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  The new internet generation
Posted by: Saz - 6 hours ago - Forum: Gender Role Reversal - No Replies

Throughout the ages males have always secretly tried on Female clothing (I would suggest that there isn't a male in the western world who at some point hasn't tried something on even if it's only for a 'joke') but it was nearly always kept as a secret but now there is a generation of lads out there now who are more than happy not only to wear feminine clothes but post pictures of themselves 'dolled up' onto the internet. 
In these lads pictures they are more than happy to show their faces and vary from those wearing dresses or tutu's for a school plays to wearing make up and even showing pictures of themselves in panties, bras and lingerie.

Surely this new generation of lads who seem happy to slip into a pair of panties or wear make up are what this and other sites like this have been waiting for, a true step in the right direction, coupled with this is a new generation of Females who are members of football teams, rugby etc... the future does seem to be improving!

This generation gets a lot of grief for being 'snowflakes' but I think they have much more confidence than we ever had, there's still a long way to go before we see boys clothes departments that have male briefs with bows and lace on them or even locker rooms were lads are confident to strip down to their frillies in front of other males but things do seem to be going in the right direction with this generation  Wink.

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  Using all the tools available
Posted by: Saz - 6 hours ago - Forum: Petticoating and Feminization - Replies (1)

I was wondering if Females out there who are prominent in the whole Petticoating males, Female Led Relationships and Gender Role Reversal world have found the internet to be helpful tool in either promoting ideas or even in helping them to bring around their own males to the concept?

The reason I ask is that when I type in 'male underwear' into a search engine amongst the images that constantly come up are male lingerie (Xdress, Homemystre etc...) and the traditional male underwear that does comes up are a lot more daring than traditional tighty whities with a lot of silky/satiny materials in boxers and briefs and even a few lacy numbers and as for typing in 'sexy male underwear' well there's certainly a lot of stuff that comes up that you wouldn't hang on your washing line Blush , lol.

Also access to sites like PDQ are a lot more common, so I'm thinking it would be so easy for Females to leave images on their computer or browser history to see if the male takes the bait, a modern version of leaving panties laying around to see if they've been touched if you like, lol.

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  A series of very special fine tights cover
Posted by: NylonChast - Today, 01:15 AM - Forum: Female Dominant Visual Arts - Replies (1)

A series of very special fine tights covers for
MISTRESSWIFE built up over the Years in strict
Pantyhose-Predicament. Every 1st of the month HER
Personal Pantyhose-Magazine is delivered by a totally bound up
Slut often on a tray clamped to his nipples.

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  Nice Transformation
Posted by: Conway - Yesterday, 09:12 PM - Forum: Petticoating and Feminization - No Replies

One of the best transformations I have seen. The wig is a bit obvious, but the dress, makeup, and shoes all work very well. I love the hoops too.

Hopefully he will get some encouragement and grow his hair out a bit, and perhaps get his nails done as well.



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  The waiters that dressed skirts scottish have determined leave of use them
Posted by: Algoriano1 - Yesterday, 11:27 AM - Forum: News & Musings - No Replies

The gender role reversal is more nigh the that think? The waiters that dressed skirts scottish have determined leave of use them, because the women is the raised for verify the that had under they. If the problem was that went naked, i them had tax carry some nice knickers, lol

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  Sissy sightings more and everyday
Posted by: Sissycindylynn - 04-16-2019, 06:26 AM - Forum: Petticoating and Feminization - Replies (4)

As a sissy, more very strong femininity is continuing to expand and become and ever-present part of who I am
I notice what women are wearing, their makeup, hairstyles, purses, manners, means of body movement and how they generally talk, comport themselves and share.

I am also noticing more and more subservient sissies out there in the world,just need to be on the alert.

I was in a counter driven Italian food restaurant, a place where you order and go back to the counter to pick up your food. At the table in front of mine was a female and male couple.  But everytime he went to the counter and returned with a beverage or food, he'd  pull out his pan tops and execute a small curtsey to her, with his head bowed, and she'd smile and either grant permission to sit down, or send sissy back for something else. I was briefly tempted to introduce myself  a sister sissy and mention I had noticed how wonderful it was to see them this way, but I finally decided I didn't want to interfere, didn't know how I'd be recieved. 

This past weekend, it was a bit warmer than it's been. I was with a lady friend, we wandered into a pet store specializing in exotic birds. There was a 20 something sissy there in male Jean's and what seemed to be a ladies light blue sports bra, nothing else on top, just the bra. 

