underwear drawer again or jerk off and her panties. What an amazing experience… And that blowjob to top everything off! Thank you so much.”
“I don’t think you should promise not to jerk off in a girl’s panties, Charlie. One thing you learn today is that you like to wear them. It’s perfectly okay to jerk off in them with permission. I think it’s very cute and I bet other girls do too.
“But there’s another way you can thank me. And I really need it.”
He looked at her, puzzled. “What do you mean?”
By way of answer, Jessica uncrossed her legs raised her skirt and whisked off her panties, scissoring her legs.
“Oh, my God!” cried Charlie, excited anew.
With a big grin, Jessica invited, “Lie between my legs and I’ll give you a a sex ed lesson like you’ve never had.”
“Yeah! Charlie cried enthusiastically. He flipped over and stared avidly at her shaved lips.
“I’ll give you a guided tour, you lucky boy, and tell you exactly what to do. Remember, always be gentle with the girl and start slow. So many guys don’t — and they don’t get a second chance.
“Here my outer lips and my inner lips.” She slowly traced her fingers up and down. “That’s a good speed to get started.” With two fingers , she opened herself. “Here’s where your cock’ll go when you get lucky. You can put your fingers and then wiggle around.”
“Oh, my God! I never imagined. A guided tour! Lucky me! Oh, Jessica!”
Laughing, she tousled his hair. “And here is my clit. Always rub and lick and suck on a girl’s clit before you even think about fucking her. Always start slow. Always be gentle. When you’re eating a girl, always think about her pleasure and not yours. That’s the key. Girls will want you again and again if that’s what you do. Now you’ve had your lesson. Show me what you’ve learned. It’s a good idea to rub a girls inner thighs, working your way up to her pussy.”
“Are you sure we can’t…”
“No, Charlie, you have to find your own girl to fuck you. I gave you a lot of fun, now it’s my turn. Just remember what I said.”
Realizing he was a winner either way, Charlie swirled his hands over her’s thighs thrilling to the smooth nylon, the rough lace, and finally her warm thighs, barely an inch from her lips. Fluid used from her in a fresh wave of a pungent aroma assaulted his nose. “Oh my God the smell!”
“You’ve got a very nice touch, Charlie.” She tangled her fingers in his hair.
Tentatively, Charlie moved his finger tip up and down both of her outer labia. Jessica’s sighs told him he learned well. Breathing hard, he gulped and stroked her inner lips. Almost immediately, the damp spot spread and the odor intensified.
“Put two fingers in me,” gasped Jessica.
“Yeah!” Charlie fumbled about a bit then his fingers slipped in. “Wow, this is so cool!” He wiggled his fingers. “So gooshy!”
“Thumb my clit!”
Charlie rubbed the pad of his thumb over her hood.
“Inside, inside!”
Charlie got the idea and probed.
Jessica’s gasp and her hand gripping his hair tighter told him he’d reaced the target. She gasped and moaned.
Charlie grinned and look at her face, eyes closed, mouth gasping, head thrown back. “Oh, wow!”
Jessica thrust her hips up and managed to blurt, “Lick my clit! Tongue tip, tongue tip!”
Charlie doesn’t hesitate, but placed his lips at the top of her slit, replacing his thumb with his tongue. All the while, he kept his two fingers pumping inside her.
“That’s it, that’s it!” Jessica moaned louder and louder, suddenly pulling his face inward as she cried “Yes! Yes!  AAAOOOOHHHH!”
Charlie, amazed at the strength of her reaction, kept licking. He had no choice; he couldn’t pulled his face away if he wanted to. Grinning around his tongue he continued licking and fingering.
Jessica held him in place long enough to go over the top another time. As her spasms diminished, she let go of his head. She looked down at him with a contented look of a freshly satisfied, healthy young woman. She tousled his hair and touched a finger to his lips. “You learn fast, big boy. You gave me a couple of really strong comes. Wasn’t it fun?“
Charlie shook his head in wonderment. “Pretty fuckin” amazing,” he said, slowly withdrawing his fingers. They grinned at each other.
Jessica tapped one side of her pillow and Charlie moved up, lying opposite her. She glanced down. There stood his cock like a periscope, peering over the top of the panties. “Oh, quick recovery! Well, I can’t send you out to mow the lawn with a boner like that. It could be dangerous.” She wrapped her hand around him and stroked, pushing the panties down she snapped elastic behind his scrotum. “Just lie on your back and relax, Charlie.”
Jessica sucked his cock for the second time. Drained, he lasted much longer, thrashing about as Jessica ran her lips and tongue up and down the shaft over the cockhead. She took only the head in her mouth, then deep throated him and varied the technique for several minutes. Finally, his hips began bucked. With another loud cry, he spurted his jism into her mouth. Again, she showed it to him before swallowing. “Yum! You’re quite the guy. Good-looking, big dick, fast recovery, and delicious guy goo.”
Recovering his breath, he said, “Jessica, I love you.”
Jessica smiled, and favored them with a sympathetic smile. “Well, let’s just say you’re in lust. Love — that takes a while. Hot sex just takes two horny people.” Her demeanor and tone grew more serious. “Don’t fall in love with me, Charlie. It won’t do you any good. We may play around again, I don’t know, but you need to find your own girlfriend. I know I’m going to be dating guys. You should date girls. I’ll be your friend, I’ll give you advice, I’ll tell girls what a good guy you are and I won’t reveal your secret.” She kissed his cheek, but did not invite further intimacies.
“Well, that was incredible! Being punished by you is a lot more fun than getting busted by you!”
They both laughed. “I don’t think either of us was expecting anything like that. God, I loved spanking you! You’ll need to make sure people don’t see you for the next few days; you’re going to have some big bruises. It’s gonna be hard to sit down.”
“That’ll give me something to remember you by.” They both laughed again.
Jessica had an idea. Leaning over the side of the bed she retrieved her discarded panties. “Here, Charlie. You like those panties you’re wearing so much you can keep them. Wear them and jerk off in them whenever you want. And another memento — my stinky, juice -soaked panties. They’ll always remind you of this day.”
“Really? I think I’d like that, thinking of you.”
After that, reality struck. Charlie was way behind on his schedule. Reluctantly, he got dressed, still wearing the panties and went out to do the work after receiving one more chaste kiss from Jessica.

