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Full Version: Cot for sleeping in
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Are any of you made to sleep in a large adult sized cot in wood

high sides so no chance of escape!

With waterproof padded mattress and baby bed covers

If you do where is it

In mummies bedroom or seperate bedroom

No, but i would love that!!! ?And i would love for it to have a locking slat wood lid and built in (but not visible unless being used) leather restraints!
I sleep in a high sided crib (cot) every night in my nursery. It has a loud, crackly waterproof mattress cover because sometimes, my plastic panties leak.
I'm not restrained there, but at the same time, I'm not allowed in Mommy's room either. She says that's only for real men, and more specifically, her boyfriend.

[Image: s12ulzu6dbsos064g.jpg]
No but I wish i could tucked up with my dollies
Yes, I sleep in a very large adult size cot. It's not locking because as a baby I'm only 6 months so I can't get out anyway.
My cot is in the same room as mummy's bed and she always puts me down to sleep.


I love sleeping in my cot, I don't have a cot bumper because its so hot here in Thailand and I don't like Airconditioning that much so we use fans.

Happy New Year everyone.
I wish, can not afford that although have mentioned to my Momma the inflatable one so hope to get that.