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Full Version: hi..a new pic for my avi...
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hi !   
      i wanted to put a preetie sissy photo up for my avatar and say hello again.
i just love reading sissy stories and especially the sissification ones of when we were boi's wanting to be "petticoated by our mother...
That’s a delicious confection you’re wearing there, Muffy!

Were you petticoated by your mother? Or how did you start on the road to such frilly finery?
Muffy, that’s certainly a very fine frilly outfit.
(07-31-2021, 04:44 PM)afp Wrote: [ -> ]Muffy, that’s certainly a very fine frilly outfit.

What pretty shoes, too!

Would love to see more ?


A big hello from me then, Muffy - lovely choice of Avatar. I hope we’ll read plenty more from you.
Hi Muffy, enjoy this wonderful forum the girls here are awesome.