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Wink Newbie
Posted by: Alexandra Smith - 05-22-2017, 08:01 AM - Forum: New Member Introductions - Replies (4)

Thank you for allowing me to join the site.  I am trying to rekindle the FLR, that my wife and I had a few years ago, which just sort of withered and died.  I am interested in hearing how others have managed to keep their FLR on track.  I am now semi-retired and better able to provide a better maid service to my loving wife.

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  Images of cross-dressing men from 1950s and 60s celebrated in exhibition
Posted by: Kelly - 05-21-2017, 02:40 PM - Forum: Petticoating and Feminization - Replies (2)

I found this today.


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  Chastity and Sissygasms
Posted by: Sissy Renee - 05-20-2017, 04:57 PM - Forum: Male Chastity - No Replies

Thanks to my Christmas gift of my custom fit chastity cage I've been able stay locked up this entire year to date with some very minor exceptions.  I took it off the morning of my (April) birthday and felt so weird I put it back on before the sun was down.  My other gift was a suction cup dildo, and I must admit my sissygasms bring me far more satisfaction than my climaxes when I considered myself a man and played like one.  What I wonder about is others' opinions on how often a caged sissy should be permitted a hands-free milking or sissygasm?  Are our cages worn to frustrate us or to make us appreciate our feminine selves via penetrative sex involving our sissy pussies?

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Posted by: thatoneguy - 05-17-2017, 10:45 PM - Forum: New Member Introductions - Replies (6)

Hi everyone! I'm a 21 year old male from the American midwest. I recently moved in with my girlfriend and we have decided to set out on an official female led relationship. She made this decision since she is also my boss at the bar we work at. She is a staunch believer in female supremacy while I've always believed in equality between the genders. She is really pushing her beliefs on me and since she's the boss (at home and at work) I thought it would be a good idea to read up on the subject. Does anyone have any ideas on websites or books that are informative about female supremacy?

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  Imagination my only limit? - I'd be dead in a week...making your own...
Posted by: Patty Botty - 05-17-2017, 10:26 PM - Forum: Sissy Sources - Replies (2)

My wife was wonderful at re-purposing old clothes.  She also had a devious mind!

I have the most wonderful panties that she made me, usually from women's clothes that were no longer wanted any more.

A pair of old pyjama pants were cut down into a pair of "balloon leg" bloomers - But the left-over material was made into a button-up flap at the back of them!  Not content with just drop-flap bloomers, she sewed some elastic fairly tightly from the top to the bottom of the opening of the flap.  She then sewed some very frilly lace along the elastic, so that no matter what you do, the moment you pull them up, you have a frilly wedgie that you cannot escape!  It is a constant reminder that you are in female underwear...

Another pair of open-crotch white linen bloomers from France (and around one hundred years old), were split at the sides and elastic fitted so that they could fit me.  Linen is so much more comfortable than you would think.  Quite incredible to put them on and think that they have not been worn for a hundred years before me!  Everything was boil wash back then, so they and their 100-year-old French lace go through the washing machine with no problems at all.

Another pair were modern (but worn), but too small for me.  So they were split up the sides and lace inserted to make them wide enough to fit me.  They have the most wonderful lace around the bottom of the legs and baby blue ribbon through the lace to adjust their width, until it is just right.

Another pair are also white bloomers, but she sewed layers of lace across the seat of them, to make like luxury rhumba panties.  These did not quite go to plan though!  She forgot to change the setting of the ruffler attachment, and so it put in a ruffle every time the needle came down she said, instead of every 5th one I think it was supposed to be?  The result is that there is something like 100 FEET of lace on the seat!  They weigh about 6lbs and look like I'm wearing a bustle when I put them on!  They feel like you are wearing a full diaper when you walk in them, but when you sit down, it is like sitting on a cloud!  So incredibly soft and padded, they are wonderful for comforting a very sore bottom!

Another pair are also white bloomers, but an old lace underskirt was used to put two layers of massive "ruffles" across the seat.  They look fairly normal frilly bloomers, until you life the ruffles up, to see there are two holes in the seat - One for each cheek to poke through!  Not only that, but the holes themselves are elasticated and edges in more lace.  It feels so strange and wonderful to be walking around in cotton panties, and VERY aware of your cheeks poking out of them and constantly being brushed by so much lace!  These are definitely the pre-spanking ones!

Another pair are made out of heavy quilted fabric.  They have lots of straps to tighten them up, so that you are very restrained in them.  They feel a bit like wearing armour!  That would not be enough though...would it?!  In the seat of them, there is an opening - Like a buttonhole, but about 3 inches long.  So while you are trapped in the very tight quilted panties and cannot escape, your anus can be chastised with fingers, thermometers, enemas, dildos, butt plugs, ginger, or whatever...and nothing you can do about it!

What would be your fantasy pair then??


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