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Full Version: Dressed by Aunty
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The boy's Aunty had made him wear identical clothes to his little cousin all week. When she said he'd be allowed shorts to go out on Sunday he thought his ordeal was over. How wrong he was.
It could be worse - he could be in that delightful blue dress and white tights of his little cousin
In some ways it's worse being dressed as a sissy boy than as a little girl. As a young child I could pass quite easily as a girl when my Mum put me into a dress and tights. But if I'd been made to wear those tiny shorts and frilly knickers I would have stood out a mile.
A very fair comment..."feminine" boys clothes stand out a mile.
When I was younger and being punished my mother would mockingly ask me if I wanted to look like a little girl or a boy in a dress. I soon realised that it was much better to look like a little girl. Although it was humiliating having to actively participate in my punishment by having my hair brushed a certain way, or put into an Alice band, and later having a little make up on and my nails painted, it was better to pass unnoticed as a girl than be exposed as a boy in a dress.
I found the discipline intensely shameful when I was dressed as a girl and had to act like one, for fear of being exposed. Being mocked by my little sister for wearing a short dress and frilly knickers, when she was in jeans, was thoroughly humiliating.
Auntie told him, don't worry you are wearing shorts not a dress. Then he noticed his outfit.
Many of us had an Auntie that just seemed to know best, lol.
I agree with Ali, I would very much prefer the dress to the sissy shorts. So much easier, and thus less humiliating, as I could blend in as a girl. And yes Michaela, I certainly had an Auntie that new what was best for me!