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Full Version: Nappy and baby knickers on show
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I was reminded recently of something that happened to me when I was about ten years old. 

I'd been given two days of 'nappy punishment' - ie my mother made me wear nappies for two days. This wasn't as bad as full 'baby punishment', when she'd dress me not just in a nappy and baby pants, but also other items of baby wear like a romper suit or even a dress, but it was still pretty embarrassing. 

Anyway, I can't remember what I'd done, but I'd been put into a terry nappy and a pair of waterproof baby knickers. It was summer time, so I had on a t shirt and shorts as well. 

We were going to visit some friends of my mother who lived on the other side of town. I was embarrassed about having to go out with a nappy on, but Mummy's friend had seen me in nappies before. In fact she'd even started using nappies as a punishment for her own son. 

When we got there it turned out that John was being punished that day as well, and when we went in there he was in just a t shirt and a pair of white plastic pants, clearly with a disposable nappy on underneath. 

I know it shouldn't have, but it made me feel slightly better knowing that although I was pretty sure they'd still be able to tell I had a nappy on, at least it wasn't on display like John's was. 

Soon the ladies were chatting, and they started talking about both us boys being in nappies. It was quite embarrassing being discussed like that, as if we weren't there. I tried to not listen, but I found myself hearing "you're right. It doesn't seem fair that John's not allowed trousers but Ali's still got his shorts on. Ali, come over here and let me take your shorts off. You'll be more comfortable in just your nappy and baby pants anyway."

I could hardly believe my ears. I hesitated but the threat of slapped legs made me move more quickly. I stood next to my mother as she hooked her fingers into the elasticated waistband of my shorts and pulled them down. 

The baby knickers she'd chosen for me that morning weren't the most humiliating ones I had, but they did have a line of lacy trim round the legs and waist. They were more babyish than John's, which were just plain. And I always felt a terry nappy was somehow more babyish than a disposable, so I was disadvantaged on two counts. 

John and I had to play on the floor in our nappies, baby pants and t shirts until our mothers were done. We were just like big babies.
At least you didn't have to go outside...was there an unspoken understanding with your friend that you were both consigned to nappies for the day and thats the way it was going to be?
I'm so glad we didn't have to go outside in just our nappies etc. That would have been really embarrassing. John's sister came home while we were there, and that was bad enough being seen by her.

John and I didn't mention our nappies. I think we were both just too embarrassed. I did catch him looking at my pants a couple of times though. I'm pretty sure he was glad his didn't have any frills on them, and that he'd only been put into a disposable rather than a terry nappy like me.
My nappy and panties were always on show . It was just the way it was . If anyone commented they were usually hushed up wby someone pointing out about the poor disabled child .
It's terribly humiliating, isn't it, being in nappies and baby pants and adults talking and acting like that's a perfectly normal thing for a teenager to be wearing.
It is . Especially when people just think you are retarded because you are disabled and talk away about you as if you weren't aware of how they were talking about you being in nappies and panties . Even patting them to see if you are wet .
I seemed to always be getting my bottom patted when I had a nappy on, especially if it or my baby knickers were visible. Women in particular seemed to think it was okay to feel my padded bottom on the pretence of checking if my nappy was wet or full.
Daddy has a friend that I have to call "Uncle" and they love to chat about me as if I'm not there or can't understand. Daddy will talk about how wet I get and can't control, or about how he is plugging my bottom to train me and how I enjoy it or about how small my peepee is compared to his.
(12-03-2017, 05:59 AM)wailer Wrote: [ -> ]Daddy has a friend that I have to call "Uncle" and they love to chat about me as if I'm not there or can't understand. Daddy will talk about how wet I get and can't control, or about how he is plugging my bottom to train me and how I enjoy it or about how small my peepee is compared to his.

Maybe when you are fully trained . Your Daddy will take you dom dogging and let you experience serving many masters .
Back in my years at boarding school for special needs kids was the time I experienced having my nappies on show the most often. At weekends when I didn't go home was not unusual to be in a nappy in T shirt and left to play when at boarding school. This was specially when waiting for your turn at bath time which was communal affair with my self and another being the last to have a bath no mater when you turned up. A care giver would lye you down and take off you plastic pants and unpin you normally wet nappy before giving you your bath even up to the age of 11. Then being dried with a towel before being put in to a fresh terry nappy and plastic pants and sent back to you room which would sleep 6 to 8 so no privacy about your napped state.
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