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Full Version: Sissy Care
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Hi, I'm Brenda, a young (22) unmarried FLS Domina. I only date Sissies. Wealthy ones.
 As an RN and certified Governess, I do free lance work.
 I wear Governess attire: Gray sweater dress, black 5" strappies.

 Many young males in affluent families are fully feminized Sissies.
 The Darlings need strict competent Nannies.
 When, as often happens, Nanny resigns, his Mother calls me.

 I'm currently dating a mature divorced Sissy.

Do tell us more. What does a typical date night look like?  Wink
More soon. Young girls may be interested.
Nice legs and a$$ and sans under gear panties thongs briefs diapers - a real cool departure from the norm expected !