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  Man's position at woman's feet
Posted by: markotropo - 10 hours ago - Forum: Female-Led Relationships - No Replies

[Image: young-woman-with-foot-on-man-picture-id520391230][Image: 9004630_f1024.jpg]

Men under women's feet

[Image: ca9ffd7bd8d7fd54bb9d6f927a7928af.jpg]
[Image: 226119bd400692b550c7a500f2ce900f.jpg]
[Image: 34006f3bf823c66bc2af9e742e973169.jpg]
[Image: 7ec672af161c6a77c1a31728980cfa5a.jpg]
[Image: MV5BMTgwNDUxMjY2Nl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwODI3...@._V1_.jpg]

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  Knicker inspections
Posted by: Daveysissy - Yesterday, 04:49 PM - Forum: Female-Led Relationships - No Replies


When Harvey is in gingham school dress is it easy to see if the vest is correctly tucked into his school knickers, because the dresses are thin?

Or do you make him stand in front and present proof by lifting his dress?

What do others prefer tucked in or out?

How would you punish none compliance?

Does the same apply to pyjamas, with tops tucked into pyjama pants?

I prefer to tuck in as more cosy but get moaned at and have to untuck



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Posted by: Yvette-Louise - Yesterday, 04:38 PM - Forum: News & Musings - No Replies

I have asked permission from the Moderator if it was OK to post this.
Recently while going though some boxes of junk at home, we came across a poem that had been printed in a Magazine/newsletter.
Unfortunately we know not know what magazine it was published in. Possibly it may have appeared in the 'Gladrag' newsletter/magazine of the now non-existent London friend.  A TV/TS support organisation that was based in London. Enid seems to think that it dates from the late 1980s or early 1990s.
The poem was written by 'Pamela' and it is a beautiful poem about cross dressing that I feel has to be shared with a wider audience.
Please advise the Moderator if you have/know any more information regarding the poem, poet or publication that it comes from.


What am I doing here
Sitting in a skirt
Like someone's wife of daughter

You see, I am a man
I have an able body of a man 
And yet sometimes I dress in Women's clothes
Give to the glass a Women's pose

The mirror-Woman gazes back at me
She doesn't have a Woman's History
Only outward form she knows
Beneath her skirts her penis grows

Her breasts are artificial ones
Never will suckle Daughters, Sons
She doesn't even have to be
Her who she pretends to be

She plays with surfaces the way
So many Women do
But underneath the clay
And ballyhoo
They've Women though and though
Where she's a he pretending to

So, what am I doing here
In make up, jewellery, wig, perfume?
I'm not furthering a stage career
Or simply feeling how I feel in feminine costume
And it's not just
An auto-erotic form of lust
Although I can't deny
Such things are part and parcel of this lie

Let's say e.g.
I'm doing it because it is taboo
Or trying pointlessly to know and see
The female cast inside of me
Transformed by hormones in the womb
Who's dead but won't lie down
And for a certain term she's doomed
To walk the earth. So she emerges from her tomb
And walks the earth in me;
or say I simply think I'd rather be
A Woman than a Man
And that from time to time in fantasy
I give that wish such each satisfaction as I can
By dressing up the he
To masquerade as she;
Or say that as a child I realised
Pleasure, joy, intimacy
First in the company of she
And since then I have idealised
Pleasures, joys, intimacies
Women share with each other
And wished much more than any wish to be
A member of their coterie
Somebody's closest girlfriend who

The girl-child in this man
Has always longed to be


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  An old sketch of mine.
Posted by: Sissyjj. - Yesterday, 10:17 AM - Forum: Female Dominant Visual Arts - No Replies

An old rubberist sketch of mine.

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  My wife's girlfriend
Posted by: markotropo - 09-23-2017, 02:21 PM - Forum: Female-Led Relationships - No Replies

The addition of a new member in the family

Blog post 3: The addition of a new member in the family
My wife has started a new relationship with a girl who works in her office. She is 10 years younger than my wife and both are in deep love. She often visits our house also. My wife says that I need to always welcome her by bowing in front of her. In the beginning I was jealous but my daughter Ellen found out somehow and punished me by making me stay out of the house for two cold nights. 

My wife has given the keys to her girlfriend. Her name is Miss Rose. She is very beautiful! With the addition of a new rule in the rule book, Miss Rose has all the authority as any other girl has in our house.. Recently she ordered me to prepare breakfast for her, prepare bath water, and polish her shoes. She asked me many  questions such as "I am your wife's girlfriend ... how does that feel?", "How does it feel to become a sub from the status of the man of the house?" etc. 

