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Full Version: Embroidery patterns for panties
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Recently, Mistress Brenda purchased an expensive embroidery machine that she is just learning to use.   One of her projects will be to put some embroidery on my panties as practice for some other projects that she wants to do.  She has tasked me with coming up with a pattern, so I thought that it would be interesting to see what my sister sissies can come up with. 

I am attaching some internet photos showing some ideas, but not limited to these.   Some thoughts, that I had would be perhaps, some Disney princesses,  just the word "Sissy" on them or flowers.  Love to hear what you think.
I think panties with the word Sissy would be wonderful. One I like:
[Image: f1c81d5f3ff2e2a8e20fde41630d4d48.jpg]
My wife had a pair made for me that said just spanked on the bottom very embarrassing