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Full Version: Mummy misunderstands . Or does she ?
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Last week mummy found all your favourite sissy pics that you had downloaded from the internet . All those different sissy's in their beautiful frocks and dresses . All the satin and lace . The layers of petticoats and the lingerie to die for .
The sissy's themselves didn't turn you on but all the clothes did . Because of this mummy now thinks you are her little sissy lesbian dolly and has arranged your first lesbian sissy date .
It's not until you are swallowing that little salty measure from that stiff little lolicock that you understand . Mummy is always right .
Oh wow Bill, that’s a scary but delightful thought. Hmmm “lolicock” I never knew that word, nice!
A mix of lollipop and cock lol .
"Honestly Mummy, I'm only interested in the pretty dresses and underwear not the sissies wearing them!"
"What have I told you about speaking with your mouth full young lady?" lol x
What a conflicting scenario. The sort of eventuality I suspect most sissies would dread and yet be thrilled by all at the same time.
I love little vignettes like these . Throwing some petrol on the imagination .
Great little story Bill. I've wanted to arrange a play date for some time now, who knows what would happen once I'm with another similarly dressed sissy. I tell myself I'm only interested in women but once those petticoats start rustling and we're both surrounded in satin I really can't say what I might do x
Just remember Jessie that babies have no sexuality of their own . It all depends on what mummy decides for them to do . Also babies have no inhibitions yet and will happily go along with whatever mummy wants . After all every little baby gurl wants to make mummy happy .
I definitely don't want to disappoint Mummy *giggle *
You never know what might happen when sissies are made to play together.

The first time I ever kissed a boy was when we had both been put into nappies and sent to bed together.
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