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What a shame that Wilf of Reincheck has now retired. I was lucky to obtain this leather harness with reins just before he stopped trading. Designed to the type I remember so well, with buckles at the front and in a towel nappy/diaper and hospital red rubber hooded overalls, I feel very restrained.

The reins are useful for Nanny to secure her big baby into the high chair, crib, pushchair or pram. Other leather straps can secure the wrists well out of the way. Also, a wide leather crotch strap can be attached to give Nanny the ultimate control, especially when walking the boy out.
Some interesting AB reins i found online .
(12-01-2017, 12:06 PM)Bill Wrote: [ -> ]Some interesting AB reins i found online .

Heavy restrictive baby punishment, or is it?
I like the one with the balled up fists.
Most definitely a step up in disciplinary restraint from mittens; thumbless mittens and locking mittens - finger manipulation is a BIG BALLED UP ZERO !
Anyone have any more image/photos of this - SOURCE - history - very interesting !!!

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1259]
I love the thick balled ‘mittens’. But I especially love the wide leather piece between baby’s legs. That would force baby’s legs apart, so waddling was inevitable.
Really thick nappies make your legs like that too, but the baby reins to keep you tied to a high chair, or lying on your back in your cot...

The thick nappies or a spreader like that mean that you can't really walk, so have to crawl or sit like a baby on the rug and bounce your bottom to move, even worse when Daddy puts a plug in my bottom so each bounce is like um, he is making me f@ck my bottom myself.
This is the only other pic i have found of these type of reins .
(12-08-2017, 10:27 AM)Bill Wrote: [ -> ]This is the only other pic i have found of these type of reins .
I've never really heard about diaper discipline until I joined this site, but these images of completely helpless males in their proper place has definitely changed my mind. I would love to try this! It's gotten all worked up in my chastity belt. Being excited like this in a diaper would feel much better.
Imagine how excited you would be locked in a chastity device and then in a well padded locking diaper cover
and wearing fingerless thumbless mittens wearing your very own portable potty prison with nary a degree of
relief until that special someone takes charge of your situation. With enough padding you become like the
Michelin man no humping having any effect and even if it did everything is tightly controlled within.
With this outfit going out in public would be the nth degree in humiliation and that special someone would
most certainly want to use reins to keep you out of trouble but at least at an arms length away.
Oh did you note the optional sleigh (jingle) bells to clear the path and let'em know you are coming or maybe
that should be not cumming !

Dream the impossible dream - a fantasy is terrible thing to let go to waste !

There are lots of other forums dealing with diapers - you just have to browse the internet to find them
getting out of this Houdini jam. Did someone just jingle your rein straps to move along - oh that's me
time to move on - have a nice browse !
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