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Full Version: 12 Days of Christmas Day 3
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Day 3

He woke feeling slightly less rested than the day before. He had had confusing dreams, muddling together the Women bodybuilders, the beach volleyball players, the kissing Women and especially the severe facesitting Lady. On his way to the bathroom he paused again in front of the full length mirror. 

He was happy with the smoothness of his face, and made a mental note to step up use of the moisturiser. But looking down at his body, the feelings of mild revulsion that he had felt the day before were increased. His body hair felt unclean, like some wild animal, and while his erect penis used to be a source of pride to him, he now felt shame. It was so big! 

Six inches was like a deformity. He wished there was some way it could be smaller. Less offensive, more aesthetic. At least the diet seemed to be working. He was losing weight from his belly, although his moobs were still a source of embarrassment. He should look for a workout programme - he wanted to be in shape for when she comes home!

In the bathroom, he showered and washed, finally moisturising his face and inserting his yellow suppository. He found it comforting, although he worried that it might leak again. 
He returned to the bedroom for podcast 5. 

Settling on the bed with the ear buds in, he noticed the program was different to the previous four. It started with a conversation between two Women. They were talking about a recent scientific study about the effects of more Women in the workplace in senior positions and the effect it was having on their sexuality. 

One of the speakers was clearly very anti male, and insisted that the high incidence of lesbian affairs in the workplace was a sign of a future where males were increasingly obsolete. The other panellist took a softer line, claiming that there was a role for males in the workplace and at home, as long as they accepted subordinate status. 

Both agreed that lesbian affairs were natural and desirable, and that males should accept this as a fact, even when they were in committed relationships. 

He was becoming upset by this conversation, but gradually the speakers voices faded, and the familiar soothing sound of water and heartbeat, women’s voices talking and moaning instantly calmed him into a doze. 

After the podcast had finished, he put on a silk dressing gown and went for breakfast. He flicked on the tv, and saw there was an exercise class scheduled for 11:00. That gave him enough time to open his 3rd day present, and do the laundry. 

As he knelt licking the button on box 3, he noticed that it again took longer to open. Mentally he counted to three. It clicked. He felt a little rush of pride at the achievement and a little puzzlement as to his feelings of embarrassment earlier. It was good to earn his presents. 

Inside the third box were 8 packets. The first seven were marked Monday through to Friday. The last was marked 'Special'. Today was Monday, so he opened that packet. To his astonishment it contained a pair of thong panties. In his size. 

As he felt the filmy fabric, he hesitated. They were a present from her! Did she really want him to wear them? Really? It was too early in Barbados to call. He felt very nervous. He hesitated. 

As he sat eating his soy yoghurt, staring at the panties he decided that what matters was what she wanted. Presumably she gave them to him to wear. Why was he so nervous? He tried to think, but his mind felt a little fuzzy today. 

He kept thinking about the tv he watched, the beautiful, strong powerful Women; and the earlier podcast. Was it true? Did Women  really have affairs with other Women? For the first time he felt a shadow of doubt - what about her? Who was this Julia? They were sharing a bedroom! 

Resolving that he would keep her by doing what she wanted, he put on the thong. It felt so different! The front held his genitals in a silky embrace, while the thong back was impossible to ignore between his bottom cheeks. 

He passed the time until 11 by doing the laundry. As he reached into the laundry basket he couldn’t help notice the contrast between his boring boxers and her exotic panties. He immediately felt two very strong compulsions. 

The first was that he should throw away all his male underwear. As he swept all his underwear, clean and dirty,  into the bin, he felt the same relief as when he had thrown out all the meat. He knew she would approve. He knew it would please her. 

His second overpowering thought was that her intimate garments were almost sacred objects, far too fine to be washed in a machine. As he carried the pile of laundry to the sink, he felt a keen sense of longing. He missed the sight of her, the touch of her hand, her scent. 

Before he could think about what he was doing, he picked up a pair of her briefs, and pulled them over his head, the scented gusset over his nose. The words 'an act of homage' popped into his head, almost as if she had said them, and he resolved to wear them constantly until she was home. 

By the time he had finished hand washing the laundry it was nearly 11. Time for the exercise programme! He shucked off his dressing gown, and turned on the tv. 

He lay on the rug at the base of the tv, wearing only his face panties and thong, waiting for the program to start. The title sequence featured two very beautiful and strong Women running together through a beautiful landscape. At one point, they stopped running and hugged each other, and shared an intense Hollywood kiss. 

At that point the sequence ended with the program title 'GWorld Fitness for Women'. 'Oh crap', he thought. 'Don’t they do anything for men on GWorld?'

He decided to do the workout anyway, which seemed to focus on squats of various types. He struggled with each of the exercises, and the pictures of powerful Women's butts bending towards him. He was acutely conscious of the scent from the face panties, and he carried on with the comforting thought that he was doing this to please her. 

Sweating and breathing heavily, he stood up to get a drink of water. He looked at the carpet, and noticed that he had leaked. Oh no! The thong seemed to make it harder to control, and the cumulative effect of three days of suppositories meant he felt full of juice back there. For a moment he felt pure panic. He knelt back on the carpet, inadvertently spilling his water. 

He felt totally overwhelmed. He started to shake, nameless fears assailing him. When the phone rang, he was a mess. 'Hi baby, how are you doing? Did you like the panties? I bet you look so cute!' He gulped. Well at least he hadn’t got that wrong. He started to cry. ‘I’m missing you so much. It’s all so confusing! Why can’t you come home? I need you'. 

Again he could hear another conversation going on the background.  'Day 3? Oh yes, he’s hormonal. Completely natural. Part of the process.' 

'Darling who’s that? What’s she talking about?', he sobbed. 

'Oh sweetie, it’s just Julia. Nothing to worry about! Just keep opening my presents and listening to the podcasts and it’ll be great. Remember, it makes me happy you’re doing this. Everybody wants a little happiness!'  

'Ok darling, if it’s what you want', he snivelled. 

'Good boy! Mummy knows best. Oh I forgot to tell you: Julia and I are going to Venus Island. It’s so exciting! Well be back in 3 days. No phones allowed, so I’ll call you when we get back. Kisses!'  

She was gone. He crawled to the bed, and set the alarm for 20:00 in time for his next podcast.  He would cry and sleep until then. 
Those tapes are really starting to invade his thoughts now. The change in his outlook has been evident from day one but the evidence is there that he is about to be drawn into much more radical changes. The coming days will be interesting to watch unfold.  Big Grin
Thanks! I’ve written day 5 which I’ll post tomorrow. Then will start to write the rest