They (my wife, my wife's girlfriend, & my daughters) have also recently given me a new task of washing their underwears. I have to do this very carefully because the underwears are made of really soft cloth and have received the blessing of being in touch with the divine bodies of my beautiful wife, my daughters and my wife's girlfriend. The procedure of washing the underwears is also very special. I need to collect used underwears from the rooms of my superiors and dip them in a bucket full of warm water. After they have remained soaked for 30 minutes, I am required to drink that water as per rule 10.3 of Chapter Laundry in the rule book. The detergent washing comes after that. My younger daughter always supervises this process. 

I am imagining what effect all this has on my son. I guess his ego has started vanishing from a much earlier stage, which is really good.

Thank you


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Posted by: Yvette-Louise - 09-23-2017, 01:54 PM - Forum: News & Musings - Replies (3)

I know I see things differently at times, but I can not find on here a list of books that may/may not be of interest to people. (Apologises if this has been done already)
Here is my list of books which are kind of about the subjects which appear on this forum. As always any comments/observations/additions are welcome.

Cross dressing books.

Geraldine by Monica Jay
Men can wear dresses too by Caitie Maye
My Husband Betty by Helen Boyd (very good book)
He to She by Vicky lee (more of a magazine layout than a book, but contains good information)

Books on other subjects.

Dominatrix. The making of Mistress Chloe by Mistress Chloe (account of a London Dominatrix)
Nothing Personal (The business of sex) by Donald Mcrae (covers some very sadistic Mistresses. Not for the faint hearted!)
The cruel and the meek (sadism, masochism and flagellation) by Walter Brown (explores the subject)
The story of O by Pauline Reage (I expect most of you know about this one already)
Every other Sunday by Jean Rennie (True story of a maid in the Mid part of the last Century)
Below stairs by Margaret Powell (Same as above)
The rise and fall of the Victorian Servant by Pamela Horn (Accounts of Victorian/Edwardian domestic service)
Not in front of the servants by Frank Victor Dawes (Same as above)

Also worth looking up Arthur Munby and Hannah Cullwick. A Victorian love story, tinged with sadness.
Basic details are on Wikipedia.

Lighter reading.

The undomesticated Goddess by Sophie Kinsella ('chick lit', sorry guys. Story about a Woman who gets a job as a live in cleaner/maid, trouble is  she is useless at cleaning. Reminds me a little bit of when Enid became my maid.)
She also wrote the 'Shopaholic' books. Real 'Girlie' books for anyone interested in reading them. (Probably of no interest to anyone on the board, but I enjoyed them!))

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  From a dominant Patriarch to a submissive servant
Posted by: markotropo - 09-23-2017, 12:13 AM - Forum: Female-Led Relationships - Replies (2)

From a dominant Patriarch to a submissive servant.

This is my first blogpost and I am encouraged to share my journey from a dominant patriarch to a submissive servant of my wife. I got married to my college time girlfriend Klara thirteen years ago. At that time I was the owner of my family business related to import and export of steel pipes. The business was earning thousands of dollars every month. I was really successful and sharp. My wife was a regular housewife and was very devoted to me. We had a great sex life and I was totally in charge of everything. Our first child was a boy and we named him Ashley. Our daughter, Ellen was born two years later. Business prospered, we had two beautiful and healthy children, we bought a big house and two cars, a Mercedes and a Chevy. Life was going on well.

However due to the financial crisis, business suffered a setback and I went into loss. I tried many things to bring it back to health. I had to fire many of my employees. I brought my wife on board to compensate for the loss in manpower. She had a degree in business so I thought that her knowledge may bring fortune back to us. She took some time to learn the busness and soon became well versed. We had another girl, Flora during the same time. All actions needed my ascent so I scrutinized each decision of hers by asking some very tough questions. When she provided me convincing answers I let her implement her decision. Eventually things started improving and we started getting back on track. She requested more power, so I made a her a 10:90 partner in the company and converted my bank accont to a joint account with her. I also made her the Director of the company. She thus got more independent. She even started recruiting people and our business sarted running as usual. I was impressed by her abilities.

Eventually time passed and she diversified the business and asked me for a greater percentage. Looking at the progress, I made her a 50-50 partner. During this time her personality had completely changed. From a submissive, acquiescent, shy girl, she became a confident, bold and outspoken woman. She started taking many major decisions. I approved most of her decisions as I saw them right. She opened some NGOs and other organizations in her own name also. Our revenues shot up and we were making profits. I decided to use the money to expand busness to Asia. Unfortunately that did not work out well and I had to forgo that plan after spending millions. Klara asked me whether it would be fine if I discussed in detail about my business expansion plans with her before launching. Since she had proved her worth really well, I agreed. In order to implement decisions, both signatures were required. She never signed on any of the decision I made. This created friction between us and we had really loud fights. We decided not to fight in front of children as they got scared. Nevertheless, I took revenge by not signing on her decisions. This created more trouble. However, there were many ways she adopted to get what she wanted. One day she left for her mother's house with the children and stopped coming to office. All work came to a halt and I had to apologize to her to get her back. She said she would come back on the condition that I would need to give full ownership to her. If I did not agree, she would file for divorce. This was all too severe. I did not agree to this. She also refused to give way. Eventually for the sake of the business, I agreed. I reluctantly gave her full ownership and gave all the authority to her by making her the CEO. I was still the Chairman though. She came back and took control. In the office, she used to call meetings but never kept me informed about anything. She sort of excluded me from all business matters. In the process though at least one parent was required to take care of house matters. She came to my office and requested me to take care of the children. I had to agree for the sake of the children. I had no choice. She knew ways to exert power. I on the other hand was left with no power. I felt like a useless fellow.

