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Full Version: Pink disposable diapers (among others)
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So I know many people on here are sissies who like to have feminine things, and while I don't spend much time wearing feminine things or dressing sissy, I do like to have the occasional indulgence. Because I need diapers for bladder control issues, I tend to use disposables instead of cloth (especially with wearing to work and the discreetness of a disposable versus cloth and plastic pants).

At the same time, I tend to wear higher absorbency diapers so I'm not changing multiple times throughout the day and I don't leak at night. Normally, I use the Absorbency Plus line from XP Medical, but as I said, I like to indulge in play every so often.

So I've ordered a mixed case of diapers from in the Amor/Idyl line. I've not tried them before, and I thought the blue versus pink would be an interesting mix. For those wanting something that is definitely not masculine, the Amor diapers are something to look at. Reviews I've heard from others seem to indicate good absorbency and fit.

Of course, if you want cloth with waterproof pants over the top, you can always go to to look at their selection, they offer both plain and printed cloth diapers and pants.
Wearing diapers of any type pull-ups tape tabs cloth with pins and any color would not be so much the highlight.
What is worn over the diapers for a moisture proof cover is what would be the ultimate highlight - think frilly lacy ruffled
bum these details in contrasting colors and some being in NEON PINK ! Consider also the diaper cover having
sufficient bulk to wear doubled up diapers with or without pads and additional crotch inserts to produce the desired effect of waddling !
To further develop this the bulk can not be covered by anything but a "A" frame skirt or dress with shorten hem line.
For a skirt add a cap sleeve "T" shirt/blouse with a belly button hem bottom and then ankle sox frilly lacy detailing and the mary janes !

From here one could go with a tutu like petticoat making the underpinnings partially visible either with the skirt or dress and of course in complimentary SISSY colors !
You can run (waddle) but with the bulk it will be ever so difficult to hide !