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Full Version: Supervised sissy bathtimes
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Just has a nice bath and in bed in long winter nightdress

I was wondering if any sissies have bathtimes supervised

Not allowed to was your own sissy clitty

Nanny does using a soft pink flannel

Then dried in a nice big fluffy towel

Into flannel nightdress and bed by 7

Nancy Edwina has the privilege of one cold shower per week.  I supervise her to make sure she washes her hair and body with carbolic soap but does not make any attempts to fondle herself.   I make her stay in for 10 minutes under the freezing water.  After this she is very appreciative of putting on her school uniform or just her woollen knickers and vest, long wool nightgown, bed cardigan and mittens.
Jenny had my bath taken away . She was affraid that i would drown . Now i have a little sit in shower where Jenny will wash me . She won't even let me brush my own teeth now .