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morning I'm off for hospital appointment this morning, then after being taken into town to buy a few bits from the big Boots chemist having to get some wipes, cream but also need one or two new dummy's always get a red face going to pay
I know what you mean, it's as if they just know it is all for your personal use. I hate it when my wife takes me shopping as she is guaranteed to make such a big song and dance about it and all I want to do is throw money at the cashier and run away.
I buy my disposable nappies in Boots.

I have a rule that I only go when it's really busy, so I have to queue up holding the big pack of nappies, and everyone can clearly see them. And then when the girl on the till asks if I'd like a bag for them I always say no.

Usually I'm wearing a nappy when I buy more, and I always imagine people can tell, even though I know they usually can't.

It's exquisitely humiliating.
I don't use disposables my self as I see them as an abomination to this planet but we use them for visiting babies to the nursery.

When Mummy and I go shopping before a baby comes, we will go to Tesco's near our house here in Bangkok and mummy will hold on up to me and ask if its the right size baby.

I am always well padded in my terry nappy and plastic pants under my short.