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Full Version: Wanting to try nappy discipline
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I am new here *waves*

I have worn nappies on and off pretty much forever. I do not have a partner and find myself craving discipline.

I have tried to nappy discipline myself by trying to make myself wear nappies when I don't want to. But the times I want to wear them, I get excited and do creamies and then feel so ashamed and have in the past purged my nappy supplies.

I have disposables, terry nappies and plastic pants. I am wondering if I should be pushing myself to feel the shame once I have done creamies and then wear the nappies?

Or should I be looking at stopping myself from having creamies by the way of a chastity device and then the nappies still stay?

Any advice, please?

Danni xx
Welcome to the forum, Danni - you sound like an interesting character and I hope this will be but the first of many contributions to come. 

When I was younger I underwent nappy punishment on a reasonably regular basis so my take on it is probably somewhat different to your’s. What is apparent however is that the act of releasing does cause many acts which previously felt to be a good idea when aroused to become much less desirable so if you are intent on pursuing this further that might be something you have to get past. 

I suppose it depends how you want to feel when wearing them. If you want to enjoy them then it sounds as though maintaining that arousal will be key for you but if you want to feel chastised then perhaps the shame and embarrassment is something you ought to be courting (I certainly got more than my fair share while under nappy punishment).  Wink
Thank you for your reply.

I guess I have been through the discipline before when I was younger. As a bedwetter, I was nappied in front of my siblings every night on the living room floor until I was 9 years old. It was terry nappies then and I remember the bulk as my pyjama bottoms were pulled over them. I would then sit and watch TV with the family for a while before bed while it was so obvious I was in nappies. That is how I believe I got this kinky side. I think the mixture of care, shame and love have some mixed emotions for me.

I have had partners in the past who endulged me with nappies from time to time and one time I asked my girlfriend to put me in nappies for the evening. She got angry with me and did it but instead of it being for the evening, she had me in them all the next day too. I got fed up with it and she said... "You wanted it". So she smacked my bottom several times during changes and I felt I really didn't want to wear them but I had no choice. I think that is real discipline but it was many years ago and I crave experiencing it again.

I am currently trying to wear nappies to bed but get hot and take them off. I know I wouldn't have that option with a partner but it's so difficult to discipline myself.

I have also been experimenting with ruined orgasms and I think that does work to enforce a feeling of being under control.

Danni xx
Hi Danni, and welcome!

I completely understand the link between being put back into nappies as a child, finding it incredibly humiliating, especially when it was done in front of my little sister, but over time growing to love that humiliation.

I also understand your dilemma about whether to enjoy wearing your nappies now and then take them off, or force yourself to keep them on, even when you don’t really want to.

I think if you genuinely want to understand nappy discipline you should try forcing yourself to keep your nappies and baby knickers on for a pre-determined period, and tell yourself that you cannot take them off until that time is over. You may allow yourself to change your nappy if you wet it, because you don’t want to catch nappy rash, do you?

Once you know you’re going to have to wear them for, say, 12 hours, you can feel that as part of your discipline. If you allow yourself to make a little sticky mess in your nappy after half an hour you’ll know you still have eleven and a half hours to go. So if you do want to make a sticky you’ll soon learn you’re better off holding off until nearly the end of your nappy time.

In time I’m sure you’ll learnt to discipline yourself with your nappies.

Happy to chat on DM if you’d like.
Hi Ali,

That all makes sense and I have tried what you're suggest before with a little variation.

I wore a terry nappy and baby knickers (as you say). I have a pair of pink semi transparent ones which I feel are more humiliating. I also have normal semi transparent and some white PUL ones. So, I done it before where I wore the nappy for hours, wet a couple of times and then played with myself until stickies happened. As soon as that happened, I felt ashamed and kind of disgusted with myself and took the nappy straight off and got cleaned up and then back into underwear. That's where you say I can push past that and tell myself I'm in nappies for a set time.

I also done it where I stayed in nappies all day and didn't do stickies until the evening. Again, once that is was done, I felt ashamed and disgusted and got cleaned up. I am currently trying a in between thing where I wear a nappy and edge when I feel excited but stop before stickies happen. I do this over and over until I finally release. Sometimes it turns out to be a ruined orgasm by accident.

I think the thing to try is to do stickies first and then put the nappies on and see how that makes me feel. I know I will most likely hate it but after a while will be ok. Just finding that balance of play where I can feel shame while being on the edge of excitement.

I am also happy to talk via DM if you like.

Danni xx
I think you need to keep your diaper on after you have made cummies. The feeling of shame and disgust with yourself that you feel is what you deserve, your punishment in effect.
I think you’re right, Nicola.

If you get excited by wearing nappies, but want to experience what it’s like to be made to wear them as a punishment, then it’s entirely appropriate that you should have to wear your nappies after the excitement has gone.

And also, keeping a nappy on after you’ve soiled it, however that might be, is exquisitely humiliating.
I'm glad we are in agreement Ali. I suppose the ultimate humiliation is keeping your wet and soiled nappy on after making cummies in it. (Or making cummies in it while it is wet and messy!)
It sounds to me like you may benefit from a pair of locking plastic panties and a timed lock. That way you don't get the choice to change until the time is up. Imagine yourself sitting in a wet, messy and sticky diaper and checking the clock to discover you still have several more hours to go.
Good point, Cindy. If nothing else it will be an education as there is quite a difference between wanting to explore nappy punishment and liking the idea of wanting to explore nappy punishment  Wink
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