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Full Version: One more CURTUS
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[attachment=3819]Which is worse? Wearing diapers and rubber pants, or sitting on the potty in front of everyone?
The potty was by far the worst as it meant that either i had just been watched being given my enema and was now expected to perform in emptying in front of them or i had been caught out needing a BM and had to use the potty for my smellies .
It depends from which angle one looks at it, I guess. One of the main deterrents of nappy punishments was that others would find out I was wearing them, in which sense I would concur that the potty would be worse as we are stipulating not only that everyone knows but also that they are watching. 

Whether I would be so quick to answer after a period of time in a used nappy (of which I suffered many extended ones) I am not so sure  Wink
Surely one tends to go with the other?

Nappy punishment, then the relief of being told that you don’t have to wet or fill your nappy. Then the crushing humiliation of realising that the reason you don’t have to wet or fill your nappy is because you’re going to be sat on your potty.