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Full Version: The 'beach rubbers' revisited. 2.
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More of the rubber of infancy.
(08-26-2017, 05:54 PM)Sissyjj. Wrote: [ -> ]More of the rubber of infancy.

And now a rear view.
                                                                                                                                                                                      Being ordered by my Aunt, "Hands on head boy" in this garment had an immediate effect as you can imagine. Out in the hot Summer sun on the beach, as Aunt and her daughter enjoyed the sun shade and an ice cool drink with various lady friends joining them. But you ordered to stand out in the full heat of the sun. "And don't you dare fidget in the least, boy!" Arms first ordered to be at your sides and hands in view. Having been forced to drink a large amount of water before departing, soon very uncomfortable for want of toilet. One's body language soon giving the game away as the inevitable happened. The order then of "Hands on your head boy!" a most humiliating of commands in the rubbers.
Forced wetting is so humiliating, isn't it? I hated having to wet my nappy in front of people.
Sound like child abuse to me, I was beaten and yelled at as a child and what you are describing hurts me so much as even though not given the treatment you were given, mine was hurtful and hateful and horrible. Sorry but using this as a means of being happy brings many many bad memories of my childhood.