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Full Version: The Importance of Being Feminine - 1
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Anita, my teenage Mexican-American Nanny, took me to Sissy School at puberty. We flew FLS Airlines to Munich.

 I was naked, naturally, and straddled her bare left leg as she Fondled my fully erect penis.

 Anita was 16 at the time. 6'4" in black 5" strappies. Statuesque, very strict, gorgeous.

 She handled my Morning Toilet & Toilette routine, and dressed me in cute short frocks & low-heel Mary Janes for primary school.

 Nothing underneath.

 Every schoolboy in Mano Dura, Texas is a Sissy. Most have a strict Nanny.

 For poops, a girl classmate escorts you to the bathroom, strips you barefoot naked, wipes you after.

 She then carries you to the Cleansing Station and straps your ankles high & wide. 

 Anita started spanking me early. And still does to this day.

 I cry buckets, leering thru tears at her thick bare calves, large luscious feet & toes, nearly bare in strappies.

 Spankings make me feel v feminine.

If only there really was an FLS Airlines I could stewardess for.  Big Grin