Nevertheless, I stayed at home from that day onwards. I was seething. I was fuming inside. But had to drink away all the anger. Since the maid used to visit once a day, my tasks was only confined to take care of the children. The maid did all the chores and prepared food for the children. I ordered food for myself from outside. During this time, used to see my wife get ready everyday for office and leave in a hurry after kissing the kids. She was always tip top. I felt miserable. But could do little. Everyday she called up from the office to enquire about the children and about whether the maid did her job properly. I became her reporter. After coming home too, she used to take account of all daily happenings. Even in bed she decided whether we would have sex or not. I was loosing everything. She became my boss! She controlled everything! I picked up fights with her for no reason but she won all the arguments and told me to be in my limits. She looked right in my eyes with a stern face and a finger pointing at me, telling me to never ever talk to her in a high tone again. "Listen Marko, never ever talk to me in such a harsh and loud tone ever again or I will call the police and get you arrested for domestic violence". What could I do? I became silent and agreed. I drank my anger and discarded my ego again. She started sleeping in another room from then on. She also fired the maid and told me in plain simple words "Marko, I have fired the maid. There was no point in keeping her and paying so much money. You say at home all the time and have no other work to do. So now you will do all what she did." She never asked whether I was fine with that decision. Our conversations beccame limited only to household matters. She used to call me up five times to make sure I was doing all the tasks sha had told me to do. She asked many questions everyday, such as "Did the children eat food?" "Did Ashley do his homework?" "Did you buy Ellen the doll she liked?" "Did you clean flora's frock that got stained?" "Did you vacuum the carpet?" "Did you clean the toilet?" "Did you wash the utensils?" "Did you prepare the food?" etc. I had become a house husband. I became her house husband.

Eventually she became more and more dominant and I had to loose more and more of my ego. I became more and more submissive. Slowly, her dominance started appealing to me. I started liking her dominant role and started feeling good in being a house husband. I gained more respect for her while I lost a lot of respect for myself. I understood and accepted her as my boss. As the boss. As my empress. As THE empress. She was my Royal Highness. She was My lady. Next day, I stood at her service at 5 am, though she woke up at 5:30 am. I brought her the first cup of coffee, which she drank without speaking anything. After drinking, she just hung the cup on her index finger. I immidiately grabbed it and kept it on the side table. Before she put her foot down, I placed my hands under her soft beautiful feet and helped her wear her slippers.She got up. I helped her wear the bath robe and she directly went to the bathroom. I was left with no control whatsoever in her life. Rather, I was on the receiving side of her commands. She controlled my life and I had no say in anything whatsoever.

I therefore became a submissive servant from a dominant patriarch.

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  I am a man and I support Extreme Feminism
Posted by: markotropo - 09-22-2017, 11:49 PM - Forum: Eliminate Male Privilege! - Replies (11)

I have come to understand that man has committed crimes more hellish than hell upon women. My head drops in shame upon being part of the section of society that has been responsible for subjugating the most purest form of humanity, the woman. I believe that men do not have any right in asserting any kind of power on the much prettier, sharper, stronger, healthier and certainly more superior than him. I think that misandry is a natural reaction to the evil acts of man. It (misandry) is therefore rightfully meant to not just exist, but prosper. I therefore openly declare support for feminists and misandrists. These people have fought for the right kind of world order. While the idea of equality seems full of justice, i firmly believe that it is only though the establishment of female domination that we can acheive real justice. I think that it is essential to have a better and more peaceful world. What do you think?

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  Pink panties, the men's near future
Posted by: Algoriano1 - 09-22-2017, 08:33 PM - Forum: Gender Role Reversal - Replies (3)

Skirts, pink panties with ruffles, high heels and lace stockings. The future of men is Sissy

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  Feminist Exploitation: I like them big & stupid
Posted by: ModeratorM - 09-22-2017, 04:28 AM - Forum: Celebrate Femininity in Music - No Replies

Is the female equivalent of a wolf whistle a cat call? A pussy pull? A breast beckon?

I like them big & stupid by Julie Brown

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