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Full Version: Embarrassing and shameful
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“Right,” said Miss Smith to her class, “who can tell me the difference between ‘embarrassing’ and ‘shameful’?”

After a brief pause while the children tried to work out the meaning of those two quite long words, David, the class swot, puts up his hand. 

“Miss, when Mummy punishes me and makes me wear my little sister’s knickers, that’s embarrassing. But when she puts me back into a nappy and I have to use it, then that’s shameful.”

There was another brief silence as the other children took in what he’d just said. And then they all started laughing and pointing at him. 

Which was both embarrassing and shameful.
Very true. Clearly David thinks everyone is subject to such treatment though. He clearly feels able to vocalise it far more than I ever did.  Wink
Poor David, tho he’s smarter than the other kids.
Maybe poor David felt that his punishment was so normal that everyone would understand it and have experienced it. Not sure how he expected the girls to react, maybe he thought they got punished by being made to wear boys’ underpants.

Or maybe he was just in his own little world, and maybe he’d been put into panties to go to school that day, and he just wasn’t really thinking.

I wonder if he’s ever been his own little world in class and accidentally called the teacher ‘Mummy’, as I’m sure we’ve all done.