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Full Version: Men dressed as Victorian Boys in sailor suits on television
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Hi everyone.

One thing I really enjoy is when a television programme features an adult male dressed as a boy in a sailor suit. (I tend to get envious!). 

Here are some programmed that have featured this:

Sorry!  In this BBC sitcom, Ronnie Corbett plays Timothy Lumsden, a man who still lives with his parents. His mother is determined to keep him tied-up to her apron strings and snuff out any notion of independence.  In one episode, there is a dream sequence featuring a Railway station in the Victorian era.  We see Timothy dressed in a white sailor suit complete with straw boater-style hat. In this sequence, he is imaging himself as a little boy taking a train and getting away from his parents. (At least that is how I remember it!  - I really must get the box-set!).

? I can't remember the title of this ITV sketch show. I do know that it featured  the actor William Franklyn and the comedian Jim Davidson. In a sketch, the cast are dressed as a Victorian family. Jim Davidson is dressed as a little boy in a white sailor suit (again with a straw-boater style hat). He is seen licking a lollipop. (I can't remember the punchline of the sketch. What I do remember is that I was envious at the thought that on my TV there was a man who getting paid to dress up as a little boy in a  sailor suit. I felt a bit aroused imaging wearing such an outfit, but tried not to let is show as my Dad was present!).

Monty Python's Flying Circus  In one episode,there was a sketch set in a Victorian Living-Room, with the cast in costumes from that era. The (sadly missed) Graham Chapman was dressed as a boy in a sailor suit. Again, it was white and worn with a boater-style straw hat. (It seems to have become a stereotype that if you want to portray a Victorian boy, you have to wear a white sailor suit and boater-type hat!).

Rising Damp. Although we don't actually see a sailor suit in this classic ITV sitcom, it is implied. The landlord Rigsby (Leonard Rossiter) is not happy that one of his Renters (played by Peter Jeffries) has not  paid any rent. When he confronts him, during the conservation, Peter Jeffrie's character says that he can hypnotise Rigsby. Rigsby scoffs at this and challenges him to do it. Still sceptical, Rigsby is then hypnotised. He is told that he is no longer an adult, but a little boy romping around in his sailor suit. He also convinces him that it is also a  boiling hot day, and that he has to remove all of his clothing. (He starts to strip off before being snapped out of his trance).

That's as far as I have got to with this. Are there any other TV programmes or films that have featured men pretending to be little boys and dressed in sailor suits? Please let me know as I would be very interested and grateful.   Smile