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Full Version: First day at your new school
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You've been sent to a new school, and your aunt has told you that it's an exclusive girls' school and that there is a strict uniform regime.

You protest at her insisting you wear panties, tights and a little pleated skirt, but she hauls you across her lap and gives you a sound spanking. When she stands you up, sobbing, you meekly accept how she decides to dress you.

When you get to your new school, however, you find that not only is it not an all-girls' school, but that even the girls aren't wearing skirts, and that they're allowed trousers.

You try your best to blend in and not let anyone know you're a boy in a skirt, and you think you've done well. But as you head for home, two of the mean girls, and one of their boyfriends, accost you.

"Where do you think you're going, sissy boy?" asks one of the bullies.


Love the Jamie Avesta artwork you’ve included there. 

That would certainly be an embarrassing situation in which to be placed and I don’t envy his interrogation by the mean girls. That said, having attended school in my friend, Gabrielle’s uniform on a handful of occasions there are aspects of this to which I can relate to quite well. 

Thank goodness that unlike this poor soul I had the benefit of knowing that on each occasion it was just for one day.  Big Grin
Oh my, what a difficult start even before the first day, then despite your best efforts to blend in, to be outed in a such a humiliating way by the girls, especially in front of one of the boys. Nice art, the pleated skirt and tights do look nice. If I was him, could say I'm off to convince the head teacher to change the uniform code for the boys. The other boys would of course not be happy, but the girl bullies would be very pleased and no boy would dare step out of line.


Either that or the boys would get so panicked by the prospect that he would end up in the hospital  Wink
I wonder what the mean girls have in store for the poor boy. He must feel very vulnerable in such a short skirt, and with only a thin pair of tights between the girls and his panties.
(05-03-2021, 07:47 AM)Ali Wrote: [ -> ]I wonder what the mean girls have in store for the poor boy. He must feel very vulnerable in such a short skirt, and with only a thin pair of tights between the girls and his panties.

Yeah I a wondering that too as he is very vulnerable.
At the very least I’m sure they’ll make him lift up his skirt and show them his panties.

How utterly humiliating for the poor boy.

And I wonder if he’d tell his aunt what happened when he got home. Or if she’d give him a spanking over her lap for telling tales.


Given his reluctance to attend from the outset, I would imagine she would assume he was simply looking for an excuse to get out of his predicament  Wink
They sure would want to lift his skirt and humiliate him. He better be wearing fancy panties, but probably isn't as that would be against the school rules. They'll threaten to tell the whole school if he does not show his panties or get fancy ones.

If he's timid he may not tell Aunty, so may just have to see can he acquire in a shop or some other way some fancy panties to switch into in the toilet the next day at school. If he does tell aunty, she won't believe him and definitely won't want him breaking school rules. She would of course spank him for that and/or on his own getting fancy panties.

He sure is getting into some dilemma.
If the bullies have told him to wear a certain style or colour of knickers the following day he’s going to have to ask his Aunt for them. And how would he explain asking for, say, pink panties with lacy frills?

He either has to admit that two girls made him lift his skirt to show them his panties, and then insisted he wore pink ones tomorrow, or he’s going to have to pretend that it’s his choice, and he just wants to wear a pair of very girly knickers.

Either way he’s in for a thoroughly humiliating conversation.
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