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I am a new little sissy here I like to be in diapers, was treated like a baby sissy girl I live in Switzerland, and I live alone, I have never had the chance to live with a mistress or a dominant woman to make me his little sissy baby

I also have another desire is to be able to become and be a sissy baby cuckold, for the mistress or a dominant woman I think it is normal when you are diaper and ink a baby that the dominant woman or mistress who is accompanied by a sissy baby to make a cuckold

if one is still in diaper one does not deserve the same rights as adults and especially not the right to sex as an adult a dominant woman or a mistress deserves really good sex with a real man able to give him the pleasure that the woman deserves
Hi! Welcome to our group. I hope that you like your time here.
(08-01-2021, 08:02 PM)Cindy Wrote: [ -> ]Hi! Welcome to our group. I hope that you like your time here.

yes I like the forum it’s nice



Welcome to the forum. Thank you for sharing with us a bit about yourself, it sounds like you will fit in quite well here. I hope we’ll benefit from your views on some of our other threads.
Hello sissybblucy. Very nice to meet you. I'm sure you'll fit in well here.

thank you all for your welcome

yes I hope I fit in with you

and participate in your discussions