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  More Transformation Videos
Posted by: Conway - 2 hours ago - Forum: Petticoating and Feminization - No Replies

The Fabrico Castro Fotografia studio in Chile continues to perform the most incredible transformations. Happily, they have put some of their work on youtube for us to enjoy and draw inspiration from.

All of their videos are worth watching, but two recent updates are most worthy of note.

Francisco is literally transformed from an average boy to the most adorable, giggling little flirt I have ever seen. He definitely needs to be a Hooters girl or a Playboy bunny next, he loves the attention.


Emiliano took this transformation more seriously than anyone else. He wore one of his mother's (I presume) outfits to have his ears pierced, and worked with his mother for some weeks prior to his transformation, to have his eyebrows and hair ready.


Wonderful images and beautiful results. If you care to do so, the studio does seem to enjoy receiving sincere compliments and support, so leave them a kind word in the comments section. Support what you love!

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Posted by: Miss Natasha - Yesterday, 02:42 PM - Forum: Petticoating and Feminization - Replies (2)

When you are al dressed up in your beautiful uniforms and dresses, how much attention do you pay to your deportment?

Do you act as femininely as possible, sitting with knees together or legs crossed. Are you always conscious that you are wearing a dress or skirt and make efforts to act as demurely as possible or do you just act like a Man in a dress, sit legs apart and don't mind showing your underwear?

Only ask because from my experiences all the maids I have encountered, with one exception, don't seem to take into account that they are wearing a dress and just carry on as if they were wearing trousers. This also applies to many TVs I have met over the years. 

It just annoys me that Men can not take the effort to try to act as femininely as possible when they have gone to the trouble to wear the clothes and wig and put on the make up, and then spoil it by sitting with their legs wide apart.

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  Maid Service in Disciplania
Posted by: spankedboi - 01-19-2018, 11:30 PM - Forum: Female Dominant Fiction - No Replies

In the Queendom of Disciplania, where males frequently serve punishment terms to recompense past misbehavior, one of the most popular (except for the inmates!) agencies is Ms. Winter's Maid Service.

Here males receive daily injections of special hormones to make them smaller and attitudinally manageable.  They are still highly embarrassed about their status, and sensitive to all forms of punishment, including maintenance spankings, even embarrassed by their needful scoldings.

They are required to maintain diaries, which are open to potential customer reviews.

The hormone injections make the boi-girls reluctantly honest, so they must admit, for instance, if a particular servitude or discipline is more effective than others.

For instance:

Dear Diary:

I had to serve Old Lady Calloway yesterday.  I thought it would be easy, she looked very slender and elegant, also old!

However, she and her room-mate-- a young athletic woman-- made me work outside all daym mowing, pruning, clipping, raking-- before sending me to take a shower with the (cold!) garden hose. Oh!

Then i put on the hated serving maid outfit, and tried to be cheerful to her guests-- who pinched me unmercifully.

Then when it was almost time for the guests to go home, she sent me around to ask each one to evaluate my service!

Naturally they were quite unfair-- and every negative point meant a stroke they could give me with the implement of their choice!

Well, at least it is over, and she said i was such a failure that she was going to request i be reprimanded when i got home!

So of course i was, and had to sleep on the floor as well.

And then-- when I was doing the dishes, guess who came and pulled me by the ear and said to come along and be brisk about it!

sigh... oh, well, only 20 years to go!



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  Masturbation and spanking
Posted by: Governessj - 01-19-2018, 09:31 PM - Forum: Female-Led Relationships - No Replies

As I understand if a sissy prior to a sound spanking is masturbated they can get no sexual pleasure from the spanking, not that they should anyway.

a spanking is a punishment and must hurt and not give pleasure

Sissy should naked on knees in front of mistress

Sissy should be kneeling on an old small rough towel in case of leaks

Misstress should don a pair of rubber gloves and masturbate sissy, when you sense they are about to come, cease rubbing and put there pathetic tiny willy into an empty baby bottle and let the juice dribble out into the bottle

Have sissy place it in the fridge for later.

Then proceed to spank and corner time as normal, once the corner time is done dress them for bed, an early bedtime must always follow spanking even if early in the afternoon

Once ready for bed top up the bottle with cold milk, shake and feed to the sissy with them sat on your lap,  don't allow them to brush teeth before bed

Let them go to bed with the taste of there juice in there mouth, bedtime always means dummy time too tied firmly on


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  Potty training
Posted by: Governessj - 01-19-2018, 09:17 PM - Forum: Age Regression and Dummy Discipline - Replies (3)

Do any superiors make use of a baby plastic pink potty for potty training there sissy.

A delightful site of a sissy sat on a bright pink potty with her dress and underskirts held up whilst being supervised my mistress

Are there any adult plastic potties available to buy?

Imagine the horrified look on there face when faced with the prospect of going into a shop to buy a pink potty and then get some stickers so sissy,s name can go on the front of the potty


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Posted by: Connie Pickles - 01-19-2018, 05:36 PM - Forum: Male Chastity - Replies (2)

I've been in chastity since October but I'm getting the urge to unlock myself (no mistress) and be disrespectful to ladies... any help from ladies who will explain why that's not acceptable??? I know i shouldn't but its like craving drugs right now.

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  Batman, Robin and the School Musical
Posted by: Sissy Leslie - 01-19-2018, 02:21 PM - Forum: Petticoating and Feminization - Replies (1)

Hi everyone.

When I was at School, I managed to get a part in the musical "Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat", as one of the Brothers, Zebulon. (Despite not having a great singing voice!)

