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Hello, I am new here. My name is plastik62. I am happily married with Marianna for over 18 years now and we life in The Netherlands . I am not just her husband but also being her diaper boy. Marianna demands that I wear cloth diapers and plastic baby pants for 24/7. It all started on our first night together and I woke up and wetted the bed. First I told her that it was just an accident but when it happened frequently I could not deny it anymore that I was a bedwetter all my life. After a harsh conversation with her the next morning, she decided that I needed diapers at nighttime. 
That morning she had a long conversation with my mother over my bedwetting problems in my youth. She told Marianna that I never stopt the wetting and that I was kept in cloth diapers with plastic baby pants all my life. After the conversation with my mother she told me that I must wear cloth diapers and plastic baby pants at night again. Marianna ordered some pretty heavy diapers, plastic baby pants, rubber baby pants, a rubber bedsheet and al sort of other baby stuff for and 3 days later it arrived. She washed all the cloth diapers at the same time and put them for drying outside on the washing line so all our neighbors could see there was a baby living here. I was very embarrassed but my wife is not interested in my embarrassing. 
Nowadays I wear them all the time, I have my own babyroom with a cot, my own high chair, changing table and lots of diapers (cloth and disposables), plastic and rubber baby pants, some plastic and rubber outfits, etc.
Kind Regards.


Welcome to the forum and a very interesting introduction to start off with. There are certainly plenty of others amongst us can boast similar experiences and a number who currently inhabit a not dissimilar relationship dynamic
Hello and welcome to our group.
Welcome plastik62. Have fun here. You're not the only diaper boy. Your mother is very good to teach your wife so well to look after you properly.
Hello and welcome. You are very lucky to have someone like Marrianna to look after you and keep in thick nappies and plastic pants. I would love to see a photo of your babyroom complete with cot and highchair.
Best wishes,