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Full Version: Sadie and Her Mom- New York Times
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This is not about petticoating per se but about a sad little boy who is now a vibrant, adorable young little miss, as you will see. 

Samuel is now Sadie and living a little girl's life with her sister and understanding mom and dad.

No, this is not some manufactured story- it appeared in last Saturday's New York Times.

Mom is dead on in her plea- why would anyone want to make this sweet young girl use the boy's bathroom? It's nice to see a child be happy and feel good about herself.

We can only wonder how many of us would have become Sadie if given half the chance and with parents who embrace who we are, rather than reject us for what we're not.


What a heart warming story.
Agreed, great story. I love seeing such brave feminine warriors and their great moms fighting for their rights. These angels are the pioneers of today, making the world a better place for all of us.


Thanks for posting this. A terrific contribution here. I subscribe to the Times, but I missed this.

Mike: I missed it initially as well, and I too subscribe (online). Sadie just looks so natural (and more importantly) so happy as a young girl!

Glad you enjoyed this!