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Full Version: Easter Bunny
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I thought you’d like to know about my Easter story. 

Years ago, when I was maybe 11 or 12 we got invited to our Aunt Jane’s house for Easter. To make it more fun, they decided that all four children should dress up for the Easter egg hunts in the garden. 

Anyway, long story short, Lucy and our cousins wore very girly Easter dresses, and I had to dress as the Easter bunny. 

As if the very idea of that wasn’t bad enough, it turned out my Easter bunny outfit consisted of a white leotard with a fluffy pom pom sewn on as a tail, white tights, and a pair of floppy ears on an Alice band. 

And to top it all off, as Mum decided I wouldn’t be able to easily undo my leotard and tights, she put me into a little disposable nappy and plastic pants too. 

It was absolutely mortifying. 

Anyway, in memory of that humiliation I’m now sat here in a nappy, plastics, white tights and a leotard with a pair of bunny ears. 

Happy Easter! x
That sounds very embarrassing- more so than if you had been wearing one of the very girly Easter dresses though do you think? 

Did you have a role to play as the Easter bunny?
In some ways wearing a dress would have been better, yes, but still terribly embarrassing.

The benefit of a dress would have been that I probably wouldn’t have needed a nappy on (although Mum had a thousand different ways of finding a reason why I did need to be put back into nappies). But whether I was in knickers or a nappy at least they would have been covered up by my dress.

Mum tried to claim that my Easter bunny outfit was fine for girls or boys, because rabbits could be either. But the outfit consisted of tights and a leotard her logic was, to say the least, highly questionable.
Big Grin  I think we’ve both been the victim of ‘convenient’ logic at one time or another.  Big Grin