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Full Version: Captain tights!
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Hi everybody.

A few months ago, I managed to get a box set of the original Star Trek series Season One (Remastered). I have finally got around to watching it, and the second episode Charlie X proved to be quite interesting.

There is a scene where Kirk is teaching Judo. he is bare-chested and apart from wearing black boots, is wearing a fetching pair of red tights with Starfleet insignia! (I am not sure of the material - cotton, perhaps?). As if that wasn't enough. just before we see Kirk, there are some female Enterprise crew members doing gymnastics. They are all dressed in red, long-sleeved, footed catsuits, again with the Starfleet insignia. (As someone with a fetish for wearing leotards and catsuits, I have to say that I really enjoyed this episode!)

Perhaps the designer of Cosplay costumes could come up with something? - only a thought!   Smile
I certainly saw the more regular uniforms in pictures from conventions (sorry don't have a link to them), even the very short tunics (bare legs) and pointy boots. I agree, the tights, leotards and catsuits you saw in the episode would be lovely to find.