In the musical, there is a section where Joseph interprets the dreams of his fellow prisoners, a Baker and a Butler. For the school's version, these parts were replaced by Batman & Robin (!). The two boys selected for these roles were classmates of mine, and were the jokers in the class. They were almost like a comedy double-act.

But when they saw the costumes and what they would have to wear, they were unhappy. The costumes consisted of leotard and tights. (I think that they were really embarrassed that they would have to wear tights. Some of the other boys in the cast did tease them about it).

Still, they managed to overcome their initial humiliation, and despite one or two other things going wrong with the musical, they put in an excellent and funny performance.  As for me? well let's just say that I was a bit jealous of their costumes.. Smile

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  Little girl for mommy or maybe the right dadddy hehe
Posted by: SissySuzy - 01-18-2018, 10:40 AM - Forum: New Member Introductions - Replies (1)

Hello all Smile

I'm a 22 year old sissy boy 5'6 and 145lbs. I discovered the joys of female clothing dressing in my mother and sister's clothes at a young age and still love it, but am looking to make it something more real. I live in Europe and can relocate easy. I'm looking for someone to "force" me to have that little girly childhood I never had. I would love to be reduced to a cute 8 year old little girl and be petticoated in real life like all the stories we've all read Smile. I would love to experience being made to dress sissy like and going to the salon for perms, nails, ear piercings and makeup hehe. If anyone is serious about raising a boy to be a girl and progressing be throughtout female puberty(yes I mean "force" me on hormones Wink.) please let me know!


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  From Fantasy to reality
Posted by: melodie - 01-14-2018, 06:21 PM - Forum: Female Dominant Fiction - Replies (2)

Bobby sat at his desk in school staring at the girls.  They looked so pretty in their flowery dresses and he noticed they never sweated, even in the classroom.  He wondered to himself if he wore a dress would he look as cute and stay dry unlike him in his pants and shirts.  he hated damp or wet clothes.  If he got caught in the rain outside he was miserable until he could get home and change.  He constantly watch the girls wishing he could be as comfortable as them, he never heard the teacher calling his name, seeking an answer to a question he didn't hear.
   WHACK!!!  the yardstick hitting his desk awokened him from his daydreaming.  "Sorry Miss Smith" he said knowing he had been caught once again not paying attention in class.  "Bobby" she said., "you will stay after class today instead of going home so we can talk.  "Yes Ma'am" was his only reply.   The next hour seem to last forever but finally the last bell rang.  All the other kids left while he remained at his desk.   "Now Bobby"  Miss Smith began., "Tell me what was so important you were not listening in class and why were you staring at the girls?"  "It was the heat ma'am" he said.  "I'm sorry for not listening as for the girls they looked so much cooler in their dresses than was I"   "So your saying if you were dressed like them you'd listen better in class Bobby? She asked.  He didn't want to admit that after all he was a boy so he remained quiet.  Miss Smith looked at him "Well answer me!" she said  She lifted his head to face her  "I think I know the answer Bobby." she said smiling at him.   "Come on lets go home, I'll take you since you missed your bus"  They left the classroom and walked out to her car.
     "Bobby we will stop at my house first, then I'll take you home, okay" She said.  They arrived at her home after about 30 minutes.  She had Bobby follow her into her house.   She sat down on an overstuffed chair and had Bobby sit on the sofa.   "Since we are away from the school and no one can hear you answer the question I asked you at school, Do you want to wear a dress?  "tell me the truth Bobby"  She said.   Bobby knew he couldn't lie so he said I only wondered wondered if the girls stayed dry and comfortable.  Pants and these shirts are heavy and get uncomfortable as these long hot days drag on"   Miss Smith sat there for a moment watching Bobby  Then said "What if I got you a dress right now, would you like to try it on and see if it is as comfortable as you think, no one would know but you and I and I would keep it as a secret between us okay.  Bobby looked up at her and said As long as no one else knows I think I would.  Miss Smith stood up and told Bobby to stay where he was and she'd be right back and walked out of the room.  
    Bobby heard her moving some boxes then say this will do nicely.  He didn't know what to expect.  She came back into room carrying some flowery printed cloths.   "Now Bobby" she began "I want you to take off your shirt and under shirt, then you can try this on."  She then shook out a very pretty dress  like the ones  the girls in school wore. Bobby removed his shirts and Miss Smith pulled the dress over his head and down over his body.  He felt strange seeing the dress covering him.  "Now Bobby, so you can feel this as a girl does reach up under the dress and undo your pants and kick off your shoes" She said.  He quickly complied.  Although he felt half-naked he did like the way the dress felt and the cooler air that was enveloping his legs.  Do you like it Bobby? ask Miss Smith
Bobby nodded and said "very much so Miss Smith"  "I Thought so" Was her reply.   "I have a lot of these dresses from when I was a little girl, I saved them hoping someday I'd have a daughter to give them too.  I'd like to give them to you.   Would you mom let you wear them?  "I don't think so Miss Smith." Bobby replied  "Well then if you promise me you will pay attention in class I will keep them here for you, then when it is too hot you can always come here and wear whichever ones you'd like." Miss Smith stated.  Bobby loved the dress he was wearing and quickly agreed.  This continued for the rest of the school year, he coming over to her house several times a week

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Posted by: Governessj - 01-14-2018, 03:42 PM - Forum: Female-Led Relationships - Replies (3)

Do any superiors use anyone to babysit there sissy if they want a night off?

Maybe a nice meal out or trip to the theatre for a play to stimulate the mind?

Who would you use, the daughter of a friend in her late teens?

Or a older sister who has been in charge in the past

Would you have the sissy washed and dressed for bed when they arrived or leave bedtime up to the sitter?

In all cases disciipline duties must be handed over to the sitter and if sissy works sissy pays the sissy fees 


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