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I am Kelly. I am new to the website just discovered it a few days ago. In fact I had never heard of Petticoat Discipline before. I am so glad I have found this.

We have been living this lifestyle for about 8 years, married for 12. I look forward to learning more and growing. I am the submissive housewife in the relationship. My Significant Other does not hold much interest in social media so will be unlikely to visit or comment but is supportive of my being here.

Looking forward to seeing you around in the posts.

-Sissy Kelly
Welcome Sissy Kelly! Sounds like you will have much to contribute from your experiences. And of course, there's lots to see here and learn from others. Look forward to hearing about your life.

A very warm welcome to the forum, Kelly. Petticoating is undoubtedly an interesting topic but as a former petticoatee myself, an experience which is much better appreciated after the fact than during it. 

Anyway, there is a wealth of discussion on the forum already about that and much more. Hopefully we will read more from you in due course.
Hello Kelly. Welcome to our group.
Hello Sissy Kelly, welcome to petticoating, have fun here.
Hello Kelly,
I think you’ll enjoy it here, so glad you joined us.
Hi Kelly, welcome. 

I love that you are kept. I love that you are a submissive housewife. I love that you are in chastity 23.9/7. I love that you are so close from the pegging you receive every week. I love that you feel your being pegged is better than you penetrating anybody ever was.

If you feel comfortable doing so, when you might be ready, I would love to hear your story of when and how it all started, who introduced what to whom, etc.
Welcome, Kelly. I’m sure you’ll find lots of like minded people to chat with on here.

I’m sure many of us would love to hear more about how you became a kept sissy housewife.
Welcome Kelly. I hope sometimes when you are all dressed up with curlers in your hair doing housework, you can take a break and log on to the website. It will inspire you to please your Superior Female even more.
Welcome Kelly. Glad you found us. Sorry your SO won't be joining us. She might learn some new ideas here or provide us with ideas of her own. Enjoy your time here and please share some of your experiences with us.
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