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  The Groom Cries, The Bride Smiles
Posted by: Lssy - 27 minutes ago - Forum: Gender Role Reversal - No Replies

The most beautiful part of a wedding is when the groom, unable to conceal his true feelings, breaks down and cries in public. While the bride smiles confidently, knowing she's the strong one in the relationship and now everyone knows it.
[Image: tumblr_lv6o5ibLYK1r74zeko1_1280.jpg][Image: groom-crying.jpg][Image: tumblr_lv5o2vXQWK1r74zeko1_400.jpg][Image: KingsContrivanceWedding_SarahCulver_Char...d_0014.jpg][Image: Rockwood-Lodge-Highlands-NC-Wedding-Phot...phy-29.jpg][Image: bournemouth-beach-wedding-amy-kevin-2-of-9.jpg][Image: BA3QArp.jpg][Image: tumblr_lvaxlnYbJl1r74zeko1_500.jpg]

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Posted by: minisissyboy - 4 hours ago - Forum: Female Dominant Fiction - Replies (1)

Though I have put this is the fiction section, there is quite a bit of truth in fact probably 75% is truthful, I will leave you the reader to guess which is which.  I may make some additions when something occurs to me.

By the time I was in my mid teens my typical church attire comprised, long white pelerine socks, flat Mary Jane sandals, white blouse and tie with a respectable neat pleated plaid skirt.  Always worn with full cut frilly rumba panties.
In the winter my skirt was swapped over to a neat grey or navy school pinafore dress.  As well as my plaid skirt I also wore school gingham dresses to church (Mainly spring and autumn.  All very respectable.  Quite a few old ladies in the congregation thoroughly approved. 
My mother used to inspect me before we went to church, my Mary Jane sandals had to be polished, white pelerine socks had to have a straight seam, my pinafore properly pressed and ironed along with my white blouse and neatly tied tie.
I will admit to some relief when I got home when I could change into a denim mini skirt or denim pinafore.  Though sometimes my mother gave a coffee and biscuit session to some of her church friends after the service, so I had to stay in my neat pinafore etc.
I was not embarrassed by the attire, it was just a boyish desire to wear something more casual.

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Posted by: whyguys - 7 hours ago - Forum: Gender Role Reversal - Replies (3)

Am wondering about reactions to this idea....

What are any reactions that a mandatory written monthly report by a male girl be made to her Female Master?

It could include any particular experiences or lessons that she had had in the past month that impressed upon her anything new she had encountered on her training or the nature of Female supremacy, male inadequacy, proper male feminization - anything she might impress her Female Master and/or that training is proceeding on schedule.

i think that such written reiteration of the male's journey under Woman would highly reinforce Her natural dominance.

SHE also should rate and correct the male girl's report so as to guide her in directions She prefers.

If report is inadequate... punishment might be mete out, again illustrating Female control and power.

A male forced to this schedule would also have to make himself continuously focus and analyze daily events and her reaction to them for upcoming report.


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  Short Story longer than 100 words
Posted by: whyguys - Yesterday, 08:30 PM - Forum: Female Dominant Fiction - Replies (2)

In typical male girl silliness did not read the 100 word rule *sob* rules are so hard to obey when a Female Master isn't around to keep us in line... so moved this longer short story here... i'm not good at keeping a proper skirt length either...

Huh Confused Sad

Mike  Rathers tried to hold his breath as he approached the closed bedroom door, carrying the breakfast trays and meals he had gotten up early to prepare.  Still, he let go a gasping sob and  a few tears ran down his cheek leaving a rivulet of mascara.  He trembled, fearful that the the mascara might stain the lace bodice of the new maid's uniform Shana had bought for him to do his domestic chores.  He let out a soft sigh, but the girlishness of sound of it surprised even himself, and his mind fell back on just how far  he had been feminized by his vengeful wife for his adulterous betrayal with his secretary Alyssa.

Shana, threatening divorce, had angrily laid down the law and the humiliating terms of his transformation into Her dainty, demure and submissive handmaiden and as She now  renamed him Her 'Husbette Michelle' -  after making him resign from his position, thus also making him totally dependent upon Shana's salary at the job where She had risen to vice-president.

