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  Helpful to mothers in petticoating their children.
Posted by: LittleMiss - 4 hours ago - Forum: Age Regression and Dummy Discipline - No Replies

I recently found sites for disabled children that include onesies with zips at the back. Sites like Privatina might also do for children as they do custom sizes!


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  Tips on Prostate Orgasm?
Posted by: lacie1973 - Today, 12:43 AM - Forum: News & Musings - No Replies

So I bought a prostate massager a month ago. I've used it about 8 times for about an hour each time. It is not top of the line by any means. It does vibrate though. Each time I've used it I feel like I'm getting closer to the ultimate goal of orgasm. It feels great even not having the big O but I want to experience it so bad. Everything I read from people who have achieved it have said how incredible it is. 

Today I was so close I was shaking. It was amazing and by far the best day yet. Since I'm new to this I was wondering if any of you had any advice or techniques you could share? Also, I feel like each time my prostate is dropping easier and it takes less time to get it feeling really good. It's almost like exercising I guess. I used it yesterday and had an ok session. But today as soon as I stuck it in it was like the prostate was ready for it and it immediately felt great. So does it continue to get easier the more you do it or is that just in my head? Thanks for any and all feedback.

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  Tomboys and Janegirls
Posted by: melodie - 01-10-2017, 05:44 PM - Forum: Petticoating and Feminization - Replies (12)

A tomboy as most know is a girl who prefers to dress, act and play like a boy, a Janegirl is a boy who prefers to do the same but as a girl.  The thing is tomboys are accepted by nearly everyone but Janegirls are not.  A boy who identifies as a janegirl is belittled for doing so.  Why can't boys be just as accepted as the tomboys are.  It restricts the imagination of said janegirl and places limits on the boys ability to learn all facets of life.  Mothers should teach their sons that being feminine is okay and does not restrict their ability to go as far in life as others.  
I would like to hear others opinions on this subject.  I know of several boys who like to wear dresses and play with dolls but are afraid to show this side of themselves.  I mean after all we are all basically the same with 23 sets of DNA, bot Y (male) and X (female) chromosomes.  So why shouldn't boys be allowed to dress in dresses since girls can wear male clothing without repute.

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  Superior Supervised Masturbation
Posted by: micheleFFS - 01-09-2017, 08:14 PM - Forum: Female Dominant Visual Arts - Replies (5)

Superior Supervised Masturbation


I like this image very much. The submissive male obediently refrains from touching his erect penis, awaiting permission from his Superior. She is training him to be obedient though naked and embarrassed. She has just edged him and will do so several more times before denying him relief and placing him back in his chastity. She is older and clearly not someone he might be attracted to. Unauthorized emissions will be punished with pain, humiliation and prolonged denial. Success will be  rewarded with random, infrequent authorized ejaculations. When she completes his training, if a Superior chooses to receive pleasure from him, he'll know not to expect pleasure for himself other than the pleasure of service.

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  Anyone know what movie this is from?
Posted by: tiffany - 01-09-2017, 07:54 PM - Forum: Petticoating and Feminization - Replies (12)

 I just came across this on youtube not sure what its from

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  st. louis area
Posted by: Michellelynn56 - 01-08-2017, 11:23 PM - Forum: Seeking Sissies or Superiors: Real Life Behavior Modification - Replies (2)

Older sissy transgender. Looking for correspondence with those in my area - daddies, mommies, couples, other sissies. Friendship and perhaps more. I'm 60, single, and have a full wardrobe. Other sissies please be smooth. Thank you.

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  Forced to make my own frilly panties
Posted by: Ali - 01-08-2017, 03:47 PM - Forum: Petticoating and Feminization - Replies (15)

One of the many punishments I suffered as a child was being forced to make my own frillly panties. 

I had been petticoated from an early age when my mother deemed it necessary, and slowly got used to the humiliation of being made to wear my little sisters's clothes. 

As I got older Mummy continued to dress me in girls' clothes, especially younger girls' clothes. It actually got to the point where when I was being punished I'd be dressed in clothes more suitable for a girl even younger than my sister, who's two years younger than me. 

Of course, such clothes weren't always easily available, so Mummy firstly took to making me such clothes herself, and then forcing me to learn how to do it. 

One one occasion she decided that I should learn to make my own frilly panties. 

She bought me a pair that were white, cotton and called 'tanga briefs'. They had a full front but a very narrow bit between the legs before opening out towards the waistband. They weren't quite as skimpy as a thong, but not far off. 

