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Full Version: Punished again
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"So you think it's funny to take off the nappy and baby panties I've put you in as a punishment, do you? Well I've got an outfit for you that you most certainly won't be able to remove. Now, lay yourself across my lap for your spanking, then we'll pop your nappy and baby knickers back on, and then I'll put you into your lovely new outfit. I think you'll find the padding between your legs is so bulky that you'll now have to waddle like a real baby, but that can't be helped. Naughty boys must be punished."
Well he definitely deserves that. Lovely.
Just the sort of thing my own mother would have presented me with had I tried to be so clever. It will certainly give pause for thought next time he gets any clever ideasĀ  Wink
Wonder where one could find this item ?
Custom made ?
Perhaps dated as there are locking diaper covers and spreader bar clothing on eBay.
With those sleeves having restraints on the end could almost be a straight jacket.
Put mittens on and there will be very little playing around and no ability to - unsnap - un buckle - undo anything.
The aggressive heavy duty padding will also prevent any exciting rush for humping-cumming relief.

Side note would make an interesting conversation piece if worn in public !