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Full Version: CURTUS again
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[attachment=3816]This is one of the first CURTUS illustrations I discovered way back in the day. It stirred my emotions immensely. He captured the situation of being dressed and discovered as a big baby perfectly. Even down to the sagging diapers and tear-drenched red face. One of my worst fears.

[attachment=3817]After that last experience, I become even sissier! When I wet my pants in class, here's how my strict teacher treats me.
Great images. Hopefully it will calm your confessed fears somewhat that both those to have befallen this fate have either carried out acts or are living lifestyles deserving of it and will hopefully therefore benefit from the experience
What I love about that second pic is that even before he had his baby knickers pulled down and his wet nappy revealed, you can see that his skirt is far too short to hide them - so all the girls would have known he had nappies and baby knickers on anyway.