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Full Version: Bottle Feeding
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Most mornings Mummy makes my bottle of milk and brings it into the nursery for me, as she has to go to work. At the same time she hangs the sissy maid dress that she has chosen for me to do domestic duties whilst she is away.

At weekends though, I am allowed to toddle into her bedroom, snuggle up with her and be bottle-fed before being changed. Saturdays I am then required to dress as a sissy maid again for more morning domestic duties, which is inevitably followed by some punishment of varying description, to redress any disobedience or inadequate housework during the week. However, on Sunday morning I remain as baby, first for my regular milking procedure, and afterwards I am put into a suitable regressed outfit, such as a little girl's party dress or romper, and am allowed to play and have a mid-morning nap in the sunny room.
I was often bottle fed by my mummy and treated fully as a baby such as nappies and everything and sucked dummies too for comfort as mummy never weaned me propley from bottles or dummies and was in terry cloth nappies and plastic pants 24/7 as i was and still am incontient due to being born with spina bifida so i have little bladder control even now i'm still in nappies. My mummy kept me in baby terry nappies as a child but as i got older and bigger they no longer fitted so mummy bought bigger size terry nappies to fit me. I think my mummy loved bottle feeding me she would often feed me on her lap or on the floor in her arms or or the sofa and sometimes on her bed too. I loved drinking from my bottles nursing in mummies arms was so comforting both as a child and even as an adult she would still change my adult terry nappies and bottle feed me still.
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