"MICHELLE... lazy little MISSY!  Where is breakfast, GIRL!"  came Shana's stern voice from within the master bedroom.

Then after hearing the near riotous laughter of the TWO WOMEN, 'Michelle' meekly opened the door and carried the meals he had prepared to SHANA and ALYSSA who had just moments before finished Their deeply satisfying sapphic lovemaking....   Michelle tried to console 'herself' with the thought at least there could never be another moment more  humiliating as this. 

Then Shana kissed Alyssa deeply and cheerfully and victoriously informed Her little 'husbette' just as she curtsied and turned to leave ,

"Oh... MICHELLE SWEETIE... WE totally forgot to tell you last night.  Isn't it wonderful!  Alyssa has been promoted to your old job as head of the office... and at 150% of your old salary.... oh, and MISSY, I forgive you for cheating on Me with Alyssa.  I definitely see what attracted you to Her.   And to think if you hadn't misbehaved  I WOULD NEVER HAVE MET ALYSSA.   And you would have never found your perfect calling as OUR SEXY LITTLE SERVING-GIRL!

Michelle finished offering her perfect curtsy to her two Female Masters.  Then with her will, her heart and her masculinity fully in defeat Michelle left the bedroom with Shana and Alyssa returning to Their mirthful enjoyment of each other's vibrant bodies.... now yet heavier tears of Michelle's mascara and eyeshadow did drip heavily down her sad visage -this time they did STAIN THE LACE BODICE OF HER NEW SATIN MAID'S UNIFORM!

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  Girls day / girls night out
Posted by: SissyPamela - 07-23-2017, 09:30 PM - Forum: Petticoating and Feminization - No Replies

If don't know if it belongs under this category, and it may well appear elsewhere under another thread. But I was wondering if anyone else enjoys "girls days" or "girls night out". I regularly go out with my mother in law and we shop, get mani' and pedi's - facials and such. Just girl stuff. I also have occasional "girls nights" with a very close sissy friend. It's all quite fun, and certainly contributes to my feminization. Do others enjoy such activities? I just love it!‚̧ԳŹ

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  Proactive Parenting guide
Posted by: alexvyaz - 07-23-2017, 06:07 PM - Forum: Petticoating and Feminization - Replies (2)

Petticoating for Schoolboys
Proactive Parenting guide

[Image: petticoating-for-schoolboys-cover.jpg]
[Image: petticoating-for-schoolboys-pages-1-2.jpg]
[Image: petticoating-for-schoolboys-pages-3-4.jpg]
[Image: petticoating-for-schoolboys-pages-5-6.jpg]
[Image: petticoating-for-schoolboys-pages-7-8.jpg]

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  Forced into nappies by your nurses
Posted by: Ali - 07-23-2017, 02:19 PM - Forum: Female Dominant Visual Arts - No Replies

You've had your trousers and underpants removed for the doctor to examine you.

And now the nurses are going to put you to bed. It all seemed okay until they said you'd have to have a nappy on.

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  Not so secret punishment
Posted by: Ali - 07-23-2017, 02:08 PM - Forum: Female Dominant Visual Arts - Replies (2)

Your aunties listen in amazement. They can hear everything on your baby monitor.

They've heard your mother spank your bare bottom with your little sister's hairbrush. And now they can hear her telling you that she's going to put you back into a nappy and a pair of baby knickers.

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  I have dreamt of being female, have you?
Posted by: Sissycindylynn - 07-22-2017, 04:47 PM - Forum: Gender Role Reversal - Replies (5)

Over the years, I have had very, very vivid dreams, of looking down through my own eyes and seeing myself in a female body. These dreams, often so vivid, they have seemed real. I have only to have awoken, crying and very upset, to realize I was still in this body, a sissy not truly a female.

Has anyone here had such dreams and experiences?

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  Used to
Posted by: minisissyboy - 07-22-2017, 04:42 PM - Forum: Female Dominant Visual Arts - Replies (7)

This is the sight I was well used to when looking down when growing up.

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