She bought me a length of frilly trim which I was to sew onto the leg holes and waistband. She showed me how to stretch the panties over a formed wire coathanger before sewing the frilly trimming on. She explained that this was necessary so that my panties retained their stretchiness in the legs and waistband. 

It took me over an hour to sew the frilly trimming in place, and all the while I had the added humiliation that once I'd completed the task I'd be required at some point to wear the ultra frilly garment. 

I showed Mummy what I'd done, and she was very complimentary, but told me that three layers of frills were required, not just one. So, crestfallen, I went back to my humiliating task until it was completed. When it was done it seemed to me that there was more frothy frills than actual panties. Mummy was delighted. She took me upstairs to try them on. 

As she drew them up my legs I could feel the frills tickling my legs, and as she pulled them finally into place the masses of frills tickled my bottom too. I could see in the mirror that all you could see on my bottom was a thick line of frills sticking out from between my cheeks. My actual cheeks were fully exposed, allowing Mummy to administer my spanking without having to take my knickers down. 

She seemed delighted with my new frilly panties. 

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  Breaking My Wife's Number One Prohibition
Posted by: kerri - 01-08-2017, 01:46 AM - Forum: News & Musings - Replies (9)

By my Wife's orders i normally have to wear diapers and plastic, or rubber pants day and night for 1) very real stress and urge incontinence, and 2) to keep me Her "sissy baby" which she very much enjoys and She feels helps me to be more docile and submissive.  Due to a bad case of razor rash from shaving my bits too close this last time, i was given permission to wear flowery cotton panties until i am healed, albeit with a very thick bladder control pad inside, which requires fairly frquent changing.. Honestly, i have been milking the opportunity to wear them instead of diapers, although i soaked a pair of them last night when, as usual, i got up from a chair and my bladder simply released, as is usually the case, and the pad failed me miserably.
All this is backstory to explain what followed.. Namely, I read a delightfully detailed vignette by Richard Evans at Femdomous (beautifully and tastefully illustrated, as well), and it struck me as particularly exciting to the point that i chose to break the strictest of all of my Wife's rules ---i put my hand inside my panties and before i knew it i had committed the most forbidden of all acts... and to its unforgiveable conclusion. It felt good for about 30 seconds and then bad guilt set in, and i became faced with a decision: (1) refrain from telling on myself to my Wife, and live with the guilt for however long it takes to go away; or (2) tattle on myself and face the absolute certainty of receiving, not a spanking, as is my usual punishment, but, in my Wife's own words, a BEATING. A combination of paddle, razor strop, hairbrush, tawse, heavy wooden ruler, belt, heavy wooden spoon and whatever else She decides on using to express her anger and make me sorrowful for what i have done. We are talking welts and bruises that stay for one to two weeks. 

Having written this comment, and upon reflection, i have decided that a couple of pounds of guilt is better than 100 pounds of immediately unbearable pain, followed by days of real soreness and remorse.  

For the record, one of the reasons why i don't find myself indulging more often in the act my Wife reckons as, "dirty, disgusting, and immature" is the fact that wearing diapers and plastic or rubber pants with blue jeans or trousers over them basically deadens sensations to my "tiny little wee-wee" (as Wife likes to call it) from self-frottage. It is an observation not lost on my Wife, and one of the benefits, in Her opinion, of insisting that i wear them.. And, to be honest, i don't enjoy sticking my hand down the front of my diapers when they are soaking wet. Yes, the wetness is my own "product", but pee is pee and i dont like it all over my hand, regardless of whose it is.

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Rainbow My Transgender Summer Camp
Posted by: tiffany - 01-07-2017, 08:34 PM - Forum: Gender Role Reversal - Replies (2)

My Transgender Summer Camp

This is an interesting TV show which you might be able to watch online about a summer camp for young transgender people. Some of it can be very emotional and sad but there's a lot of very heartwarming moments too. Here is a preview:

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Posted by: lynn_dancer3201 - 01-07-2017, 03:47 PM - Forum: Petticoating and Feminization - Replies (6)

This may seem an unusual perspective, but I would like to get opinions from the forum on this idea: I find that wearing  more girlish attire has an important influence on my sense of self.  Of course,  people interact with a boy in feminine clothing differently.  But also,  I think the that actual physical sensations associated with more girlish things conveys a different sense of myself.    Most girl  things are either very fitted  (tights, leotards,  sweet cardigans,  leggings) or very free and exposing (tunics,  smocks) and leave one feeling VULNERABLE .    The edge of a  neatly-folded ankle sock, the properly  tightened strap of a mary jane over the  arch are so important

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