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Full Version: Play Date Part Three
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Satin Jessie

Sorry it's taken me so long to post the final part of this story. For everyone who reads it, I hope its been worth the wait. 

The story so far.. Two sissies, Jessica and Amanda, have arranged a play date together. It's nervous Jessica's first time but when we left them both of the naughty girls were getting along famously.... 

Jessica gave a gasp as Amanda's hands strayed under her petticoats and began to stroke her through her frilly knickers. It felt so exciting, so transgressive, wrong but so right. Both girls were lost in a whirl of satin and lace, completely oblivious to anything else. Neither of them heard the front door open nor the sound of high heels clicking down the hall towards them...
The first either of them became of anything changing was the flash of a camera followed by the sound of laughter. Sitting up quickly both turned to see two women standing in the doorway. Both were tall, one blonde and one dark haired, statuesque and beautiful, wearing similar outfits of tight pencil skirts and satin pussy bow blouse. Glancing at Amanda Jessica could see a look of fear cross her crestfallen sissy friends face. The dark haired woman spoke first
"As you're not going to introduce me to your little friend I suppose I'd better do it for you. Hello I'm Amanda's mummy, also I'm his wife, but as far as you're concerned I'm his mummy and both of you naughty girls are in a lot of trouble" 
Jessica opened her mouth to speak but before she could say anything the dark haired woman held her finger up and said
'Before you even think of arguing or trying to leave you should know that I've known all along about your little play date. I monitor all of Amanda's social media accounts and read all her messages. Amanda should have asked my permission to have friends round but instead decided to sneak around behind my back. She is going to be severely punished and so will you. If you think of leaving or refusing the punishment that you deserve I'll simply post the photos I've just taken all over the Internet alongside your name and address"
She held up his wallet containing his driving licence and the other woman took pictures of his driving licence and other photo id's. 
"By the way, this is my sister, Amanda's auntie. She's always been interested in our relationship and I thought she might enjoy helping me teach you naughty girls a lesson. Stand up both of you and raise your skirts" 
The girls stood, heads hanging in embarrassment. Despite the shock and shame they felt, both of them were still noticeably excited and each had damp spots on their panties
"Little girls who haven't learned how to keep their panties dry don't deserve to have such pretty things" 
With that the women stepped forward and pulled the girls knickers down and made them step out of them. Both girls whimpered and Amanda began to protest 
"P, p, p, please Mummy, I'm sorry" 
"I don't want to hear another word from you young lady" said Amanda's Mummy as she stuffed Amanda's soiled knickers in her mouth before doing the same thing to Jessica. The girls were taken by the ear and led through to living room where two straight backed chairs were waiting. 
"You two naughty girls are going to get the spanking you deserve" both women took a seat and indicated that the girls should stand beside them
"Come here and bend over, little girls who sneak around and tell fibs, who cant keep their hands to themselves and their panties clean end up with very sore bottoms" 
The chairs were positioned so each girl could see the other. As well as feeling their own skirts and petticoats being raised they could watch the same happening to their friend. Again, despite the fear and embarrassment, both the girls were still extremely excited. The excitement was only made worse by being held across the firm strong thighs of the two domineering women. Soon the room echoed to the sound of two bottoms being soundly spanked and the muffled cries of the two naughty girls. After what seemed like an age the spanking stopped. The relief Jessica felt was short lived as Amanda was sent to fetch two hair brushes and soon the punishment began again. Both girls were made to switch laps as the women beat their bare bottoms. 
Eventually both were made to stand and the tearful girls were put in the corner. Each stood sobbing, nose to the wall, holding their dresses up to display their glowing hot behinds. After a while both were taken back to the bedroom were a large changing mat had been laid on the bed 
'As you naughty girls made such a mess of your panties were putting you back into nappies until you learn how to control yourselves " The wadded up, soggy knickers were removed and replaced by large pink dummies, secured with a head strap. And while Amanda's mummy put her in her nappy, Jessica suffered the humiliation of being put back in nappies by the woman he now referred to as Auntie Lisa. As well as the diaper both were also put in frilly, plastic lined, cover pants, bonnets and mittens then secured to the bed. 
"Naughty girls get put to bed early, you two can stay in here and think about your behaviour" 
The girls were left for the rest of the afternoon and eventually drifted off to sleep. Later Jessica was woken up and allowed to get dressed and leave. Before she left she was given another telling off and reminded that from now on she belonged to the two women and that she would be expected to do exactly as she was told. Another play date would be arranged soon, this time closely supervised, but until then she was warned to be a good girl or else! 
On the train home Jessica basked in the afterglow of an experience beyond her wildest dreams. The pain in her bottom had subsided to a wonderful throb and her imagination ran wild as she looked forward to her next play date. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I hope you enjoyed my little fantasy, who knows if I'll ever make it a reality. Thanks again to GinaV, afp and Girlygirl for all the inspiration and support 
Jessie xx
Satin Jessie, great story, and hope you continue your writing career, articulating your fantasies, developing themes, etc. Wonderful telling of a tale worthy of a PRIM cartoon. Thank-you for the props, however deserved or undeserved that they may be. You go gurl!

Satin Jessie

Thanks Gina, I really appreciate that. I'm dreaming now of creating my own PRIM comic strip. Can you imagine how much fun that would be? Every week a new adventure in satin! If only I could draw, you and the other girls would definitely have staring roles! xx
perhaps the Auntie could be Jessica's new Mummy?
Satin Jessie thanks for both a well written great story and the credit.
Jessica really did have a good time and gets to ‘escape’ home to savour in the memory until next time with Amanda and Mommy and Aunty Lisa.

Satin Jessie

(01-07-2021, 09:06 PM)baby sam Wrote: [ -> ]perhaps the Auntie could be Jessica's new Mummy?

That's what I was thinking for my next story Sam. Reading the story back Auntie Lisa was a bit neglected, she definitely deserves a story of her own. Thanks for reading the story so far, I hope you enjoyed it x

(01-07-2021, 09:10 PM)afp Wrote: [ -> ]Satin Jessie thanks for both a well written great story and the credit.
Jessica really did have a good time and gets to ‘escape’ home to savour in the memory until next time with Amanda and Mommy and Aunty Lisa.

Thanks afp, I couldn't have finished it without you. Glad you enjoyed it, I'm already thinking about what might happen next. Let me know if you've any ideas xx


A great story - how else could it end really but the ultimate punishment of them being put back into nappies - it will certainly give them something to think about (as it did many a time for me when I misbehaved).  Wink
What a delightful story, Jessie. I loved the twist at the end when the sissies were caught, spanked and put back into nappies. What an exquisitely humiliating experience.

I thought you wrote it so well. You perfectly capture the anticipation you feel before meeting another sissy, or someone who knows you’re a sissy. I don’t tend to meet up with new people much for this kind of thing (obviously I don’t meet up with anyone at all in lockdown) now, but I still remember how it felt meeting the people who do know about my true sissy side, rather than just my femme side.