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Full Version: Holiday nursery centres
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It's a pity there is no such centre open staffed with strict nannies

Misstress could have a two week holiday on own and send sissie for his own holiday of 24  7 strict baby discipline 

Put in nappies and baby dresses

Strict spankings

Lots of baby food

Lots naps


He will be glad to get back home

There are nurseries that will take overnight visits - though they are expensive and few and far between. A lot of nurseries operate with daytime only hours.

I've found a few over the years.
My mummy and I run a nursery here in Bangkok Thailand.

We have been taking babies for holidays for many many years and have a loyal and fantastic clientele.

We take for a day, a week, a month or how ever long the person can afford to come for. 

As far as price goes, we charge a small daily fee as we know people have to pay an airfare to get there.

In 6 years we have never put our price up and its still at $260 a day. We have a car and can take babies out to visit the zoo or other fun places, but we do charge for those trips as we are not charging an arm and a leg to stay.

We have taken many babies to the beach and its great fun going there.

For more information go to our website but please don't message me "I want a mummy" Mummy and I won't reply to these. The delete button is the only action we will take to those messages.

Have a great day and babies keep those nappy's on and mummy's thank you for caring for the baby's.

My Mummy [attachment=34]
I think this is a luminous idea! Not just for adult littles but all submissives. I've always secretly hoped there was a place I could go to (or be sent to, ideally) for additional training. Think of it as summer school  for sissies, and there could me be many kinds. 

One could focus for instance on improving and training a sissy's housekeeping and domestic servitude skills, while another would deal in strict punitive babification. They could also be used to expose the sissy to situations she doesn't normally face at home that are still beneficial. I could benefit from housekeeping lessons and very strict obedience training because I still have the tendency to argue and want to negotiate about my rules. Spending a summer as a maid in a very traditional setting, being taught how to clean, serve, prepare dinner and otherwise satisfy my superiors, would do me good.. my skills are lacking and I can't just expect my girlfriend to know everything or, even if she does, have and take the time to teach me everything. It would be nice if that could be left to professionals once in a while.  

You also have to consider that just like you don't automatically realise that you're a sissyish boy, and that realisation alone doesn't do much good...the same goes for a lot of Dominant Women, who know they have and enjoy such power but still have to learn to wield it effectively. Society is only marginally accepting of strong willed women, a lot of people are still mostly intimidated by the idea. Just like we would benefit from training, so they could from being able to meet, discuss and share tips and experiences. This will obviously be more like conferences or informal club meetings, and not in the form of the strict training we submissives would get.
I wish I was in thailand that sounds like a great weekend Smile