There are many here who saying we are moving forward this way, but if you pay attention, we are out there and it is becoming more and more truly commonplace.  Just pay attention, and you'll see.

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  Swimwear - Which is more feminine?
Posted by: Sissycindylynn - 04-16-2019, 06:07 AM - Forum: Petticoating and Feminization - Replies (13)

I've been considering buying a ladies swimsuit. 
As I am in my middle years, I am strongly leaning toward a ladies 1 piece. 
Do you think a women's 1 piece or a 2 piece bikini more feminine?
Thoughts, ideas, pleyour share what you think, thanks.

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Posted by: Saz - 04-15-2019, 10:43 AM - Forum: News & Musings - Replies (1)

Recently the UK government has just passed a law to criminalize 'upskirting' (taking pictures up somebodies clothing without their approval), it makes me wonder as Females have had to put up with this for years are our male dominated political leaders actually reading the writing on the wall and getting ready for more males wearing skirts and worried that males (their sons, brothers, even themselves) will have this happen to them if trends continue and so are preparing the way for them, lol

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  Prom dresses
Posted by: SuperiorGirl18 - 04-14-2019, 06:57 PM - Forum: Petticoating and Feminization - Replies (25)

Hello everyone I’m a new member to this forum and my name states who I am. I’m a superior girl. I’m 24 and I love with my little brother who is financially dependent on me. Over the last few weeks I’ve been inspired by a particular story on this forum. I’m on the verge on giving my brother an ultimatum. Get a job or I’ll makw him wear prom dresses. Let me know what you all think.

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  What Is Scroop?
Posted by: Andrew Jane - 04-14-2019, 08:29 AM - Forum: News & Musings - Replies (2)

I'd like to draw your attention to something you've probably come across in a story that you've read from-time-to-time. 

Quote:...She worked it over his head and arms then centered it at his waist.  Once she was certain the petticoat was centered and matched the full slip length she quickly tied the white silk laces into a tight bow at Timmy's back.  The lace edged white taffeta was crisp and gleamed in the light but each movement caused a feminine rustle that was unmistakable.  Madge then gathered the final matching taffeta petticoat and did the same.  Then finally, as Timmy moved to the bed and sat down, his head still spinning he watched as Madge minced on her heels to take the black rayon full skirted house dress down from being on a hanger over the top of the closet door.  He'd watched her pick it out at first not understanding it was ultimately meant for him but as Madge took it from the satin padded hangar and undid the long back zipper he noticed her satisfied smile as she approached the bed, the long gathered dress rustling loudly!

"Mmmmm, lovely. Simply lovely!" Madge beamed as she swished Timmy into the black, short sleeved rayon house dress. The thick shiny rayon and the nylon lining felt heavy on the tailored dress as Madge smoothed it down and out. And then Timmy heard the loud rasping sound as Madge pulled up the long back zipper, he felt the dress swish and tighten around his slips and petticoats and become snug over his tight vintage foundations. And then Madge tightly clipped the hook at the top of neck in back and fastened the zipper. She then clasped and buckled the two inch wide black patent leather waist belt. The belt matching the high patent leather pumps Timmy was still teetering on as she smoothed the dress. All the rayon and nylon and satins swishing and zipping in the perfumed air in the quiet bedroom in the quiet house

...the long gathered dress rustling loudly!... ...The thick shiny rayon and the nylon lining felt heavy on the tailored dress as Madge smoothed it down and out. And then Timmy heard the loud rasping sound as Madge pulled up the long back zipper, he felt the dress swish and tighten around his slips and petticoats and become snug over his tight vintage foundations...

I recently purchased a grey taffeta skirt, which rustles quite loudly when I walk in it. Just as in the dress mentioned in the above story, the skirt also has a rayon lining which enhances the rustling sound, especially when I walk about the room.

I just had to know why taffeta rustles so I went and googled "why does taffeta rustle" and was amazed to find there is a word for it.  How many of you know that the term used to describe that swishing, rustling sound is called scroop? I must admit I had never heard of the word.

Highlight the text with your cursor and then copy and paste to the address bar of your browser.


Quote:A characteristic rustling or crunching sound acquired by silk that has been immersed in solutions of acetic or tartaric acid and dried without rinsing. It is probably caused by acid micro-crystals in the fibers rubbing against each other. It is also the rustle that certain fabrics such as silk taffeta have. 


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